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Chapter 22 - Unimaginative Title! Aritia VS Macedonia part 2!!
You've made it to the Macedonian castle, although prince Michael and his army hasn't given up yet. So now it's time for you to march into that castle and murder each and every one of them. That's not all though. As you remember, Gato is here, and with a Thief ready to attack his village, you have to be careful if you want the Starlight spell. Add in a huge bunch of reinforcements, and you have a very hard chapter. Remember, you get to revive one person later, so if someone good dies, you can still go on. You can bring 15 guys along on this mission. Hopefully you buffed them all up in the last chapter.
When you first enter the map, every single soldier other than Michael, the boss, and two Bishops, will be out to get you (okay, the Thief just want the village. But that's even worse, so...) With you having to stop the Thief from reaching the village, this isn't good news. The only thing you can really do is to send your entire army toward the village, murdering those soldiers that get it the way, (there are 2 guys with Knight Killers and a guy wih an Armor Killer in there, so beware) and then either kill the Thief when you get a chanse, or have someone powerful block the entrance to the village while someone else kill the Thief. (A Paladin is theoretically able to get to the village in 3 turns if no enemies get in the way. Protecting the village feels safer, even though the Thief isn't in much of a hurry) And yes, there are a lot of strong enemies here. When the Thief is unable to get to the village, start killing everybody else (including the Thief if you let him live) They might be promoted and have big scary weapons, but your guys should be pretty tough by now as well. It's not that hard. Really.
When it's safe, have Marth visit the village. when you enter the village, Gato will tell you to give him the Orb of Star and the Orb of Light. IMPORTANT: Marth must be carrying the Orb of Star and the Orb of Light when he enters the village. If he's not, you won't get the Starlight spell. So if you accidentally forgot to give Marth the orbs, and didn't get the spell, reset the chapter. The Starlight is vital. Almost. Anyway, he'll take the orbs (if you have them), then give you the Starlight. Give it to a priest/magician, and make sure he doesn't die. If he does, reset the chapter as well. You must NOT lose this spell.
Boss: Dragon Knight

Prince Michael should attack about now. Just go near the entrance to the castle, and he'll fly out. Well, what to say. He sucks. Just like the previous boss. Doesn't Macedonia have ANY really powerful warriors? Anyway, take the previous boss, up his level by 2, then add some weaknesses, and you got this guy. Yes, he actually attacks you with a Hand Spear. Do I really have to give you a strategy? Just shoot him. Or if you don't have any Shooters/Snipers/Horsemen nearby, just attack him with someone strong. He's pathetic. My level 7 Sniper killed him in one hit from the Silver Bow. He'll give up a Dragon Shield, which is good. Use it on someone who need more defense.
There, that wasn't too hard, was it? Now let's just kill that guy on the castle, and Macedonia will be down for good.. oh yeah, the reinforcements. There's a lot of them, and they have good weapons. Their level may suck, but still, you don't want them to gang up on you. Try to make a wall like on the picture, keep a Bishop nearby, and switch people in the front once they get hurt. Reserve is you friend. You may also retreat back to where you started, and then treat the reinforcements like the enemies you fought at the beginning of the chapter.
Boss: Dragon Knight

This guy almost rivals Chiki for "easiest boss ever". What he is? Take Michael. Now make him 2 levels lower. That's it, you got this guy. I'm not even gonna give you a strategy to beat this loser. He'll give up a Dragon Whip, which may be useful if you have more level 20 P-Knights.
Do what you always do. Before doing that, you might want to check out the shops. Most of them sell useless crap (and Silver Sword, like every other shop for the last 15 chapters) but one of them have some interesting goods. The Stone Hedge and the Fire Gun. Both are catapult weapons. The Stone Henge is horrible due to low accurracy, and it's not better than the Elephant anyway. You're not going to do too much shooting for the rest of the game either, I guess. As for the Fire Gun, it's pretty much the Quick Rain without the ability to deal more damage to flying stuff, but has perfect accurracy. Nothing too exciting. Buy a Fire Gun if you want, but leave the Stone Hedge. After visiting the shop (or not), do what I told you earlier (the thing you always do). And that's it. The Starlight is ours, Grunia and Macedonia are down, and the only things remaining are Garnef, the Falcion, Doluna and Medeus. Obviously we'll go after Garnef and the Falcion first.

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