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Chapter 11 - It looks like a sidequest - but it isn't
You know what? Norda just happened to be located really close to Bares, the capitol of Akanea, and the place you're headed for. So instead of taking a huge detour and fighting some random slave seller boss guy, you'll just make a quick stop at Norda to kick some slave seller ass before continuing on to Bares. Aren't you happy? You can bring 13 warriors along on this mission.
Well, the closest place something interesting is going on is Norda, so head there. There's a bunch of mercenaries in there, but they shouldn't be much of a problem. When I took the picture, 4 of them had just attacked Oguma (level 12), and he only lost 15 HP. One of them made him lose 6, so that gives you an idea how lethal these guys are. Just kill them all.
After you've killed those losers, have Marth enter the nearby village and talk to the slave seller. The slave seller will try to sell a young boy to Marth as a slave, Marth doesn't like that and chase the guy away, and the slave reveals "himself" to be Linda, the mage you came here to find. Yay. She'll join you, and bring that powerful spell Aura with her. And Aura happens to be the most powerful spell in the game, and will do extreme damage to anything it hits, if it doesn't kill them in one hit. Even if they're protected by a Magic Shield, they'll be hurt badly. Yay again.
The rest of the mission is pretty simple stuff. Make your way over to Bares, and start killing stuff. There are some annoying enemies here, like a Sniper and the all-new class Shooter. Shooters have high defense and attack power, but their weaons are like bows, so they can't counter when you attack them head on. Good. Just gang up on them and they should fall quickly. Nothing hard here. One guy here give up a Hand Spear, if such information is of any interest to you.
Boss: Mamkut

The boss already? Woah, this chapter is short. Surprisingly, the boss is not one of the shooters on the castle, even though one of them have a portrait. Nope, it's the mamkut that runs around and even attacks when you get close. How's that for a change? Anyway, he's a mamkut, and you know how to deal with them, right? Dragon Killer. Dead mamkut. You won. Yay. He give up a Power Ring when he dies. Those are damn useful, so give it to someone who could use one.
Now what about the guy on the castle who has a portrait? He's a recruitable character, of course! His name is Jake, he's from Grunia, and he's a shooter. Yep.
Kill the rest of the evil guys, if any are left, then have Marth take over the castle. Nina will tell you that some of her men tried to take the castle earlier, but were captured. So we have to save them as well as killing all the bad guys inside. Onto the next chapter.

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