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hapter 25 - The End! Marth VS Medeus!!
It's time for the final battle. You've reached Medeus's castle, the only thing left to do is to find him, and defeat him with the Falcion Sword. It's all up to you. And the 14 others you can bring along. Also, look who just showed up. Gato has been following you all the way through Doluna, and has finally revealed himself. He's impressed with your bravery, and has decided to join your army in the final battle for the fate of the world. This is good, because Gato is just plain awesome. His stats are high, and he comes equipped with a bunch of really good spells. What's there not to like?
Alright, your army has been divided into 4 smaller groups. This isn't really a good thing, since you can't protect the weaker soldiers as well when there's not many people around. So let's try to get our crew together again, eh? A cool feature on this map is that on certain turns, locked doors will appear in tight hallways.Of course, if a bunch of good fighters without a key are trapped inside a room when this happens, they're kinda stuck until you unlock that door. So try to keep your guys in the open. There's not really much to do in this chapter. You pretty much only have to fuse the smaller groups, and then attack Medeus. No chests or anything you have to go out of your way to get. Oh yeah, and since this is the final chapter, feel free to bring out the big guns, if you've been using them sparely up to now. They're really helpful. Anyway, let's get started. The Northwest group should move southward (it's not like you have any choice). All three enemies in the room they'll enter are pretty dangerous. The Mamkut has a Devil Dragon Stone, and those are never a good thing. He can easily be defeated by Chiki, but there's a Hero with a Dragon Killer there as well, who's a huge threat to her. When you kill him, you get his Dragon Killer, which would've been a lot more useful on the previous level. There arent THAT many Mamkuts here, and Chiki can easily deal with them. It's useful for killing the guy with the Devil Stone, though, if Chiki's not in this group. The last guy is a Shooter with an Elephant Catapult. They hurt a lot, so watch out for him as well.
Marth's group should simply start moving toward the left, since they can't go too many other places. The southwest group should simply get out of the room they're starting in, and head west as well, to meet up with the two other groups once they get there. The enemies here are pretty much what you'd expect. A Hero and a General with Silver Swords, a Paladin with a Silver Spear, A Mamkut with a Devil Stone, a Priest with Worm and another Shooter with an Elephant Catapult. There are also a Paladin with a Hand Spear and one with a Dragon Killer. They start far away, but they can still reach you, so keep Dragon Knights/Chiki away. Just be careful, and you should do fine.
The final group simply has to make their way south, past some enemies (the Dragon Knight has a Thunder Sword. The other two have what they usually have (Silver Sword and Worm. You can guess which of them have which weapon.) Then, they'll have to make their way west, and join up with everybody else.
And finally, after fighting your way through an army of not-too-impressive soldiers (actually, they're quite dangerous, but your guys are practically demigods after that stat boost from the previous chapter. (You DID get the boost, right?). Add the legendary weapons to that, and you'll be dealing a hell of a lot of damage). Anyway, have your four groups merge into on gigantic one, and start the final assault on Medeus. There's just a room filled with soldiers between you and him now. Let's do it.
Yeah, reinforcements. They'll appear in the room, but just screw them, and concentrate on Medeus. Murder everything in the way, and place soldiers as shields so Marth won't die when he attacks Medeus. The Mamkut right in front of Medeus is a Level 20 Devil Dragon, and is a pain in the ass unless you bring in Chiki or someone with a Dragon Killer. Once he's dead, bring in Marth, and prepare for the final battle.
Boss: Mamkut (Medeus)
He's at level 20, and he's immune to those weapons regular dragons are weak against. Luckily, he's weak against the Falcion (which you already knew), so I hope you brought it with you. Anyway, apart from looking totally awesome, he's not really that hard. His attack is only 30 (10 in Mamkut form, and his Dragon Stone adds 20), and Marth can heal if he need to. His defense is, as I mentioned, insane, but with the Falcion, it only takes 4 or 5 hits to kill him. Kind of disappointing, since he's supposed to be the ultimate super-powerful mega-villain, but at this point, most enemies die in 2 hits anyway.
And that's it. You won. And look, english. Yay. There's also a story scene, a cast list (in engrish... but at least it proves that the main character's name is indeed Marth, not Mars or Marus.), and some more text accompanied by a picture of all characters in the game. I think it tell us what happened with these people later. I hope Jeigan died of a heart attack.

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