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Chapter 20 - Final Battle! Aritia VS Grunia!!
Now that we have the Orbs of Star and Light, it's finally time for the final battle. The first thing we'll do is march into Grunia and kill everyone we see. Simple. Grunia's forces is being lead by an infamous knight named Camus, who is the current wielder of the Gradius Spear, the last of the 3 legendary weapons. (the others are the Partia Bow and the Miracle Sword, both of which you already have.) So this battle won't be very easy. Although.. Camus was the man responsible for the invasion of Akanea. He was ordered to kill princess Nina, but instead, he helped her escape. Well.. maybe there won't be a battle after all.
This chapter is annoying. There are Paladins everywhere, with a few other promoted units spread around inbetween. Luckily, the reinforcements are pretty easy and pretty few. Well, most of them. Oh yeah, did I mention that there is a village here? And a Thief? Yeah, this chaper will be hell. First of all, prepare for a battle against four Paladins (with Silver Spears.. argh.) and two Shooters (not anything special about their weapons, but all catapults hurt a lot). Use high defense guys with big bad weapons, Knight Killers if you have any to spare (and Thunder Bolt on the Shooters, if you can.)
And here's your reward: More Paladins. See why I don't like this chapter? Anyway, except for them using Silver SWORDS, they're not any different from the last guys. Send your most powerful guys at them and watch them die. One of them drops a Silver Sword. They're always good to have. And if that Thief come within range, kill him fast. He's dangerous. And not just in the "he can destroy the village" way, he carries a Devil Sword as well. You'll get it if you kill him, if you like those weapons. Personally I don't, since if they backfire, you'll loe a bucnh of HP and can become an easy target for the enemy to gang up on.
With the Thief dead, the village should be safe. So have Marth visit it, and he'll meet Lena's grandfather, who'll give you an extremely useful spell only she can use; the Hamain spell, which give you more uses for weapons. Obviously, this spell owns. Put it to good use. The 3 legendary weapons, for instance.
As you've noticed, one of the Generals guarding the castle has been on his way toward you for a while now. Have Sheeda talk to him. This guy is another of her old friends, General Lawrence. He no longer supports the (now dying) king of Grunia, as the entire reason he joined with Doluna was to stay out of trouble. He believes Doluna must be stopped at all costs, and even though he doesn't really want to betray his country, he'll do so if nessecary. So he'll join you. And although he looks a bit like Jeigan, he's a very powerful ally. Use him. A lot. As you've already noticed, Generals are very dangerous, especially against people without Armor Killers.
Reinforcements be damned. Only 3 waves of them, luckily, and none of them are too dangerous (although there's an Armor Knight with a Knight Killer in the first wave. Keep Paladins away.
And finally, it's time to attack the castle. Have powerful people take out the Generals, and use a Shooter with Thunder Bolt to destroy the Shooters. Use whomever to take out the Bishops, it's not like they can fight back or anything. One of the Shooters dop an Elephant (a really powerful catapult. Use for those dangerous enemies)
If you want to, you can go kill the Generals and Shooter at the very left part of the map. That gives you acess to some shops and an arena. Unless you need more Silver weapons, it's not nessecary to do this. (Also, please ignore the lack of pictures for the rest of this chapter, as I accidentally deleted them, and don't really feel like playing through pretty much the entire game just to get them.)
Boss: Paladin

Yeah, it's Camus. If you want, you can have Marth talk to him, but he'll just say something about how he cannot lose his honor by betraying his country and stuff, before attacking, and there's a great chanse Marth'll get killed if you try. So don't. So.. Camus has the Gradius, so he'll be able to deal a lot of damage. Enough to kill the majority of you team, actually. And magic won't work, since the Gradius is long range. So what do you do? Eh, the only thing that really works is to let people with high defense gang up on him, then finish him off with something really powerful if he's still alive (like Aura/Elephant/Worm/ect.) when he's weak enough to die in one hit. Yes, he's hard. When/if you kill him, he'll give up the Gradius, after uttering his last words. The Gradius is a very very very good weapon. Use it a lot. It rocks. And with the Harmain spell, you can really kick ass with it.
Now, do something that involves Marth and the castle. If you don't know what that is, I'm sorry, but you are an idiot. Well, you've now truly defeated Grunia, but that doesn't mean the final battle is over yet. Oh no, we still have to take care of Macedonia and Doluna. Next stop - Macedonia.

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