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Chapter 6 - What do you mean we haven't won yet?
The Macedonian troops aren't beaten yet, and there's still a bunch of soldiers inside the castle. General Mariones, the leader of the army, order his soldiers to kill you all, and to make things worse, he sends out a bunch of thieves to destroy Orleans' treasures. Let's stop them the only way we can - brutally slaughtering them all down. You can bring 13 soldiers along, which, in my case, is the exact number of non-sucky characters I have at this point. Remember to bring Julian and whoever has the Warp spell along if you want all the goodies. Oh yeah, and this is your first indoor map. Yay.
Okay, there's no way you'll ever get to those chests before the thieves do. So your only choise is to magically warp someone nearby to kill the thieves before they can get the treasure. Send someone powerful (like Dohga, or some other high-levelled guy. Marth with a Rapier has weapon->class advantage to most things up there, so he works as well) to the southwest and northeast chests with the Warp spell.
Unlock the prison door with either the Door Key from last mission or Julians Thief Key (I recommend the Door Key), then have Julian talk to the thief inside. It's Ricard, Julians godbrother, who was caught by Macedonian troops while attempting to steal some of the treasure from the castle. Of course, Marth and his friends didn't know that, so without me, you would've just killed him when you saw him, and continued your violent quest.
Okay, you've secured 2 chests. Now, the other chests are possible to reach by walking there, so do that. Place someone on top of them to protect the treasure from thieves, then have your army murder everything that resembles a thief. Oh yeah, and have a thief open the chest near your starting position on your way, it contains 10000 gold. I hope I don't have to tell you, but keep Sheeda away from the battle until the archers are killed.
Eh, now you simply kill everyone nearby, and have the Thieves open the chests. You can do that without any help, right? Good boy. In the chests you'll find a Kill Sword, an Armor Killer, some Angel Clothes and a Reblow spell.
Time to destroy the rest of the Macedonian army. And we all know the best way to do that, right? Put everybody close together, make sure they have a decent amount of HP left, then rush in and kill everything you see. The magician casts Thunder, which hurts a lot more than arrows, since most people can't defend angainst spells, so kill him first.
Boss: General
I wonder how this guy can be the leader of an invasion force, and still suck this much. OK, he's a General. You haven't seen them before, but they are basically walking tanks with godlike defense. But this sucker is at level 1, which is never good. Also, he doesn't have any magic defense. And you happen to have a very powerful magician on your team. So have Marich cast Excalibur on the guy, and watch him suffer. 2 shots. That's all it takes. And with Marich's speed (actually, the boss's lack of it) makes you get both hits in one round. Of course, the guy is also weak against pretty much every special weapon in the book, so you could just have someone with Armor Killers slaughter him. But due to his godly offense, I prefer magic from a distance. He'll give up a Thief Key, which is always useful.
Have Marth take over the throne (yeah, you didn't think the would be another castle inside this one?) and Orleans is finally safe. You'll meet princess Nina, Akanea's princess, who was behind Hardin. She'll now ask you to save the land of Akanea (which, for some reason, has the same name as the continent). Once you agree, she'll hand you the Fire Emblem, the emblem of Akanea, and the relic the great knight Anri used to control dragons in his time. And now, it's time to start the journey towards Bares, the capitol of Akanea.

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