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Chapter 10 - Another sidequest Marth decides is nessecary to do
Marth and his army has arrived at the castle where Maria is being held as a prisoner. So it's time to rush in, kill a lot of ugly soldiers, rescue the girl, and then have Minerva join you. Are you ready?
First of all, that Thief starts kinda close to the entrance, so have your fastest guys rush down there and kill him before he reaches the treasure chests. Have everybody else follow, since there's not much to do up north anyway. But be careful, since some of the Dragon Knights are planning to attack you from the north, and some others from the west.
After killing the Thief, you can feel a bit more safe. Until you realises you're surronded by Dragon Knights, Social Knights and Pegasus Knights. Ouch. OK, the Dragon Knight attacking from the west is Minerva. She was forced into attacking you toghether with the army, but she won't really hurt you unless you attack her, and you're not going to do that, right? Just keep an eye on her, so you don't accidentally kill her without realising who she is. As for the others, excluding the Dragon Knights up north, they all suck. The Dragon Knights fall without too much trouble if you use the Dragon Killer, though.
Some other Social Knights should be on their way, so have someone run over to kill them so they don't attack while you're busy kiling stuff indoors. The others should enter the castle.
Inside the castle, just kill the Armor Knights and archers when/if they attack. Be careful, they're more powerful than the guys you fought outside. Then have Marth or a thief open the two treasure chests you worked so hard to protect. You'll get a Reblow spell and a Thunder Sword.
Kill the remaining enemies inside the castle. Keep Sheeda away from the battle if you use her, since most of the enemies use bows. The Sniper give up a Silver Bow, which will come in handy. Now it's finally time to rescue Maria. She is, not surprisingly, the Bishop inside the locked room. Have someone with a key open it, and then have Marth talk to her, and she'll join.
Now that Maria is safe, talk to Minerva (who's been following you through the castle) and she'll join as well. Yay. Minerva is pretty damn powerful, but she's already promoted, so she'll end up being surpassed by Pegasus Knights when you get around to promote them. You may still want her until that happens, though. As for Maria, unless one of your two other Bishops are dead, she won't be too useful. She start at level 3, which isn't too high, and you don't need that many Priests when you start promoting magic users. But if you want another healer, go ahead.
Now it's time to kill off all those ugly soldiers. We'll start with the guy behind the locked door. Unlock it, then attack him with a powerful character. The guy's a Hero, which is one of the best classes in the game. Luckily, this one's only at level 1, and he give up a Hero Badge if you kill him. The Hero Badge turn your Mercenaries into Heros, so you definitly want that one. Don't have anyone use it unless they're at level 20, since promotion make the characters go back to level 1, and only boost stats that are lower than the promoted class's base stats. So if you wait, your promoted character will have much better stats. Hm, I sure wrote a lot about one enemy that isn't even a boss.
Aaah! Reinforcements! Actually, they should've been on their way for a while now, but they start where you started, and they aren't the fastest guys in the world. Send someone who could use some experience down there to kill them while the others go take care of the boss. They aren't hard, except for the fact that there's 8 of them.
Boss: General

Yeah, there's an Armor Knight and a Bishop protecting him, but they should fall quickly. As for the boss himself, why make things difficult? He's a General, Generals are weak against rapiers, the shop nearby happen to sell Rapiers, so just attack him with Marth, then have a Bishop heal him so Mr. General here doesn't accidentally kill our hero during his turn. Yeah. You get a Speed Ring for killing him.
Take over the castle. Nina will tell you about the great wizard Miroa, and his powerful magic spell Aura. Sadly, the guy was killed during a battle with Garnef. Why is this important? Well, he passed the Aura spell on to his daughter Linda, that's why. But Linda was captured by slave sellers from Norda. I smell another sidequest Marth decides we have to do.

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