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Enemies List without Mugshots

Here is a complete list of enemies for you people with inquisitive minds. Enemies whose name appear in yellow are mini bosses. The bosses are on the Bosses page (imagine that.)

Name Bios
My least favourite of the Poe sisters is the first you fight in the Poekeeper's mini game. If you z-target her, she'll disappear, but that's okay. If you keep her z-targeted, she'll eventually show herself. Stay close to her and sidestep around her if she tries to attack because after one or two attempts, she'll reveal herself and touch your blade with her face!
Armos lie dormant in a peaceful slumber until you rub up against them. This friction causes irritation on their rocky skin and throws them into a pit of rage. Blow them up, chop them, punch them, whatever floats your boat. Just keep your shield up when you've killed them. They will rampage at you and blow up.
You wouldn't have guessed from the name, but beamos shoots beams at you! But with such a beautiful, big eye, it is sensitive to getting blown up in the eye. Chuck a bomb at it and its head will fly off and explode. o_O
She's my favourite of the Poe sisters. I always thought she was the calm one. Very tranquil-looking. Anyways, she goes down just like Amy, but you must fight her and Jo at the same time. A bit trickier. Just make sure you know where both girls are so you don't get surprised and beaten for your lack of knowledge.
Big bee
Annoying little buggers. They will circle poor Link if he gets close to them. Just keep swinging your sword and you'll hit it eventually.
Big octo
He guards the entrance to the other half of the swamp. So do what is only so obvious and ram a boat into him! You'll have to save Koume to get the boat. Or if you have arrows, one will deflate the octopus-shaped balloon.
Big poe
The big poe is a tricky one. It will swoop down at you very slowly, so keep it z-targeted and sidestep around the swooping attack. I say it's tricky because if you don't peg it with an arrow (I suggest a magic arrow) quickly enough, then it will disappear and reappear right behind you, get ready for another swooping attack. Make sure you capture its soul in a bottle. You'll probably need it.
Bio deku baba
Most of the time, you'll find these guys hanging from lily pads. Cut them down and they will run around on the floor. There are pretty weak so zora Link can just chop them with his karate moves or shoot his fins at them. Or if you really want to be fancy, electrocute them.
Black boe
Much like its white counterparts, black boes hide until you come near their hiding place. They enjoy dark places, ice cream and trying to kill Link. If you see one black boe, there are probably ten more in the room. But one hit with the sword will send them away. It's most fun when you get them all to follow you and you let loose with a spin attack. ^_^
Blue bubble
Don't get hit by these jerks. They'll curse you which doesn't allow you to draw your sword and the only way to not be cursed is to wait one minute or play the Song of Storms. But there is a plus side to these guys. Shoot them with light arrows and they'll drop a purple rupee, worth 50 rupees!
Blue chuchu
There is only one of these in the game. You must hit it with an ice arrow to make it a nice block you can climb on to get to a higher ledge. It won't drop anything if you kill it so best just freeze it and let it be after that.
Blue tektite
Two hits with your sword and these guys are toast. But watch out. They can float above water and slide down slippery ramps. If they slide at you and you hit them with your sword, they will take no damage, but will stop spinning, so wail on them after.
Death armos
Much like the temple they reside in, if you hit their red emblem, they'll flip over, but only for a brief period. Lure them over to you while they're flipped and make them stomp on you. Get out of the way before they pound you and they'll destroy their heads and eventually themselves.
Deep python
Lure these guys out of their holes as zora Link and throw your fins at the small, different-looking section of their necks, but don't get eaten by them. That sucks. Two hits in the neck will suffice.
Deku baba
A very basic enemy. Get him to stretch out at you and hit his extended head with your sword. That should stun him. It will stick straight up, so cut the stem and claim the deku stick it leaves behind.
A big fish with a very small change of survival. Z-target it while standing out of the water and shoot it with your hookshot, arrows or zora Link's fins. It can't attack you when you're not in the water!
