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Chapter 4 - It ain't easy, ya know.
Before starting this mission, you'll have to choose which soldiers to bring along. You can bring 14 soldiers, including Marth, and you should have 17 soldiers if you got everyone. It's up to you who to leave behind, but I'd recommend Saji, Maji and Daross. You have to bring Lena along, though, you'll see why later.
Our heroes continue towards Orleans. Turns out the army of Macedonia know of your journey though. This is bad, since Macedonia is allied with Doluna, the land responsible for Medeus's revival. So now your army find themselves ambushed by Macedonian soldiers. Better kill them.
OK, first off, send a bunch of guys over to the Thief to kill him before he can destroy the nearby village. Then split up the rest of your army, and send half of them northwest and a few fast guys northeast to take out the group of soldiers to the northeast. Let the other soldiers group together near the starting point.
The guys in the northeast can be kinda troublesome, so the group you send there should consist of powerful warriors. It's not a bad idea to bring Riff along either. The northwest group should only have a few guys that can get the job done quickly, since they only have to defeat a Hunter and a Thief. After they've finished off that part of the army, get everyone back to the group near the start, since the northwest part of the Macedonian army should be arriving any minute.
OK, time to fight the northwest army. Try to get everybody together, it's easier to fight that way. First of all, find the enemy soldier with a portrait, and keep an eye on him. Don't kill him, no matter what happens. Now, start fighting those who attacks. Remember to have Lena close to the front, ready to run out and talk to the portrait guy. Also, one of the soldiers have a Armor Killer. Keep Dohga away from him until you kill the guy. You'll get the weapon after killing him, and it'll come in handy later.
Now, get Lena over to the portrait guy, and talk to him. Ooh, bet ya didn't see that one coming, eh? Turns out he is Lena's brother Machis, who was forced into the army by Prince Michael, the ruler of Macedonia, who wanted to marry Lena. Now he'll join you, and fight the army he was once part of. Now, just kill off the rest of the suckers.
Now that you got rid of most of the army, heal your guys, and move them west, towards the group near the bridge. Kill the armor knight and the 2 archers, they shouldn't be much of a problem. There's a bishop running around, kill him as well before he starts healing. The village nearby gives you 5000 gold. In case you were wondering, the nearby shop only sells the same crap as the shops from chapter 2 and 3.
Move Marth and some others north towards the castle, and get rid of the 2 Social Knights defending the boss. Then have Marth visit the other village, where you'll be joined by Marich the magician. He's a black magic user, and will come in quite handy.
Boss: Social Knight
Eh, he's not much of a problem. Just have Marich cast some of his Excalibur Magic on the guy, and he'll die in 2 hits. If you don't want to wast magic, just gang up on him with your best soldiers, like usual. He'll give you a Knight Killer spear when he's dead. When he's dead, have Marth take over the fort.
A winner is you. Now you can continue to Orleans.

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