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Chapter 16 - Another Sidequest? Dammit, Marth!
NOTE: I accidentally deleted this part of the walkthrough, so this is all just based on my memory, I'm not playing through the game while writing this. So it might not be perfectly accurate, and pretty basic. I'll try to get a new version up later.

So, now we have to find the Star Orb ond the Light Orb, right? Nah, not yet. Marth decides now is a good time to kick all the soldiers out of Aritia and take his country back. You know, if we kill Medeus, they might give up without a fight? Nah, Marth is the impatient guy. Or he just loves killing people. You can bring 13 guys along on this mission.
Okay, that Thief starts way too close to villages for you to reach there without him destroying at least one. Well, it might be possible if you have a Paladin start really close, but it's pretty unlikely that you'll make it. So just use Warp to send Marth over there and have him kill the Thief before he can do much. Now, these villages are pretty special. You're only allowed to enter one of them, so you have to choose the one you think is better.
Entering the left village will make Alan the Paladin join you. His stats aren't exactly impressive, my level 18 unpromoted Alan had better stats in every field except movement. Unless you really really REALLY love Paladins, stay away from him.
Entering the right village will make Samson the Hero join. Now, I'm not a huge fan of already promoted characters, but Samson's stats are impressive, and actually on par with a Mercenary who promoted at level 20. Already promoted characters can't get better than this. Get him unless you want a challenge or something.
Meanwhile, a group of Dragon Knights will attack. They have a lot of weaknesses (bows, Dragon Killers, ect.), and thus should not pose a problem. Besides, there's only 3 of them.
Get everybody over to the area where the villages are, as pretty much all soldiers on the map are on their way. Kill them. Yeah.
Here come the reinforcements. They'll appear on the north forts, and shouldn't be too hard. They're not that many either.
Make your way over to the small building at the very right of the map. Unlock the door, then have somone run in and kill everything except the odd guy in the middle. One of the Heros will give up a Hero's Proof, which will be useful. Now, have Marth talk to the guy in the middle, and he'll join. His name is Cheine, and he's a Commando, which makes him semi-useful.
Boss: General

Another General. Armor Killer, he dies, you win, the end. Yawn.
Marth, castle, you know. Well, now you've reached the castle, but now you have to go inside and kill everyone there as well.

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