If you try to swim past the dexihand, it'll grab you and not let you pass. Much like Gandalf if Link were a balrog. Instead, z-target and use the zora fins on that ghastly hand. That will learn him.
A fairly easy fight, but the dinofols is the first mini boss you encounter in the game. Keep your shield up and wait until the dinofols attacks. After the attack, make a quick stab at it. They are very nimble creatures so it may take a few tries before hitting it. After it is hit, it'll blow a cloud of flames out of its mouth so back up. He'll go down eventually. ^_^
There are two varieties of dodongos. Small and big. The big ones take more hits to kill than the small ones and hit harder. Either hit their tails or throw bombs at them. Done and done.
Their weak spots are their tails, but hiding in a deku flower as deku Link and popping out while they are right above you will do the job, too.
Snowball throwing hooligans are ruining our town! Keep your shield up to block any incoming precipitation and slicey slicey when they are reloading. Watch out for the big eenos. They throw snow boulders and split into three smaller eenos once damaged enough.
This guy is always in your way on narrow ledges. Get close enough to him that he'll pound the ground with his fists. Back away so the chunk of rock that he hits into the air doesn't hit you and shoot his eye with an arrow when it's yellow. A few hits and he will let you through since he will be dead.
Fat lackey
You'll have to open the windows for this battle. Damage this guy enough and he'll fall, but soon will rise again. Hit his fallen body with reflect ray of sunlight from your mirror shield to make sure he doesn't get back up.
Fire keese
Very similar to keese, but one difference. Can you guess what it is? Right! It's on fire. If it touches you, you'll also be on fire. Put up your shield when it dives and slash it when it is stopped in front of you.
When the floormaster turns green, he is invincible to your attacks, but not to the reflected sunlight coming off your mirror shield. If you damage it, it will split into three smaller floormasters so chase after them and slash them. If one attacks you, it will suck on your face and become a big floormaster again, so don't let them do that!
Icy breath is not your friend, so freezards aren't your friends, either. Hit them with your sword or melt them with fire arrows before they turn you into a popcicle.
To get these enemies out of their slumber, you must wear the Garo mask at a location that Tatl says feels blood-thirsty or something along those lines. Hold up your shield and the garo will lunge at you, but unlike his master, he'll (she'll?) lose her knives and sit down, making their face an easy target for your sword.
Garo master
A tricky one, this guy is. Z-target and sidestep when he goes in for an attack. Once he has slashed the air he thought you filled, hit him in the back! Immediately put your shield up because he'll get you with a spinning attack. Sometimes, he'll go in for the attack and just disappear. Keep moving and he'll show up again. Hit him in the back again, put up your shield and all will be well.
There are two fights with gekko. The first one is in Woodfall temple. Chop him to bits the first time and he'll call on his snapper friend. Deku Link it up and hide in a flower, only to pop up when the snapper is over you. Become human Link and shoot gekko (who likes to climb on the ceiling and walls.) The second fight, you'll have to chop gekko and he'll summon his globby friends who gather on the ceiling and try to suck you in so gekko can karate you. Ice arrow the big glob and gekko will fall out of it, along with all the globbies. Chop him again and he'll go back on the ceiling. After a few chops, he'll revert to his cute froggie form.
Gerudo pirate
Almost a mini-boss, but I don't believe they really count since there are more than one AND you are not gaining any equipment from them (zora eggs are not equipment. :P) To pass this, all you need to do is not die unlike in The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time where you needed to not die AND avoid their spinning attack. You don't have to avoid that attack this time around. All you have to do is keep far away from them so they roll to lessen the distance. While she is rolling, slash her. Also, if you are far enough away from her, she'll do that spinning attack which takes a while to recover from so slash when her guard is down.
If gibdos spot you, you'll be paralyzed and they will zombie walk toward you. Mash A to be free of their gaze. If you wear the gibdo mask, you can talk to them if you like. Some have very good advice and others want you to get stuff for them because they are too undead to get it themselves.
