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Chapter 12 - The Ultimate Deciding Battle!!
And so, Marth reaches the Akanean Palace, where he will destroy the evil guys and liberate the country. And something. Remember those guys who had tried to attack the palace earlier? They're still alive, and they're inside a small cell. Meet Midia, Tomth, Thomas, Boha and Michelan. You can control them from the beginning, but none of them have a key, so they can't get anywhere. You can bring 10 guys along with you on this mission. Yeah, only 10. It sucks, I know.
OK, you need to get over there and save the prisoners at once, since the enemy will, for some reason, use them for target practice with their bows and magic. There are two safe areas in the back, so have people trade places when they get hurt. Then have your fastest soldiers get over there and kill all the enemies. The magician will drop a Thunder spell.
Now unlock the door, and you have 5 new characters to play with. None of them are especially good though, but they can be used to replace good people that have died earlier.
Two more magicians will head toward you. One of them has a wussy Fire spell, which should pose no threat. The other one, however, has the deadly spell of Elfire, which you should definitly watch out for. Once you kill him, he drops the spell, so give it to Marich or Linda and have them cook some enemies.
You can do this whenever you want, but I like doing it after saving the new party members, and getting rid of those two magicians. There are two thieves behind the pillars to the right of your starting position. They won't go anywhere, but they both drop items, so you should kill them anyway. Besides, they give you experience. Killing them give you an Armor Killer and a Warp spell, both of which are quite handy.
Continue further into the castle. There's a mamkut there (Mamkuts. I hate those guys), so kill him. The good old Dragon Killer still works wonders, or you can try your new Elfire spell, which does magic damage, and thus won't take the mamkut's insane defense into account. He drops a Salve, in case you care.
The boss is nearby, but two Bishops and a Sniper is surrounding him. Fighting a boss with someone like that nearby isn't a good idea, so you should take them out first. Use magic or bows to kill the Bishops, then trick the Sniper into following you out of his safe area, then gang up on him. The Sniper drop a Silver Bow (yay) and one of the Bishops drop a Live spell (not as "yay")
Boss: Priest
Ouch. The guy has a really powerful spell called Volcannon, that will utterly destroy you if you're not careful. M-Shield someone powerful (like Oguma, Sheeda or Kain/Abel), then hit him hard. He'll give you Volcannon when he dies, so now you can be as dangerous as him. Just don't get too cocky, remember, you just killed a guy with the spell to get it.
You think it's over? Ha. There's still a lot of goodies to get. You've probably already seen those chests, so get over there. You could've gotten them from the north door, but the Sniper would've murdered you if you tried. Besides, there's a general in there, and you know what they are like. Well, with no Sniper, and the general on this side, it's no problem. Generals may have high defense, but they don't have much magic defense, and you happen to have a bunch of godlike spells, so he shouldn't last long. Now unlock the door and grab the goods. You'll get an Orion's Arrow, 20000 Gold, a Silver Sword, a Manual and a Thief Key. Mmm. The Manual ups Weapon Level, so give it to Julian, and watch him being able to use the better weapons out there. Beautiful.
Boss: Paladin
Yes, there's actually two bosses in this chapter. This guy is completely optional, but you still want to defeat him, since he'll drop a Knight Medal.Anyway, he's not very powerful compared to the bosses you've been fighting recently. Just chuck some high-levelled guys at him and watch him suffer.
Kill the two Social Knights nearby, then open the chest to get the really useful movement-upping Boots. Give them to someone slow. Oh yeah, and check out the nearby shop. It sells pretty much all swords in the game. So stock up on Silver Swords and stuff.
Have Marth take the throne and.. that's it. You've won! Yay. Princess Nina is now finally home, and she'll hand you a mystical holy weapon as a gift.. the Partia. This is a legendary bow that's part of the 3-weapon set of ultimate uber-weapons that will destroy anything in your path. Too bad that the enemy stole the other two, eh. Other than the Partia, the set consists of the Gradius Spear and the Miracle Sword. So you should do everything you can do get your hands on those two. Oh yeah, and let's not forget the Falcion, the legendary sword that Anri used to destroy Medeus. You should try to get your hands on that as well. Speaking of which.. the Falcion is in Gra Castle, which isn't too far from Bares. You know, why don't we go get that sword and kill Medeus once and for all? Onwards!

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