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Chapter 18 - Grunia again? When will they learn?
Well, we've saved Aritia from the evil people, now it's time to get back to the main quest. Uh, that is, get those orbs, which is technically not part of the main quest, since it's POSSIBLE to kill Medeus without the Falcion. It's hard though, and I wouldn't recommend it. So anyway, off to the temple we go. Well, that would've been the case if Grunian soldiers hadn't decided that they'd try to kill you again. Yeah. Time to show them how much we hate their interference. You can bring 14 guys along on this mission.
First of all, a group of Social Knights, Horsemen and a Paladin will attack, so send someone down there to kill them. They're not very powerful, but they are carrying bows and Armor Killers, which should give you an idea of who to NOT send into this battle. Other than that, they're easy. The Horsemen may stay behind, if they do, just run up to them and kill them as well.
Head south, and you'll be attacked by more soldiers. This time, they start being annoying, as a bunch of them will attack with Knight Killers. Have someone who isn't a Paladin or a Social Knight (like a Hero, for instance) murder these fools.
Reinforcements. Meh. Actually, this lone Pegasus Knight isn't really the reinforcements. Remember when the Pegasus Group joined you? The youngest sister, Est, was in Grunia at the time, so she couldn't come join you. Well, you're fighting Grunia now, and I guess Est was part of this soldier group, since this really is her. Have her talk to Marth and she'll join you. Yay. Oh, and she also bring along the most powerful weapon in the game, the Miracle Sword. Yay again. Too bad it's a rapier, which means only Marth can use it.
Ah, here comes the real reinforcements. And not only is there a lot of them, they're also high-levelled and use Silver Spears. Argh. Use some heavy defense guys (keep Magicians and Thieves the hell away), and kill them carefully. Watch your HP and keep some Bishops nearby.
Allow me to present the true power of the Pegasus Group: The Triangle Attack. If you don't know how to use it, here's how: Place two of the 3 Pegasus Sisters on the opposite sides of an enemy, then have the third attack from anoher angle. Attack power should rise a lot. Really useful attack.
Okay, this isn't the most interesting chapter in the game, and not very exciting to write a walkthrough for. Anyway.. Once you've killed a the reinforcements (watch out for that Paladin who'll appear on the fort on the middle island. He can easily attack someone from behind and kill them if you're not prepared for him.), go kill the other idiots near the boss. Yeah. Beware of Knight Killers, use Heros and other good people that aren't S-Knights/Paladins.
Boss: Paladin

He has a Silver Spear, and is dangerous as hell. Just play it safe. Send high-defense units and Snipers/Shooters/Magicians (from a distance, of course) at him so he won't murder them in one hit. He's not much different from every other boss in the game.
Take castle, as usual. You won, blah blah, now let's forward the plot a bit without armies attacking us all the time. So now we're finally off to Rahman Temple, where the Orb of Star and Light are kept. Woo.

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