Gold skulltula
One hit with the sword will kill these residents of the spider houses. You just have to find them. Don't touch them, though. They do a whole heart of damage per hit. o_O
The last miniboss in the Stone Tower temple and the last miniboss in the game! This guy has a legion of bats surrounding him and he wields a pretty sweet scythe! If you run in for an attack, you won't be able to break through his bat-shield (something he must have stolen from Batman... what will Batman do without his bat-shield??) Gomess is a very spooky customer, but what do all creatures of the night hate? LIGHT... arrows... Hitting him with a light arrow will disperse the bats, revealing his weak spot, a shimmering, yellow orbs. Hit that with your sword a few times while avoiding his attacks (you can see most of them coming)
Green chuchu
Inside the bellies of these beasts is pure gold! In the form of magic pots! If you are ever low on magic, slice a few of these guys open for delicious magic replenishment.
They remind me of Toucan Sam. ^_^ Much like keese, they fly at you to attack, but a difference is they won't be stopped by a shield. They will just bounce off it and continue on their way. Let them meet you sword!
Sometimes masked, sometimes not masked. If they aren't, just smash their face in with thine sword. If they are, hookshot the mask off and smash their face in with thine sword. ^_^
Ice keese
Icy keese are annoying... Kill them as soon as you see them because they will freeze you in a block of your own ... iciness ... Yes... that will do. >_>
Igos du Ikana
Much like his fat and slim lackey, he goes down and will reanimate if he doesn't get a good dose of reflected light from your mirror shield. He has some different moves, too. He can blow poison at you or take off his head, making his body invincible, bite you and slash you at the same time. Annoying, but just keep moving and the head shouldn't get you. Hit him enough and he'll become a heap on the floor, ready for some sun.
Iron knuckle
Get up in his grill and back up when it attacks. He recovers from his attack very slowly so that is a good time to hit him! His face plate will fall off eventually, making him a little faster, but not enough. Too little, too late, my iron friend.
Another Poe sister! She goes down like Amy, but you have to fight Jo with Beth. Make sure you know where both of them are or you'll feel some pain.
Shield up! They strike from the air, but stop if they hit your shield or you. Make sure it's the shield. When they are stopping, slashy slashy.
Popping out of the sand like sand things are the leevers. Avoid them, really... just step out of the way and they'll go right past you. Dumb enemies.
Like like
Don't get close or you'll be eaten! Ranged attacks with zora Link's fins or the hookshot or some arrows will do. If you get eaten, the like like will take your shield! Get it back if this happens. You'll have to buy a new one if you don't.
Mad scrub
Hiding in deku flowers, these cute little shrub-like enemies shoot nuts at you. They are very weak, though. A deku nut blast can actually kill them. Your sword works well, too.
Three copies and the real Meg will encircle you. The real Meg will do a little dance before the four of them start spinning around. Shoot the real one with arrows or your hookshot and you'll earn that piece of heart!
Mini baba
Pathetic little enemies. Just don't run into them and you won't get hurt. They make easy prey if you are low on deku nuts. Slash once and reap the benefits.
You can completely avoid these guys if you wear the stone mask, but that's not cool. Slash them, punch them, blow them up, whatever. Or just step out of the way when they roll at you. Your choice, really.
Shield up yet again! Z-target and bounce the roundish snot they shoot at you right back in their face! They can't even take a little mucus... what a bunch of wusses.
Pea hat
Look for a small "tail" under the pea hat's massive body. That is what you're after. Slash it dead. The propellers are annoying, but easily avoidable. Just stay square on the nub thing sticking out of its butt.
Exactly like Amy, Beth and Jo, poes disappear and reappear when z-targeted. Stay close and hit them with your sword to banish them from this realm of ours.
