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Chapter 2 - Yar, more pirates.
Marth, Captain Oguma, and their armies start their journey towards Orleans. After taking a ship to the port town Garuda, they get a pretty unpleasant surprise though. Remember those pirates that attacked Talis? Well, they were Garudian pirates. And they've taken over the port. Not to mention that they won't let you leave the port alive. Ah well, it gives you a reason to kick more pirate ass.
Oh damn, looks like there's a bunch of pirates nearby. And if that's not enough, the pirates' base, guarded by even more pirates, is further west. Try to split your army in 2 pretty much similiar groups, and let one of them guard the north bridge and killing pirates while the other group attack the base. Remember to put Marth on the group that defends the bridge, and Sheeda on the group that attacks the base. You'll soon see why. Oh yeah, and if you didn't notice, Oguma brought his army. It consists of the warriors Saji, Maji and Barts, none of which are very good fighters.
The north squad shouldn't be much of a problem. They're all weak, there's only one hunter (hunters can be dangerous if there's a lot of 'em, or some fat Armor Knight blocks you way), and there's no villages for the Thieves to destroy. Anyway, the leader of the pirates (he's at level 3, and has a portrait if you check his stats) is the only one that won't attack you. He'll move up to you, but he won't attack. Why not? Because he believes what he's doing is wrong, and want to join the good guys. Now, since Marth is the leader of the army, he'll have to talk to him, right. Just move Marth up next to him, and choose the talk command. There, Daross the pirate is now a member of your army. Now, let him help you kill the rest of his group.
Meanwhile, the other group should move to these bridges and prepare to kill everything that attack them. Place characters with decent defense in the front row, since you'll get attacked by a bunch of people. Having Riff nearby to heal your warriors is a good idea.
Now, see this Hunter? The one at level 3? He who has a character portrait? Yeah, that one. He's an old friend of Sheeda. Turns out his mother is ill, so he joined the pirates to afford medicide. Unlike Daross, this guy WILL attack you. Have Sheeda talk to him (that's why we needed her in this group). He'll be surprised at how Sheeda offers her help even though he just tried to kill her along with the rest of the army. So, to repay her, he'll join your army. Woo.
Now, kill off any remaining enemies. The nearby shop sells a lot of axes, which may be useful if you want to continue using Daross and the Warriors. Personally, I don't think they're very useful, and would rather not buy them any new weapons. Have Marth visit the village to recieve 5000 gold.
Boss: Pirate

Unlike the first boss, this guy has a ranged attack. It won't help him much if you just gang up on him, though, he's not that powerful. And if you killed all the enemies like I told you too (and got a lot of exp.) nothing can stop you from beating this guy into a bloody pulp. Just heal at the fort, then proceed to kick his ass. Remember to give the kill to a good guy (like Oguma) instead of wasting it on someone like Daross. You'll get a Steel Sword for winning.
Finally, let Marth take over the pirate base, which, by coincidence, looks exactly like Talis Castle. Um, whatever. The townspeople of Garudia will thank you for kicking the pirates' ass, and you will continue on your journey.

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