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Chapter 24 - The Final Stretch! Aritia VS Doluna!!
Gra, Grunia and Macedonia are all defeated. Garnef is dead. The Falcion and the Fire Emblem are in your possession. The only thing remaining is to enter Doluna and destroy the evil Medeus. Let's go. You can bring 14 soldiers along on this mission. If you want to revive a dead soldier, be sure to bring Ellis. And unless you're crazy, bring Chiki to take care of the Mamkuts.
I really really hate this chapter. Doluna is the home of Mamkuts, so you'll be fighting a lot of those here. Dragon Killers aren't exactly the most common weapons in the game, and Mamkuts have annoyingly high defense as well. There are also a huge bunch of seemingly random reinforcements just waiting to destroy you. Indeed, this chapter is annoying. First of all, if you want the treasure chest, the Thief will be very annoying. Anyone except a Dragon/Pegasus Knight won't reach him fast enough, and a Dragon/Pegasus Knight will be totally destroyed by the two Snipers nearby. So what do you do? Well, if you have multiple Dragon/Pegasus Knights, you could send all of them over the mountains, and kill both the Thief and the Snipers. Unless they all have a high level, the Mamkuts will gang up on the weakest one and deal too much damage though, which isn't good. If no one useful is dead, you can always suicide a Dragon/Pegasus Knight to kill the thief, but that might seem a bit too extreme. Or you could simply wait until the Thief is in some relativly safe area, and use Warp to send someone there. My favourite, and pretty safe, solution is to have a Dragon Knight fly southward, far away from the Snipers (close to the boss), and then attack the Thief before he reaches the chest. As long as you stay far enough to the west edge of the area, you'll be fine. The Thief will give up a Devil Sword when you kill him.
With the Thief out of the way, you can concentrate on killing the Doluans. About half the Mamkuts here have the basic Fire Dragon Stone, while the other half has the ever-so-annoying Devil Dragon Stone, which make the user immune to magic. Chiki is your best bet when fighting these guys. Other than the Mamkuts, there's a few Priests, although only one has a good magic (Volcannon). Finally, we have the aforementioned Snipers, and a Hero inside the south temple. He only has a Thunder Sword, which is more annoying than dangerous. There are also two Bishops, but they are never really important. Anyway, you should have someone with high defense block the small gap in the mountain, so you won't get attacked from two sides. Then have the army run all the way around the mountain, killing people as they go. Really, that's all there is to it. As long as Chiki does her job, you shouldn't have too much trouble...
...if not for the reinforcements. They are supposedly random, and will appear on fortresses for a very long time. They are mostly mamkuts, but some other classes, like Snipers and Heros, will appear as well. Be careful, and keep everybodys HP up. You might want to have Pegasus/Dragon Knights stay away from this battle, since you don't want Snipers to get anywhere near them. Also watch out for Devil Dragon Stone-Mamkuts, they appear all the time, and are really annoying. Have Chiki help out as much as possible. Volcannon-Priests are extremely lethal, but they aren't THAT common. Keep your HP up. Also try to kill off the soldiers near the mountains where you started, the guy you used as a roadblock could need some assistance. This is a long, boring, and kinda hard battle, and the main reason I don't like this chapter. But then again, the game is SUPPOSED to be hard near the end, right? If you just want to get it over with, and don't care about exp (which isn't very important at this point anyway), you can place your guys on top of all the forts. Getting to the forts surrounding the castle might be a bit hard, but it can be done (killing the boss helps a lot), and it sure is less fustrating than fighting for 20 rounds, before having a Volcannon Priest appear near Chiki and blow her to pieces. But if you want to fight, I'm not gonna stop you. I just prefer this method.
Murder the guys guarding the temple in the south. They're not very strong. With them out of the way, it's finally time to revive someone. Have Ellis walk up to the altar inside the temple, and use the Oum spell on it. You'll get a list of people who have been killed up to this point. Choose whomever you want revived, and this person will appear on the top of the altar. Since the Oum spell only has one use, you can only revive one person, so choose well. There's a chest here containing a Devil Sword as well.
Boss: Mamkut

Yeah, you've probably already killed him if you decided to place people on forts, since he tends to get in the way a lot. Anyway, this guy sucks. A lot. He's a level 10 Devil Dragon Stone-mamkut, for crying out loud. You've been fighting carbon copies of this guy during the entire chapter. Just have Chiki burn him to death or something. He's not worth wasting any time on.
Now, see that lone open field in the mountains in the very southwest? Looks suspicious? Good. Send someone with a Member Card there to find the last Hidden Shop in the game. And it just happens to be the best shop in the game as well. Just listen: Angel Clothes - Dragon Shield - Amulet - Boots. Beautiful. Buy Dragon Shields for everyone who need more defense. Get Angel Clothes for those without enough HP. Get Amulets for those who could use some (you're not gonna face THAT many magicians and priests in the final chapter). Get Boots for those who need them as well. If you have any more gold left after this, buy a lot of Angel Clothes for those who could use more HP. You won't need gold in the final chapter anyway.
Have Marth take the final castle in the game. And that's it. You've won! It's all over! Or maybe not. You didn't think Medeus would give up this easily, did you? Nah, you gotta fight your way through the castle, and defeat the evil Mamkut Lord himself in a spectacular battle. Onward! To the last battle. Marth vs Medeus!

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