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Chapter 13 - You didn't think you could just go somewhere without fighting your way through an army first, did you?
As you remember, you need the Falcion sword to defeat the evil Medeus. The Falcion is located in Gra castle, not too far from here. Although Grunia doesn't want you to go there, so they send a huge army to destroy you. And you have to.. try to guess.. defeat them! Yeah. You can bring 13 soldiers along on the mission. Be sure to bring Midia if you want a new party member.
This chapter shouldn't be too hard. First of all, have Marth go to the nearby village. He has to cross the river to get there, so it'll take some turns. Have everybody else prepare for the huge battle. Your army's already divided into 3 groups, but you'll probably want to change group members before the battle. Then just start attacking the Shooters. You may not do too good, but things'll get better soon. Oh yeah, and both thieves drop Knight Killers.
Have Marth enter the village, and you'll get a new party member. His name is Beck, and he's a Shooter. His stats are also better than Jake's. The most important thing is that he'll come with the Thunderbolt, a weapon effective against Shooters. Now we can destroy this army easily.
Now, Beck is pretty much stuck inside the mountain region, but you can still kill enemies by shoting over the mountains. Or simply have Sheeda fly over the mountain, take his Thunderbolt, and give it to Jake. Your choise. I prefer using others as Bait to get Shooters to attack Beck, and then watch them get destroyed whe he counters. But that's just me.
Here's the reason you wanted to bring Midia along. Have her talk to the Hero, and he'll join you. His name is Astoria, and isn't going to be very useful, as he's already promoted. You should already have a promoted hero, or at least a Mercenary close to promotion, and you'll get another one after not so long, and since having a dozen guys of the same class isn't very good... Astoria is good, but not good enough to be used. Unless one of your Mercenaries died or something. Well, he'll bring a Dragon Killer and a Silver Sword along, so he's not totally worthless.
OK, time to finish off this army. Have Beck get relatively close to it, then have someone bait the shooters toward him, and let him waste them. Be careful, one of the Shooters have a Thunderbolt, and that will destroy Beck instead. So kill that guy with someone else. Or, if you're using Jake, just have him kill stuff that attacks, while the others help him out. Shouldn't be too hard. Remember, when baiting, don't bait too many at once, or you'll get hit. Use more than one character to bait, so the Shooters doesn't kill him, and go back to the boss. And stay directly near the boss. Shooters need space to attack, so he cant hit you if you stand next to him. And be careful. It's not that easy. Also remember that you don't have to get hit to bait someone your way, as long as you're relatively close. A good tactic if you use Beck is to bait with people who can get over the mountain. If you stay just on the other side, you can allow them to get hit, then move Beck in and kill the enemy.
Boss: Shooter

Yawn. Have someone with high HP kill the Bishop, since he can heal the boss, and that's not good. The boss will hit whomever killed the bishop (unless you use distance attacks, but that's not needed unless your "high HP"-soldier has like 15 HP or really really low defense. He can deal 25 damage to a guy with no defense, so you do the math.) Move into his face. He can't hit you. Kill him. Without his shooter army, there's nothing he can do about it.
And that's it. Not too hard, was it? Have Marth take over the castle. In case you're wondering, the annoying-to-use shop doesn't sell anything really useful. Silver Spears would be the only interesting thing they sell, but you should have enough of those by now. You can buy them in the next chapter anyway. So, on to Gra. (I forgot to take a picture, so I drew one myself. It really looks like it's from the game, right? I'm talented.)

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