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Chapter 5 - Orleans! Finally!
Finally, the group reaches Orleans. Sadly, Macedonian troops have already taken over the land. But the soldiers of Orleans haven't given up yet. Supported by Princess Nina, the brave knight Hardin and his army continues the heroic battle. And when Marth and his army arrives, they obviously participate in the battle as well. You can bring 9 characters to this chapter.
Well, you have control over both Marth's army AND Hardin's army in this chapter. Hardin's army isn't very powerful, so try to get it over to Marth's army, and let them attack together. So send them Northwest, while trying to avoid enemies as much as possible. If they gang up on someone, they'll be in trouble. Meanwhile, have Marth's army attack the group to the north, while Marth himself head the village before the Thieves get there.
Before going to the village, have Marth talk to the Priest in the North. He is Wendel, Marich's old teacher. He'll tell you that the evil wizard Garnef has talen over his homeland and cast a spell on the mages so they fight for him. Wendel faked his way along, and now he finally found someone to help. So he'll join you.
Have Marth finally visit the village to recieve a Fire Dragon Stone. What is it for? Who knows. You won't find out for some time, but I recommend you hold on to it. Place it in the item bank or something.
Now get the armies together, start beating up the Macedonians, and get Riff or Lena over to start healing Hardin's soldiers. Or just get them to the nearest fort.
Now, what to say about the rest of the army? They aren't exactly powerful, so you should get rid of them easily. Just watch out for the Armor Knight in the castle, and take out the Bishop before he can heal anyone. The Armor Knight in the castle will give up a next-to-useless door key once defeated.
The Orleans weapon shop has a lot of goodies for you. Have a few characters go shop while the others fight, then have them hand out the weapons later. Get Steel Swords for those who doesn't have one, a Kill Sword or a Silver Sword. Steel Bows for those who don't have any and you're thinking of using. Some Hand Spears might also come in HANDy.(Ha. Ph33r my clevar pun)
Boss: Armor Knight
Yeah, you don't really have to fight him, just have Marth take over the castle from the other side, and he can't do anything about it. Of course, free EXP is always nice. Magic, like Excailbur, should get rid of him easily. Or you can spend some time hacking and slashing away at him. Due to his defense, I recommend magic though. He gives up a Silver Spear, which you should give to Sheeda.
If you want more experience, wait a few rounds, and reinforcements should arrive in the form of Social Knights and Pegasus Knights. They shouldn't pose a threat to you, but it's worth it to kill them. After they stop appearing, have Marth take over the castle, as usual.
The King of Orleans will greet you once you try to take over the castle. He'll tell you that there are still Macedonian troops inside the castle, and you have to defeat them as well before victory is ensued.

I forgot to take a picture of this scene, so here's one of Batman fighting Godzilla instead. (Batman won)

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