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Pieces of Heart

Here is the tell-all guide for those seekers of the 20 hearts! This game I think has set a record in how many pieces of heart must be collected for completing those two rows hearts. A whoppin' 78,309,432,832,485,124 pieces of heart. That's what it seemed like when typing this guide, but I exaggerate... There are 52 pieces of heart. On this page, I will tell you where and how to get them with helpful pictures! ^_^

Location Beautiful Picture How to get it
South Clock Town
The first piece of heart you get a glance of is probably also the first piece of heart you'll get. Bribe the business scrub with the Moon's tear you got from outside the observatory and he'll give you the deed to the deku flower he is standing on, flower included. Glide to the platform and claim that piece of heart.
North Clock Town

Deku Playground
You want to show you are a big deku scrub? Then step right up to the deku scrub flower gliding game of kings! KINGS! Collect all rupees from the platforms every day and on the third day, you'll receive a piece of heart and a banishment from the deku scrub community for being too awesome.
North Clock Town
A pretty easy piece of heart to get (though, in my picture it doesn't look like I'm going to make it to the tree... I did, though. ^_~) You can either climb up the slide or jump from platform to platform on the other side of the slide. Line yourself up, square and true and make the jump to the tree!
North Clock Town, Milk Road or Mountain Village (after defeating Goht)
Cut down a bush in those weird dancing bush circles while wearing the Keaton mask and a real life keaton will appear. He'll quiz you on your knowledge of Termina and if you answer five questions correctly, he'll give you a piece of heart. Check out the Keaton's Quiz page for every possible question and answer.
West Clock Town

Swordsman's school
Competency with a sword is important when you're the Hero of Time. Take and pass the Advanced Course for this quarter of a heart. Z-target every log that pops up and press A for the "difficult move." Cut each log in half to complete the course.
West Clock Town

Post ofice
Play a little game with the postman on the first and second afternoon (he'll only open up in the second day if you delivered Anju's letter.) If you can stop the timer on exactly 10.00 seconds, he'll fork over the piece of heart. To make it even easier, wear the Bunny hood and you will be able to see the timer the whole time, not just the first few seconds.
West Clock Town

The Bank
Create a bank account with this fidgity little guy and net an even 5000 rupees in the account! The bank will close its doors to you for deposits and the banker will be sooooo impressed, he gives you some health! The Legend of Zelda makes saving money fun!
West Clock Town
These sisters are looking for some instruction. Help them. Slap on Kamaro's mask and dance your sexy dance of dancing and rejoicing. They will be so pleased that they call you master (ooooo! ^_~) and they give it up. The piece of heart, that is. o_O You sick gamers.
East Clock Town

Stock Pot Inn
Go to the bathroom on the first floor and get this guy some toilet paper! Anything will do! A title deed, a precious letter you promised to deliver or another letter you also promised to deliver. Anything paper. He will give you his thanks and a piece of heart he found in the toilet. Yay?
East Clock Town

Stock Pot Inn
If you have the All-Night mask, head over to Anju's grandmother's room in the Inn. She'll tell you the story of the Carnival of Time (make sure that mask is on or you won't make it through!) After she'll ask you a question. Answer it correctly and she'll give you candy! In the form of a piece of heart!
East Clock Town

Stock Pot Inn
No, you're not seeing double. Okay, you are, but I didn't make a mistake. Grandma will give you another piece of heart if you listen to the other story, the Four Giants. Again, make sure you have that mask on! This time, though say you don't know the answer and she'll feel sorry for you. What a nice lady.
East Clock Town

Archery House
Get a perfect score and you'll be so famous that the shopkeeper will give you a piece of his heart. In the shape of a piece of heart. Yes. Very creative.
East Clock Town

Honey and Darling's Love Shack
There are three games you must get perfect scores on. Each day has a different game. Score the perfect score on each day and get the prize of a piece of heart. See the Mini Games sections for hints.
East Clock Town

Treasure Chest Shop
You only need to beat this game once for the ultimate prize. Again, I refer you to the Mini Games section.
East Clock Town

