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Chapter 19 - The easiest boss ever
And finally, you've made it to the Rahman temple. Took some time, eh. Anyway, the Star Orb and the Light Orb are somewhere in here, so you just have to go in and get them. No problem. Oh yeah, except for the fact that Garnef has sent Chiki, a hypnotised Mamkut, to the protect the temple. And of course there's a lot of other soldiers here as well. Time to... wait, Chiki? She's... Banut's granddaughter, right? The one Banut's been looking for. Well, that's interesting. You can bring 11 soldiers along on this mission. Why only 11? I dunno. I guess the developers decided to be assholes.
The temple is pretty small, but there's a lot of annoying enemies, like Mercenaries, in it. There's also a lot of chests, so you'll have your hands full. There's also a bunch of thieves, but they won't ever get to the chests, since they're located in locked rooms. Ha ha ha! First of all, murder the nearby Mercenary, since he might get in the way. You can just leave the Hunter alone, he's not going anywhere, and it's kind of a waste to hit him with ranged attacks while allowing him to shoot you just for a few exp. Unlock the right door to access the treasure chamber where you'll find a Pure Water (bleh) and a Priest Ring (yay).
Continue north, kill stuff, unlock treasure chamber, ect. Nothing new. The chests in this room contain a Volcannon spell (half-decent, though you should've stacked up on more powerful spells two chapters ago) and 30000 gold (always useful. Doesn't take up inventory space either.)
Go north, kill the Hero who might attack, unlock the door to the treasure chamber.. same as before. These chests contain Angel Clothing (good) and the.. Orb of Earth! Yay! Wait a second.. the Orb of Earth? You're looking for the Orb of Light and the Orb of Star, not the Orb of Earth. Ah well, the Orb of Earth is a kinda useful weapon.
Now for something different. Unlock the door to the room with the Sniper, then have someone run in and kill him (you can use ranged units, but they tend to have low defense, and can get killed easily.) He'll give up another Orion's Arrow, which you can use to promote Thomas/Gohdon (whomever you didn't promote with the other Arrow).
Now, do the usual. Unlock door, get treasure, ect. You'll get a Speed Ring (pretty good) and a Dragon Whip (awesome). Now, time to advance into the final area of the temple (yes, bad picture, stupid emulator didn't register me pressing the button).
The center room can be a problem to enter. Not only do we have to powerful guys inside it, but there are some Magicians to the north of it who can cast ranged magic on you. Someone with high magic defense (like the guy you used the Amulet on) can take care of the magician (unlock the door first), while one of your magicians/priests can murder the Hero. Finally, unlock the chest (those magicians have weak spells, so you'll survive if you just get out fast). Inside this chest, you'll find.. dun dun dun.. THE ORB OF STAR (yes, it's a dumb name). Yay. Now, shouldn't the Orb of Light be nearby? Like, say, in that other chest? Well damn, looks like someone stole it. Sucks to be you, right?
The Northmost part of the level has a bunch of powerful enemies. So simply send even more powerful soldiers to kill them. No problem. The magicians have crap spells, the thieves are low-levelled... other than those powerful guys, everybody up there sucks. One of the Heros gives up a Silver Sword, which is good. But more importantly.. the level 10 Thief give up the Orb of Light. Yeah, he was the guy who stole it. (and for some reason, he won't attack anyone but Marth) And he didn't escape the temple yet. Looks like things are going your way. (now, why did he only steal one of the orbs? The Orb of Star was half a meter away.)
Boss: Mamkut

Remember what I said about this being Banut's granddaughter Chiki? Well, maybe you should let him talk to her. When you do, she'll remember him, break free from the hypnosis, and join your army. Yeah, that was easy. Like the title says.
Marth, throne, yadda yadda. Nina will tell you how you now have the Orbs and stuff. Let's go see Gato and get that Starlight.. Well, not yet, actually. There's a little something we should do first.

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