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Chapter 15 - Yeah, Garef's immortal. But we can still take him. I hope.
Welcome to Kandain, the country of magic. It's ruled by the evil wizard Garnef, who's responsible for pretty much everything bad going on right now, like the revival of Medeus. Garnef's the guy in the semi-big building in the southeast, and he has a spell called Maph, which makes him immortal. Ouch.
Don't bother about Garnef yet, you can't hurt him, and you're being attacked by his army right now. Now, this chapter is really straightforward. There's a bunch of idiots out there, and you have to kill them. So instead of leading you thorugh this chapter, I'll just tell you about the stuff you need to remember (items and such), and let you kill everything yourself. If you got this far, you shouldn't have any trouble, right? Just remember that magic damage is based on your magic defense, not your defense, though magic won't get stronger as levels go up. And if someone has a weakness (Dragon Knights), exploit it. And most important of all: Keep your HP up. This chapter is full of powerful enemies that love to gang up on you. As for enemies dropping stuff, the Thief drops a Recover spell and one of the Magicians drop a Thunder spell.
Reinforcements. Damn. Somehow, Garnef manages to teleport magicians into his enormous castle, and send them after you. Luckily for you, they're at level 1 and are armed with the Fire spell. There's not that many of them either, so you'll manage.
After a while, Garnef will leave. Well, that kinda sucks, since he's supposedly the guy with the Falcion. On the other hand, you couldn't damage him anyway, so.. Note that the magicians will still teleport in for a few more rounds.
Go get the two chests in Garnef's castle once Garnef and the magicians are gone (and preferrably everything else nearby as well. You DON'T want a weak character to be stuck in there as a bunch of powerful guys block the exit. The chests hold a Power Ring and an Amulet.
Boss: Wizard

He's not really the boss, Banut was the boss, but you couldn't beat him. This guy doesn't have a portrait, and for some reason he won't attack, only counter. That's good, 'cause this guy has an incredibly powerful spell called Worm, which does insane damage (16). But if you use the Amulet on someone powerful, you should be able to beat him. Maybe use a M-Shield as well. Or send a Bishop along to heal.
Marth take castle, yes. Before doing that, you might want to check out the shops, as they sell some of those powerful black magic spells (along with some other crap). Fill up in case you're running out of uses. Anyway, after taking the castle, you'll meet Gato the sage, the original owner of the Maph spell that makes Garnef invincible (Just how did he steal it anyway?). He'll tell you that Garnef really does have the Falcion, and there's no way you can get it from him as long as Maph is protecting him. However, there's one way you can nullify the effect of Maph. You need the Starlight spell, which is connected to the Fire Emblem you're carrying. Although you need the two orbs of Star and Light to actually create the spell. So now you have a new quest on your hands. Find the two orbs, bring them back to Gato, and have him combine them with the Fire Emblem to create Starlight, which you then use to destroy Garnef, get the Falcion, and use it to kill Medeus, saving the world. Phew.

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