Mayor's Residence
After finishing Anju and Kafei's quest (see Bomber's Notebook page for details) stop by the mayor's house and wear the mask in the middle of his meeting. Everyone will feel the love from your mask and the meeting will resolve. ^_^ The mayor is so thrilled that he didn't have to kill anyone to force an agreement that he'll hand over the key to the city...which is a lie. It's a piece of heart. But a key to the city would be pretty cool.
Everywhere in Clock Town
After freeing the postman of his duties, he'll give you a hat! And this hat gives you access to every mailbox in town! The first time you try to open the mailbox, it will give you a piece of heart. Anytime after that, it will give you a single green rupee. And no, you can't get letters that have been delivered... I tried... >_<
South Termina Field
Not much to this piece of heart. Look into the telescope in the observatory and wait until the business scrub leaves Clock Town. Try to follow him all the way to his hole and once he has gone in, you can go into the field, down the hole and he'll give you a piece of heart for 150 rupees if you leave him alone. Refuse and he will bump the price down to 100, but that is as far as he'll go.
All over Termina Field

Visit each of these holes/soon to be holes once you bomb the rocks in the way and play the Sonata of Awakening as deku Link, the Goron's Lullabye as goron Link or the New Wave Bossa Nova as zora Link for the big gossip stones in the hole. Make sure once you've chosen a song, you stick to it. After you've converted every big stone to the colour of your choice, the last stone will hand over the piece of heart.
Southwest Termina Field
Look for butterflies floating around in the brush by the entrance to Milk Road. They mark a hole in the ground. Once you find and fall into it, you will be face to face with a pea hat. If it is daytime, you're in luck. The pea hat is looking for a fight. If it's night, then you will have to face a sleepy pea hat. If you defeat the fighting pea hat, you will reveal a chest that has the piece of heart in it. Nothing you can do, but wait for daytime if you try to defeat it at night.
West Termina Field
Down underneath one of those weird rocky mushroomy things is a hole. In the hole are two dodongos! Kill them both for that piece of gold we call a heart. I suggest chucking bombs at them. Six bombs will kill one and they will stop moving and spin everytime they are hit, making for easy kills.
Western Termina Field
Bomb the fool of a Took or rather this rock. Inside is a water lair with bee hives on the ceiling. Inside the one on this right is the piece of heart. Zora fin the hive and the hive will shatter and give up its juicy piece of heart innards to the water. Dive in and grab it!
Road between Termina and Southern Swamp
Up this tree is a piece of heart, BUT it is guarded by four keese (maybe three...) so kill them if you don't want to be bothered on the way up to your prize.
Deku palace

Inner garden
Wait for it... Wait for it... Go, go, go! This piece of heart is difficult to get, though a little easier at night as you can see the guards of the piece of heart's line of sight. Basically, you are going to go in, get that piece of heart while they aren't looking. Easier said than done. But you can do it!
Circle around the swamp using the deku flowers and planks of strategically placed wood to find your way to this chest. Watch out for the hiploops and dragonflies as they will try to deter you.
Southern Swamp

