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Chapter 3 - Why can't they just leave us alone?
Our heroes continue their journey towards Orleans. To get there, they have to cross the dangerous Devil Mountains, where an evil gang of bandits dwell. The Garudian bishop Lena was captured when she tried to cross the mountain, but Julian, a member of the bandit gang, fell in love with her, and helped her escape. Of course, the bandits didn't like that, and started chasing them.
OK, first of all, move Lena and Julian south, towards your army. Then move your army north, towards them. They aren't very strong, so you need to proctect them fast. The next round, just move your new friends south into your army. Bring Sheeda along the group that blocks the bandits, you'll see why in a moment.
See the leader of the bandits? His name is Navarre, another old friend of Sheeda. Let Sheeda talk to him, and he'll join your army, since he doesn't wish to fight women and children, and Sheeda asked him to stop what he was doing. Now that he's on your side, let him kill off his old group with some help from your army. Keep Sheeda away from the battle until the Archer is dead.
The rest of the stage is simple. You have more guys in your army than them, so you shouldn't have much of a problem. Just let someone kill Navarre's ex-group in the mountains, while the rest of your army slaughter down those who attack from the west.
Have Marth visit the village to recieve the Devil Axe, the most powerful axe in the game. Unfortunatly it can backfire and hurt the user, and since it's an axe, and only a few (generally crappy) classes use axes, I'd rather not use this weapon.
Now simple rush the rest of the bandits hiding out near their base. Your army is about three times as big as their, so they should fall pretty quickly. The warrior east of the boss gives up a Salve.
Boss: Warrior

He has a Hand Axe. Use powerful characters like Oguma to beat him. He has a decent chunk of HP, but nothing you can't handle if you have a bunch of soldiers ganging up on him. You get a Relive staff for beating him.

Finally, let Marth take over the bandit's base. There are some shops to the north, but the only sell the axes you could buy in the last chapter. Once you take over the base, Marth's advisor will tell you that the bandits left 15000 gold there, so maybe the ambush wasn't that bad after all?

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