Ashbear and Wayward Tempest

How many Fan Fictions do you have published on the internet?

Ashbear: I believe eight, but only three of ‘novel’ length…


Wayward: Fourteen solo efforts and two joint efforts.

Ashbear: Wait, can I amend my statement?  She may have efforts, but I have mere ‘attempts.’


How do you get your inspiration?

Ashbear:  If I say Air Supply and Chicago music, will everyone run?  Seriously, each one of my fics had its origin in a song.   The one we are writing together ‘Somewhere in Between’ was an idea formed from Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘If you could read my mind.’

Wayward: Wow Air Supply is music? Kidding I’m kidding! Put that stick down Ashbear, I like Air Supply! But yes I agree completely, definitely music. All kinds of music. Most of my fanfic ideas were formed listening to a specific song or songs sometimes. Also poetry helps me on occasion. And by that I mean other people’s poetry…mine is awful.

Describe the types of fanfics that you like to write.

Ashbear: Complicated romance… If it has over twenty chapters, at least one major fight, and somebody is suffering… I am happy. :)

Wayward: Angst and emotional pieces, romance, a dash of humor. Usually they are all one shots. Somewhere In Between is the first time I have ventured into the territory of ‘Ashbear’s World of the Big Thick Novel’ Its been overwhelming but very rewarding, I doubt seriously I’d ever be able to write one on my own however.

How often to you write?

Wayward: Well, I try to write every day…how often I actually end up doing it is another question all together.  I suffer from chronic writer’s block…I’ve got pamphlets if anyone would like to read them.  If we come together over this fanfic debilitating disorder, I know we can find a cure…Um there are others out there with this right? Hello? Hello? *echo*

Ashbear:  This is why we have to give her medicine on a daily basis.  There is also no ‘try’ about her work, she writes beautifully.  We do try to get together at least once a night to write something, that is, if she can tear me away from ‘Law & Order’ reruns on TNT.

What is one of your pet peeves about writing fanfiction?

Wayward: Frequent blackouts in my brain and the constant interruptions that can (and will!) occur when I am in the writing p!zone…er zone. P!zones are cheesy…no seriously, they are.

Ashbear: The interruptions…that is my kids and my husband.  Also, not sure if this is a ‘peeve’ or not…but Wayward and I are very humor orientated, especially when we are together.  Even in writing the most dramatic scene, I can’t help but want to write some comedic moment into it.  Although, the only person to see the original version is her…you would be frightened.  It’s just changing from one gear to another - from comedy (Welcome to Balamb Garden Network, First Contact) to dramatic (Somewhere in Between, Crimson Lies).   Usually the result is somewhere in the middle…we have proof of should be scared. 

Wayward: Ashbear, that is not a pet peeve…it’s just a habit. Do they give penalties on this form thing?

Ashbear:  Wayward…Byte me.  Love ya man. :)

What is one of your pet peeves about reading fanfiction?

Wayward: Mostly, its character bashing fanfics. Don’t care who the characters are, I just don’t get it…writings like that just seem to be a big waste of time with the purpose of A)Finding people who agree with them or B)Making other people angry. I think a writer should focus their energies on someone they like. The fanfic will be inspired more by creativity rather than just mindless ranting. Besides…characters have feelings too…and I need help.

Ashbear: Well, see above…beside the part about Wayward needing help.  I took the easy way out so sue me…I have vast knowledge of the legal system from watching ‘Law & Order.’

Wayward: Hello? Where is the referee in this thing? She is taking my answer! Foul! Foul!

Do you have any advice on soon-to-be writers?

Ashbear:  I learned from reading others’ works, and finding the storylines that appealed to me.  Try to bring some real-life situations into the characters personalities, without making turning them into yourself.  Even a small thing can make them seem more ‘human,’ such as incorporating my hatred of spiders.  It doesn’t matter how many countless enemies your heroes have fought, sometimes the most simplistic things can bring the most fear…and your readers will relate.

Wayward: Put a lot of emotion into the characters. Put them on a level where the reader can relate to their feelings and make those connections. Like she said above, make them human, make them believable.

How did you two meet, and why are you writing together?

Ashbear: Believe it or not  I read a story, we won’t go into details, but it was absolutely horrifying… Wayward Tempest had left the best worded review I’d ever seen, without sounding like a flame or questioning the intelligence of the author.  I had read her stories, and was her astounded by her work…so I sent her an email complimenting her review.  Sadly, the story was taken down by admin within a day, but from that time forward, I was her minion.  And for reasons I still don’t understand…she wrote me back.

Wayward: Okay, now then Ashbear, tell them the truth. We met at Payless. You were trying to decide what size sandal would fit a chocobo and I was following a guy around who looked exactly like Squall…at age 52.

But seriously, I can’t believe she actually wrote me…I had never received a review for a review…I was in awe.  And don’t believe that stuff about her being my minion, I am her minion. We are writing together because out of this vast internet we happened to stumble upon someone who was at the same level of sanity. So, by combining our half brains, we work well together. She is just my best friend and also my sister in some weird cosmic supernatural former life way. We have lots of fun, and I’m honored to be working on a fanfic with her.

Ashbear:  Close…but it was Ward at 62…you be honest too!  And we are writing together for this very reason…to show it can be done.  Most people start working on something and then quickly run into creative differences.  It’s hard to explain, but we work off each other, expanding the ideas.  I can’t imagine ever writing without her around, she’s just as much an inspiration as music.  Yes, cue sappy Hallmark card about finding your best friend…through thick or thin.

What are some of the links to your stories so that people will be able to go read them?


Together:  Are you really sure about this?  I mean really, really sure?

Ashbear and Wayward



Wayward Tempest