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Chapter 21 - Second Showdown! Aritia VS Macedonia!!
Grunia may have been defeated, but the battle isn't over yet. Now it's time to crush Macedonia. As you can see, this map is very simple. Not easy, just simple. You got a bunch of soldiers to kill, and some reinforcements will eventually arrive from those forts. That's all. No races against thieves for treasure chests, no annoying people to recruit... Just a simple "kill everyting that moves"-stage. Just as Chapter 15, there isn't really a lot of things going on here, so the walkthrough will be kinda short. Oh, and there's a Hidden Shop here. As you know, they rock. You can bring 15 guys along on this mission. Yay.
Well, Macedonia sure as hell aint gonna go down without a fight. So you'll get 6 Dragon Knights, 3 Generals, 2 Magicians and one Sniper thrown at you before you can do anything. Ow. Use Armor Killers on the Generals as usual. The Dragon Knights have a dozen weaknesses, most of which are bows, so you should at least have something. The Magicians go down easily if you M-Shield someone, or have whomever you gave the amulet to/someone with high magic defense attack them. As for the Sniper, gang up on him with close-range attacks, and he can't do anything about it. And try to stay close to the south part of the area. If you go to far North, the Paladins will attack, and you don't want that. The good old strategies still work, you know. The Sniper give up a Silver Bow, in case you should need one.
When you've finally killed everyone in the initial wave, just wait for the reinforcements to arrive. Don't go North, you still don't want to involve the Paladins. The Reinforcements consist of 4 Dragon Knights and 4 Shooters. They'll all appear at once, but the Shooters, well known for their slow movement, won't arrive for some time. So start murdering Dragons instead. Be careful, and check their weapons first. One of them have a Knight Killer, and another have a Dragon Killer, so be careful about who you set to kill them. Other than those two, the others are the usual deal. Use bows, Quick Rain, Dragon Killer.. whatever works.
Then wait for the Shooters. Check their weapons as well, two of them come with Quick Rains, while one has a Thunder Bolt (ouch). The last one has a Stone Henge, which shouldn't be too much of a threat. Just gang up on them, they need distance to counter, so if you don't give them any, they won't last long. Have your own Shooter(s) Thunder Bolt them to hell as well.
Time to destroy the Paladins guarding the castle. They're not that hard, but they can destroy you if all of them gang up on someone. To prevent this, have someone sneak toward them at the edge of the level, and bait some of them over to an area your army can murder them without the others noticing. Or, you could go all out after getting all your best soldiers together, and take out a huge bunch of them in one round. Just send someone who can kill a Paladin in one round up there, and have some semi-strong people take out the rest aided by long distance fighters. I prefer the baiting method myself, since missing while going all out can result in one dead guy on your side. Either way, they should go down without too much trouble.
Boss: Paladin

He sucks. Well, not really, but he's nowhere near the nightmare Camus was. Okay, he has a Hand Spear, so you can't kill him with "low defense - long distance" units, but you can simply send your most powerful guys up there to gang up on him, and he'll die in no time. Yeah, not the best description ever, but he really is easy. The damage he deals is pitiful, and he'll miss a lot too. He's only level 10 as well, which is really low for a boss at this point in the game. Hell, Camus was at level 14, and he wouldn't be half as scary without the Gladius. Facing this guy after Camus is just.. eh, sorry, I'm rambling. He really does suck, though. He'll give up a Knight's Emblem, if you feel like promoting more Social Knights.
Okay, remember that Hidden Shop I mentioned. Let's visit it. Oh, for the record, the two normal shops sell crap and Silver Swords. The Hidden Shop is located in the small forest in the mountains (northeast part of the map). Have someone with a Member Card (and preferrably a Silver Card) go there to fill up on goodies. Remember what I said about the next Hidden Shops being better than the first one? Well, here you can buy... Power Rings and Speed Rings! Yay. Oh, and you can also buy Mystery Books and Goddess Statues, if you should need any. Check your entire teams stats, and use Power Rings on those who don't have a Strength stat close to 20, and isn't a magic users (as they can't use weapons, their strength doesn't matter.) Repeat with Speed Rings (although you don't need that high speed, as long as it's not terribly low. 15 is decent enough.) Neither Skill nor Luck are the most important stats ever. If someone has particulary low Skill, you might want to boost it. Luck isn't a huge factor, it determines Critical Hit % and Magic Evade, which is sorta useful, but there are better stats to spend your money on boosters for. And yes.. the next Hidden Shops are even better. Kind of.
You know what to do. Do it. Gato will contact you (not sure how. Telepatically?) and tell you he's currently in Macedonia, and you must visit him and give him the Orbs of Star and Light. He's right, you have to do that. And after doing that, we'll kill all the soldiers and defeat Macedonia once and for all.

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