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A Stroll Through Woodfall Swamp

Go down the path and transform into the Deku scrub when you get to the big tree. Some keese will fly at you, but if you time your dancing spin attack well, you'll make quick work of them. Now aim your snot at the top of the tree and hit the last keese. Climb up the tree and claim the piece of heart. Continue down the path to where Tingle is flying. Shoot him down with magic mucous if you have 20 rupees and buy the Woodfalll map. If you don't have 20 rupees, look for a hole by the tree, jump into it and open the chest for a red rupee. Now you can buy a map.

In the next area after Tingle is Southern Swamp. Go to the right and hit the owl statue as human Link. There is also a mini baba here (see Enemies.) Now into the house we go! Talk to the big, strapping, dreamy shopkeeper and he'll direct you to the window in the back. Hey! No one's here... how very odd... I guess Link can't save the world as there is only one way to get to Woodfall Temple and the booth to get on that one boat is closed. Oh, wait... why don't we try and find this "Koume"? (Wow, Nintendo. Good use of creativity.) Exit the house and skip across the water from lilypad to lilypad. (Hint: To cover more distance while skipping across, do a spin just before you run off the pad.)

Once you come to the dock, follow the path until you get to a strange shop. On the way, you will run into a deku baba and a mini baba. Kotake, Koume's twin sister is in there and she is having a senior's moment, yawning and complaining about today's youth. Go past the house into the Woods of Mystery.. sounds mysterious. Follow the monkey after talking to him and he'll lead the way to Koume. If you have trouble keeping up with him, here is how you get to her (Note: The route changes everyday.) Watch out for snappers (see Enemies.)

First Day : Left, right, right, straight, left, then finally left
Second Day : Right, left, straight (Kotake is here), left, left, then finally right
Third Day : Straight, left, right (Kotake is here), right, straight, then finally right

Koume is not having fun. She needs medicine. Make sure you talk to her as a human since this game is full of racists and she won't even talk to deku Link. If you are on the first day, go through any of the tunnels, but the one you entered in and you'll return to the entrance of the woods. Go to Kotake, talk to her and she'll give you what you need. If you are on the second or third day, Kotake will be in the woods somewhere (I've noted what parts of the maze she is in.) Enter the woods again (follow the monkey if you wish) and give that old hag her red slime! When she finishes chugging it, you get to keep the bottle. She'll fly away on her broomstick and you should follow her example. Once you leave the woods, you'll be accosted by three monkeys (that little punk monkey got reinforcements!!) They tell a story about their brother, then they're off to play about.

Go back to the shop with the ever-so handsome shopkeeper and talk to the revived Koume. She'll take you on a boat ride for free. She'll also give you a pictograph box (i.e. a camera) The pictograph box is a C-button item. On the boat ride, you can take pictures if you want, but the real money shot has yet to come. You'll eventually run into and kill the giant octoroc blocking the way and stop just outside of Deku Palace. Follow the monkey inside and transform into Deku Link.

Welcome to the palace! Talk to the guards in front of the palace and they'll let you see the "foolish monkey" if you promise to only go into the king's chamber straight ahead, but since when did Link follow orders? ^_^ Go into the Royal Chamber for now. We'll break rules later. Take a mighty picture of the King (Work it, work it! Pout for me! Oh, that was beautiful! You're gorgeous, darling!) If it is still the daytime on the First Day, take the picture back to the husky shopkeeper in Southern Swamp and you'll be a piece of heart richer, but only during the First Day before dusk.
Go back to the palace and head into the right garden. Hide behind the boulder and wait for an opportune moment to run down to the next boulder, then around to the last one. Get to the exit and pick up the ring of rupees below the exit. Enter the last area. These guards are simple to sneak by. Pick up the last six rupees and head into the hole in the ground. Go to the right and talk to the bean man. He'll give you a free bean which is a C-button item. Test it if you like in the patch of soil (The little square of dirt by the water) by hitting C while standing by the soft soil. Fill your bottle with spring water, splash the little weed and it will grow! ^_^ There's a chest up where the plant takes you with rupees in it. Get another bean, fill up your bottle again and out you go. You'll more than likely get caught and thrown out which is fine.

Once you're out, to orient yourself, face the palace and go right using the lilypads. When you reach land (not the land with the pink deku flower) plant your bean, water the sucker and jump onto the ledge while riding your new plant. Transform to deku Link and flower glide to the moving platform. Once it moves furthest away from your first platform, flower glide through the space in the wall to the other moving platform. Once that moves all the way to the right, flower glide to the ledge. Stock up on magic because you'll need it. Go across the little bridge to the next area, get behind the Deku flower and use your snot power on the mad scrub (see Enemies.) Flower glide to his old flower, then flower glide to the next moving platform. Use snot power on the last mad scrub and flower glide to his old tower. Glide to the final moving platform and wait until it sweeps across, then upwards to a ledge. Glide to the ledge, go through the door and get a close-up look at the angry monkey.

Transform to human Link, talk to the monkey, hit the pole with your sword, transform into Deku Link and bring out your pipes. The monkey will teach you the Sonata of Awakening (see Songs.)

Well, you'll get kicked out again and if you try to get in, the guards will still let you in!! Jeez, and these guys are in charge of the King's safety?? Anyways, remember that piece of land that you passed as you're hopping across to get to the soft soil?? Hop over to it and flower glide into the hole in the wall above it. There are a few deku flowers you have to jump in and fly with. Watch out for the dragonflies as there are two of them and they seem to enjoy pissing you off. See Kaepora Gaebora and you'll learn the Song of Soaring (see Songs.) Flower glide across the waterfall and enter the entrance to Woodfall!

In the new area, to the left, hidden in the tall reeds is a box with rupees in it (20 to be exact.) To the right, there is a stump and a ramp. Go up the ramps, destroying the hiploop (see Enemies) if you so wish. Flower gilde from the mad scrub's flower to the next stump, then again to the fancy platform. Smack that stone owl good and play the Sonata of Awakening if you want, but there's a piece of heart to be had (see Pieces of Heart.)) Well, if you elected to play the Sonata of Awakening, flower glide to the entrance of the temple and enter it and you'll be in...


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