Like gibdos, redeads will paralyze you with their gaze. Tap A as fast as you can to break free and slash the jerk. If they reach you, they'll jump on you and bite you! One way for easy money making is to put either the Captain's hat, Gibdo mask or Garo's mask on and watch them dance. Sword-ed!
Real bombchu
If you cross paths with a real bombchu, just put up your shield. It will charge at you, hit and bounce off you shield and blow up. o_O Smart...
Red bubble
They're on fire!! Save them by blocking them with your shield and extinguishing the flame. But they aren't thankful?! Well, show them that bad manners is not allowed in the prescence of someone as great as Link and sword them good.
Red chuchu
It has a single heart in its belly! Get it!
Shell blade
Its shell is hard, but inside the shell is a soft mussel. Sink to the bottom of the water as zora Link and karate chop this inside as soon as the shell opens or else you'll be in a world of hurt if you miss.
The easiest way to deal with these guys is put up your pretty zora electric shield if you are swimming or z-target and launch your fins if you are touching the bottom. Your preference. ^_~
Skull Keeta
Slash his feet and he will stop running from you and attack. His first attack is easy to dodge. He just swats at you, but you can attack him well before he does any damage. After a while, he will jump into the air and stomp on you. You see the shadow of where he is going to stomp so you can move out of the way and go back in for some slashing!
Don't get too close or it'll getcha! Wait until it turns away from you and exposes its soft back. Shoot it with an arrow or poke it with your sword. If you decide to go the sword route, do it fast or it will spin around and smack you instead.
Slim lackey
Just as his fat counterpart, he can reanimate himself after you've defeated him if you don't zap him with some reflect sunlight. Give his bones a tan.
They are only vunerable underneath their shell so duck into a deku flower and pop out at just the moment it slides over your flower! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy... or something like that. o_O
Not a hard bunch of enemies, the stalchildren kind of zombie walk to you. You can hit them before they hit you. Or if you don't want to fight, put the Captain's hat on and you can chat with them. How cute. ^_^
Stay away from this bird if you can! If he hits you, he will take your sword, a bottle, your bow, whatever. You'll have to wait until the Curiosity Shop opens before getting it back. And this bird is tough. It takes twelve arrows or six magic arrows to take him out, but with awesome results. 200 rupees will be your reward.
Wall master
You can see these guys' shadows just before you get pounced. If you get pounced, you go back to the beginning of the dungeon you were in. Just keep moving until the wallmaster comes down and kill it before it leaps back up to the ceiling.
The most annoying miniboss EVER! Hookshot each and every ball that protects his body and slice it with your sword. Once all his little balls have been severed ( >_< ) he'll be open for a few whacks. Stick him in his eye with arrows or the hookshot. After a few hits, he'll rampage on the floor. When his eye opens, shoot him some more, but that takes a lot of time, grabbing every ball is tedious so you can do what I do (but you'll get a little hurt doing it.) Become zora Link and shoot your fins straight in his eye by aiming without Z-targeting. After about five shots, the balls are released (all of them) and then it's time for some pain. Become human Link and use the spin attack (using the joystick to spin, not holding B) to kill all the little balls. Now you can shoot or slash the rampaging eye. Woooo, that's a long bio. >_O *twitch*
White boe
Very easy kills, white boes fall out of trees in snow-covered areas or hide behind icicles. Get them all together and spin attacked j00!!!
White wolfos
Lure them over to you with your masculine charm and back up when they take a swing at you. If they don't hit anything, they will spin around and leave their back open. That's their weak spot so attack it!
Very fidgetity old guy. He will, at first appear over one of a few magic squares spaced out in the room. After a few hits with your arrows, he will create images of himself to confuse you. The real wizrobe is spinning in place so peg him with more arrows. You win!
Much like the white wolfos, the wolfos falls for Link's sexy tricks. Get him to turn his back on you and go nuts with your sword.
Yellow chuchu
The last enemy on my list. And what a beautiful beast he is. The yellow chuchu has 10 arrows inside his bosum so cut him good if you want the booty!

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