Scott Baird

How many Fan Fictions have you had published on the internet?

How do you get inspiration?
Books, video games and music.

Describe the type of fanfics (themes, characters, etc.) that you like to write.
Fantasy settings that emulate medieval europe (D&D worlds basically) Characters vary.

How often do you write?
I normally get at least 2 pieces done and posted on a weekend.

What is one of your pet peeves about writing fan fictions?
Spelling mistakes that you miss until its posted and elipses.

What are your pet peeves about reading Fan Fictions?
Difficult to pronounce names.

Do you have any advice for soon-to-be writers?
heroes are as only as good as there villains, remember to concentrate on both evil and good.

What are some links to your stories so that people will be able to go read them? Com'on A little self promotion never hurt ^_^. Also, if you have a site, list it here (Indicate that it is your site though)
Anyone wishing to read my works will find them in the media board under 'into the heart of the story' and 'the great game'