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Chapter 14 - The Ultimate Weapon that can Destroy Medeus: It's right here... I think.
Finally, you made it to Gra. Gra used to be allied with Aritia, before the joined with the other bad guys and murdered your father. So they're not exactly going to give up the Falcion. But you can handle these wusses, can't you? You can bring 13 soldiers along on this mission.
First of all, we'll get rid of those annoying guys south of your starting position. Have a thief (or someone with a bridge key) unlock the drawbridge, then have Beck (or Jake) murder the shooter with Thunderbolt. Finally, have someone with an Armor Killer go across the bridge and kill the four Armor Knights. If you have more Armor Killers, send them over as well.
Meanwhile, have Marth sneak over to the village. Some Archers will try to shoot him down, so take cover where you can.
Enter the village, and a guy will give you the spell of Torron, a black magic spell just as powerful as Excalibur. Joy to the world. Give it to a magician later.
Aw dammit, here comes the Macedonian Pegasus group. Remember them? Minerva was the leader of it before she joined you. Well, the two first who arrive are Minerva's sisters, so have them talk to Marth, and they'll explain that they heard about Maria's rescue, and are here to join the group. Their fourth sister is still in Grunia though. Anyway, two new, and pretty useful, party members for you. Yay. Now send Marth and the Pegasus Sisters back to where you started fast.
Go kill the Archers and the Bishop for some easy experience, as well as making sure they won't get involved in the following battle.
Yeah, HERE comes the Macedonian Pegasus Group. That is, the members that want to kill you. I guess they followed the traitors here or something. So get ready for a battle. There's not that many of them, but due to their ability to move far, they can follow a weakened soldier running away from the battle, and kill him.
Unlock the door (or walk around if you want to save a key), then start murdering stuff on the other side. Everybody there suck, so they shouldn't be a problem. Well, except for that Level 9 Armor Knight with a Silver Spear. He's dangerous. Take out the Bishop before he starts healing people. The two Thieves each give up a Salve, in case you care. Fill up on speciality weapons and Silver Spears in the shop if you're running out.
Mmm, treasure.. There's a treasure chamber to the southeast. Unlock the door and kill the Sniper inside to gain access to 10000 gold and a Silver Card. The Silver Card is really really useful, so don't accidentally drop it.
Boss: General

Have you noticed how bosses tend to be either Generals or Mamkuts? Anyway, this guy is dangerous. He has a Silver Sword, and you know how much they hurt. Just cast magic at him from a distance or something. It's not like he can do anything about it. He'll give up his Silver Sword when he dies, in case you need another one.
Marth. Throne. Take it. Now, time to get the Falcion. That is.. if it was here. Yeah, the damn sword isn't here. There's rumor going of the Evil Super Villain Guy (TM) Garef taking the Falcion, so I guess the only thing we can do now is hunt him down, murder him, steal the sword, then brutally slaughter Medeus with it. Yeah.

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