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Chapter 23 - Getting Close to the End! VS Garnef!!
You have the Starlight spell, now you just have to kill Garnef and get the Falcion. Then it's finally time for the showdown with Medeus. But let's concentrate on Garnef now, okay. Appearantly, he's gone Saddam on us, and has a few clones running around. Well, too bad for him that there's only one Maph spell, so just see who has that (it's not the Garnef on the throne), and you know who's the real one. You can only bring 11 guys along on this mission (guh?), but it's actually pretty easy, so don't worry. Just be sure to bring someone who can use Starlight.
There's a treasure chamber here. Yay. There are also some thieves, but the chamber is locked, so don't worry about them. But you want treasure, so why not go get it? Your Thief can do that alone, since he won't be too useful in battle anyway, and there are no enemies near the chamber. The chests contain 10000 Gold and an Amulet (Yay. We all love those, don't we?)
While your Thief is off plundering, have everybody else start fight the enemies here. There's a bunch of idiots with horrible spells there, although some of them have more powerful ones. Check their inventory, and see if they are too dangerous to send someone without Magic Defense at. Beware of the Thief in the southeast group, he has a Devil Sword. Devil Weapons are bad no matter which side uses them IMO. Oh yeah, also keep any flying people away from that Sniper (who I had already killed when I took this picture. He's next to the Thief on top of the stairs). He can be deadly. The Thief next to him give up a Door Key, if that somehow interests you.
Now, here comes all the other morons. Luckily for you, they aren't that powerful. The Heros have Silver Swords, but they're only at level 5, so you can handle them. The Sniper is no more dangerous than the one you just killed, so just take him out before he attack a Dragon/Pegasus Knight. As for the Priest, he has Volcannon, so send your Amulet-guy at him. The two Bishops (one near the bottom and one near the top) drop some items. The bottom one has Pure Water (bleh), and the upper one has M-Shield (yay.. although you probably have a lot of those already) Really, these late game chapters turn into nothing more than me telling you to kill everything that attack you.
Reinforcements! Luckily, there's only 6 of them, and 4 of those 6 suck. We have 2 Magicians with Thunder (easy), 2 magicians with Freeze (easy), and 2 priests with Torron (aaah!). What to do? Well, I like to block the way with a powerful guy with an amulet, and let him kill everything that come at him. He'll take some damage from Torron, but nowhere near enough to kill him unless he has like 15 HP. See why I love amulets?
Boss: Priest(s)

That is, the three Garnef clones. They have Worm, so they'll deal a lot of damage. Luckily, Garnef placed one of them on the throne to confuse you, and that clone will stay there. And since you should have 2 guys with amulets, this shouldn't be too hard. Not too hard. Worm doesn't deal that much damamge to someone with an amulet, and it misses a lot. The one guarding the throne give up a Priest Ring, which should come in handy. There are also a few Bishops here, and one of them give up a Reserve spell. Good stuff.
Boss: Priest (Garnef)

Once the clones are taken care of, have the one you gave Starlight to attack Garnef himself with it. Remember that even though you can hurt him, his Maph spell does quite a lot of damage (and your Priest probably doesn't have an amulet either), so be careful. You don't want to lose Starlight now. When Garnef dies, he'll give up the Falcion, which doesn't exactly come as a surprise. And now, with the ultimate weapon in hand, it's finally time to destroy Medeus.
Well, okay, not quite yet. There's another Hidden Shop here. You've probably already understood where, but if you didn't, it's behind that locked door behind the throne. This one sell promotion items (for Social Knights, Mercenaries, Magicians/Bishops, Archers (useless, since there's only two archers in the game, and you've already found two Orion Arrows) and Pegasus Knights. To be honest, this shop isn't too useful. You might want another Priest or Dragon Knight, but you can manage quite fine without one, and if you're going to promote someone now, they'll be a lot weaker than the guys you promoted a long time ago. This shop would've been a lot more useful if it was placed earlier in the game, as the first of the Hidden Shops or something. Buy what you want, if anything.
Finally, Marth, throne, you know. You'll now finally meet Ellis, Marth's long lost sister (and also Marich's girlfriend) who was captured when Marth fled to Talis. She has been kept prisoner in Garnef's tower, and has now finally been rescued. She'll now join your army for the very last battle against Medeus. She's a Bishop, and will bring along the Oum spell you can use to revive a dead soldier. The chapter ends before you get to do anything, though. As for her stats, they are bad. Really bad.

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