After defeating Odolwa
The swamp is clear. Now we can shoot old hags with arrows! See the Mini Games section for a strategy on how to win this piece of heart.
Southern Swamp
Take a picture of the Great Deku King or the not-so-Great Tinkle and give it to this clearly handsome guy. If you hand it in before the night of the first day, he'll be very happy and give you more health! You little propaganda-er, you.
Southern Swamp
This is the beginning of a long chain of trading. Well, technically the beginning is in South Clock Town when you trade the Moon's tear for the Land Title deed. Give this title deed to the guy in Southern Swamp as human Link. He'll give you the Swamp Title deed and access to the deku flower that can get you to the piece of heart.
Road between Termina and Southern Swamp
Get a perfect score by shooting down dangerous and delicious animals. Every single one of them. If you get the perfect score after already receiving the bigger or biggest quiver, you'll get a piece of heart. Check out the Mini Games page for tips on which animals to shoot at what times.
Goron City
Another section of the trading game. Give the Swamp Title deed to the shivering poor sap in Goron City and he'll give you the Mountain Title deed. Glide up the side of the rock and retrieve your piece of heart.
Road between Mountain Village and Goron City
Once Goht is defeated, the ice will thaw. Sink down to the depths of the ring of water and find this treasure chest and open it. Pieces of heart for you, 1. Pieces of heart for Bowser, 0.
Road between Mountain Village and Snowhead
You'll need the lens of truth, the hookshot and the Scarecrow's song to get this. The Scarecrow's song can be found if you start to play your ocarina in front of the scarecrow in the observatory or in the general store. Get to the point where I have Link in the picture, jump from platform to platform using the lens of truth as a visual aide until you get the last platform. Play the song and hookshot the scarecrow that pops up.
Mountain Village
You must gather all five frogs at this little pond in the Mountain Village to earn this piece of heart and it isn't an easy task. Four of these frogs are scattered all over Termina and the fifth one appears when you defeat Goht in Snowhead Temple. The frogs reside in the Laundry Pool in Clock Town, the swamp by the big octorok blocking the way to the Deku palace, in the Boss Key room of Woodfall Temple and finally in the Boss Key room of Great Bay Temple. To get the two in the Boss Key rooms, defeat the gekko and it will transform into the little frog. To gather these little guys up, wear Don Gero's mask and talk to them. Once you've got all five, head back to the pond while wearing Don Gero's mask and dance your cares away *clap clap* down in Fraggle Rock!
Romani Ranch

Pick a dog! Especially while wearing the Mask of Truth! The dogs will talk to you while wearing the mask when you pick them up. The trick is to pick a healthy dog. If the dog says, "Ruff!" that's a very good sign! If the dogs says, "Rrr-ruff" or "Hoo whine" chances are they won't win. Pick who you think will win and carry the dog over to Mammu and bet rupees. To get the piece of heart, you must net at least 150 rupees in winnings on one try. Good luck!
Great Bay Skulltula House
In the conference room with the four stalchildren sitting at the table, you'll notice four masks on the wall. If you talked to each Stalchild in the room and the two in the library while wearing the Captain's hat, you will figure out the order you have to hit the masks with arrows. If you didn't, you can always try to brute force your way through it and go with trial and error tactics. Either way, once you get the fireplace gate open, head into the next room, fight the skulltula who is guarding the chest and retrieve your piece of heart.
Zora Cove
Off to where the entrance to the Beaver Falls, there is a whirlpool. At the bottom, is a likelike. Kill it and you will be so surprised to find a piece of heart where his body was.
Beaver Falls
Beat each beaver brother at their swimming game twice and they'll bribe you with a mighty fine piece of heart. See the Mini Games section for a winning strategy.
Great Bay

Ocean Laboratory
This will be much easier if you have all six bottles (the locations of said bottle are listed on the Items page.) Fill every bottle you have with a small fish. The best place to net these slippery rascals is by the whirlpool outside Beaver Falls. Throw each fish into the tank and watch the miracle of life. Eventually, one of those red fish eats enough and gets bigger than the other fish. Much bigger. So huge that in fact, he eats his smaller brethren. After his feast, he'll (she'll?) spit out that which you desire most.
Pinnacle Rock
Kill each and every deep python in Pinnacle Rock after the friendly seahorse shows you the way there. Once the nasty ol' snakes are decimated, his best friend (or more than a friend? OooOOooOoOoo!) will come out of hiding and form a heart with the sea horse. How fitting as you are also receiving a heart shaped item. ^_^
Zora Hall

Lulu's Room
Trading game again! In Lulu's wrecked room, there is a business scrub looking to get some fresh air in the mountains. Hehe... little does he know that Goron City is forever cursed with an everlasting winter! Don't tell him, okay? He'll give you the Ocean Title deed and the way to the fourth piece of heart, but only if you play it cool.
Zora Hall

