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Chapter 17 - A Winner is You
Well, Marth and his army reached Aritia Castle at the end of the last chapter, but they still have to fight their way through it. And, um, that's it. The guy on the picture is the evil boss guy you have to kill. You can bring 15 guys along on this mission.
First of all, this chapter is extremely annoying if you want some extra stuff, due to the insane number of reinforcements. It's worth it, though. Now, if you look around the map, you should see what your first priority is. We have a bunch of treasure, and a few enemy thieves. So let's get rid of them. Have someone fast (like Pegasus Knights or Paladins) try to get the thieves, while someone powerful start killing the annoying enemies nearby. Mamkuts and Magicians are lethal if they gang up on someone, so take them out fast. Whomever you gave the Amulet to is gonna be really helpful in taking out Magicians, and whomever has the Dragon Killer can take care of Mamkuts. Also use Warp if you have to to make people block the entrance to the treasure for the thieves. One of the Thieves give up a worthless Door Key, but you don't care, right?
Yay, you won. At least I hope so. And while that was kinda hard, it's not the "extremely annoying" part I mentioned earlier. That one's still coming up. Well, feel free to take all the good treasure in here. You'll get the following goodies: 15000 gold, a new Warp magic, the semi-useful Devil Sword, the a-bit-more-useful Dragon Shield, the very useful Knight's Proof (wee), and the not-too-shabby Mystery Book. Yay for you.
Now it's time for that annoying part I told you about. Head back to the beginning, and unlock the door. Then rush in and kill stuff that might be in your way. Nothing too hard yet. The Priest give up a Worm spell, the most powerful magic in the game.
See those two Bishops? Both of them are carrying really useful things, and one of them is a special item you'll never get another chance to get. The problem is that the reinforcements will arrive soon, and they'll attack from that area. And there's about 150 of them, so you want to stay away. Warp someone over to the Bishops while the rest of your army takes care of the idiots on this side, then have the guy you warped over hurry the hell back after he's killed the Bishops. It's not easy, but it's worth it. You'll get a Secret Card, which I'll get back to, as well as a Reserve spell.
A good way to stop the reinforcements is to place Banut here. With the Fire Dragon Stone, his defense is too high for those weaklings to harm him.
Boss: Mamkut

This is no normal Mamkut. This guy has the Devil Dragon Stone, which, in addition to being more powerful than the Fire Dragon Stone, make him immune to magic. And it also ups defense more than the Fire Dragon Stone, so you have a really tough opponent here. The Dragon Killer is really your only option. You still have it, right? If not, have your strongest guys chip off his HP with Silver Weapons, and hope he eventually dies. He's a dangerous opponent. He'll give up a Speed Ring when/if you kill him.
Don't take the throne yet. First there's a really useful bonus area you should visit. First, have someone unlock the door north of the throne. It looks kinda suspicious, doesn't it? Well, if you're carrying the Member Card, when standing on the area the door used to be, you can enter a hidden shop. There's a couple of these in the game, and they all sell really, really useful items. Always visit these and stack up. As you can see, this one sells useful spells you can't buy anywhere else. They are really expensive, so use a Silver Card as well. Stack up on Worm, get some Torrons if you want, a couple of M-Shields, maybe a Reblow, and a Thief Key if you're running out. Oh, and so you know what to expect later: This was the crappiest Hidden Shop in the game. Try to imagine what the others are like.
If you want to, kill reinforcements for experience. When you've had enough, or you've killed everyone, have Marth take the throne. You won, blah blah, now let's go get those Orbs, okay?

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