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Chapter 1 - Arr, matey.
The story of Fire Emblem starts here. The young prince Marth of Aritia was forced to flee from his coutry when dark forces attacked many years ago. Along with a few members of the Aritian army, he settled in the land of Talis. One day, Princess Sheeda of Talis arrives with horrible news. A group of evil pirates have taken over Talis, and her father is in danger. Of course, it's your job to mop the floor with these pirates, so let's get going.
Okay, you see that guy with a cape? He's a thief, which means he has the ability to destroy villages and open treasure chests. This is bad, since villages and treasure chests often contain useful stuff you need, so take him out quickly.
When he's dead, have Marth check out the village to the north. A nice guy will give you 10000 gold. Now we can go shopping.
Now, move your army over to the spot I placed Jeigan. This will cause all the pirates to attack you except for the 5 that surround the castle. The 3 pirates in the northwest will come from the sea. You can attack them before they reach you by using long-range weapons. A point of advice: Gohdon, being an archer, can only use long-range weapons, so if the pirates gang up on him, he'll get a beating. Also, Sheeda, being a Pegasus Knight, will take a lot of damage from the enemy hunter, so try to keep her away from the battle until you've killed him.
Now, after healing your characters at the fort, move to this spot to attract the remaining pirates. You shouldn't have any problem dealing with them either.
Now, check out this village. A guy named Riff will join you. He's a healer, so you know he'll come in handy. Not in this mission, though.
Boss 1: Pirate

This guy is guarding the castle, and you won't get in unless you kill him. Of course, he can't move away from the castle, since that'd give you an opportunity to sneak in, so he's stuck in one place. Also, he doesn't have any long-range weapons, so he can't hit you unless you're standing next to him. Since YOU happen to have long-range weapons, just place Gohdon and Abel around the castle and shoot him down. Yawn. Told you Riff wouldn't be used on this mission. You'll get a Salve for beating him.
Finally, Marth can enter the castle and see the king. He's so grateful that he'll allow you to travel to Orleans to begin your journey. And since you won't be able to make it there on your own, he orders Captain Oguma to escort you. This is good, as Oguma kicks more ass than most of your army.

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