Evan's room
You've gotta play a song for Evan (but not as zora Link... he will take that as an insult to his creative process.) You can find the songs in Mikau's room and Lulu's room in the journals Mikau wrote. Play the songs one after the other and Evan will take credit for your song! Mikau's song... whatever... Jerk. >.>
Gerudo pirates' fortress
This one takes some skill. Not really... Hit the crystal switch behind the barrels and run to the caged room where the piece of heart is.
Great Bay
Once Gyorg is taken out of commission, the sea will be clear again! Which naturally means you can now play the crazy torch/island jumping game. See the strategy on the Mini Games page for more information.
Great Bay
On the rock wall behind the torch/island guy are several hookshotable posts, a place to plant some magic seeds and a curious place that would suit a scarecrow just fine. You must have the hookshot, a magic bean, a bottle of spring water and the Scarecrow's song to get this one. To get the Scarecrow's song, just attempt to play your ocarina in front of the scarecrow in the observatory or the general store in Clock Town and play whatever song you like as long as it has at least two different notes in it. Anyway, hookshot from one post to the other until you get to a soil spot. Plant and water your bean, hop on and jump off when it seems wise to. Play the song once you are close enough to the alcove that Tatl flies over and finally hookshot the scarecrow. Phew!
Ikana Canyon

Outside Sakon's Hideout
This business scrub loves the nut-brown ladies and where better to find them than on the beach! Talk to him as a resident of the ocean, zora Link and offer him the ocean deed. He'll think that he's getting a spot on the beach when really he's going to be living inside... sucker!
Ikana Canyon

Behind the Music Box house
Free the Poes! Free the Poes! That is what the protestors would say until you show them the way they must be freed. You must shamelessly beat the crap out of them, one by one. My strategy in the Mini Games section gives away all the old girls' tells and tricks. So beat them girls to a pulp to free their souls for a piece of heart.
Ikana graveyard

Second night grave
On the night of the second day, ask the guards of the grave to open it while wearing the Captain's hat. Work your way through the invisible path by using the lens of truth and blast your way through to the piece of heart chamber. Defeat the iron knuckle and the heart is yours.
Ikana Castle
Once you've made it onto the roof of the castle, you can peg the crystal switch with an arrow and glide from deku flower to deku flower before the switch deactivates and the flames once again envelope the flowers and the piece of heart. Some quick gliding is needed for this to work out. ^_^
Ikana Canyon

Down the river
Shoot the sun switch above the door and enter. This one won't be easy, You must defeat every mini boss so you can free their restless souls AND you must have at least 16 heart containers to get into the last fight! Shouldn't be a problem if you've been following my walkthrough. ^_^ You can find strategies for each mini boss on the Enemies page, but you've already defeated these guys. You'll do awesome!
The Moon

Odolwa room
After talking to the kid with the Odolwa mask and giving him a mask, he'll want to play hide and seek. Just flower glide from one platform to the other and make your way to the far right corner of the room. Pick up the easiest piece of heart to get out of the four in the moon.
The Moon

Goht room
Now for the hardest piece of heart in the moon. Line up goron Link and go straight down the straight-away. Ricochet off the chests until you've made it past all the jumps. You'll have to walk around the maze a bit until you see the platform with the piece of heart. Line up for another goron roll. Claim your well-deserved prize as it took me forever to do this on emulator. But I did it!
The Moon

Gyorg room
This one you can get through trial and error, but I'll be nice and tell you the path to get to the piece of heart. Swim in the water as zora Link and take the right, then left, left, and left. That will take you to the piece of heart. I'm sure there are other paths, I just haven't taken any of them yet. ^_^
The Moon

Twinmold room
This one is also relatively easy. Just make your way through the trials and you'll be a happy camper. First, you'll be up against a dinofols. Then defeat the garo master once you enter the next room. The next room has an iron knuckle in it so beat him up some. Shoot a bombchu at the crack in the wall by letting it go and shooting it with an arrow to explode it as it's riding over the crack. Activate the switch and get to the next room. Get your piece of heart. Hopefully, the final one!

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