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Chapter 7 - Time to start our second quest.
And now, we start our second quest: Escort princess Nina to Akanea, and kill everybody who tries to stop you along the way. Oh yeah, Nina isn't playable. Bah. Anyway, the road to Akanea goes through the Lefcandy mountain range, where Grunian troops are waiting for you. Grunia is another of Akanea's kingdoms, and they've allied with Doluna as well. So we should kill them. And if that's not enough, they've also had a bunch of Macedonian warriors come over here to help them out. But for some reason, princess Minerva, the leader of the Macedonian army, doesn't seem willing to fight you this way. You can bring in 13 warriors in this chapter.
First of all, the shop here is part of Orleans, and sells the same stuff as the shops from the 2 earlier chapters. Also, don't bother about the village yet, it's not going anywhere, and the thief won't reach it anyway. The enemy Dragon Knights and Pegasus Knights will fly towards you, so just get ready for a fight instead of moving south.
Eh, wtf? Seems like Minerva's had enough of this unhonorable ambush, and decides to retreat. And she'll bring her army along as well. That doesn't mean Grunia'll do the same, though, but at least you'll have less guys to fight. Yay.
The Dragon Knight will be the first to attack you, so watch out. Dragon Knights are really powerful. Luckily they share the Peagasus Knight's weakness to bows and arrows, so you shouldn't have too much of a problem with this one. Get ready for the Pegasus Knights who'll attack next. There's only 2, so they shouldn't be a problem.
Now let's get that village. Have a thief open the gate, then have your army rush in and kill the archers. The next round, kill off the Mercenaries in there. Then have Marth visit the village. You'll meet a guy named Banut, who'll join you. He's a Mamkut, some mysterious wizard guy. He's looking for a young girl named Chiki and some item he dropped in Prady. That item happens to be the Fire Dragon Stone you got in Orleans. Give it to him, and he'll become a very powerful warrior.
Now let's go south and get rid of those morons. Kill the thief for a Door Key, then continue towards the big guys to the south. But be careful, after a while, 4 Social Knights will appear from the forts. They can be quite dangerous if they take you by surprise, so make preaparations.
Now, let's kill everything who isn't dead yet. That should be a Bishop and 2 Armor Knights. The Armor Knights are, as always, annoying to kill due to their high defense. So either get someone with Armor Killers or Rapier in there, or simply have Marich and Wendel nuke them to death with their magic. The Enemy Bishops are pretty much never much of a threat since you should gang up on enemies and kill them before they have the canse to heal.
Boss: General
Yep, another one. And this guy's even stronger than the last boss. So I recommend just having your mages waste him with their magic. He's extremely powerful, so attacking him physically is pretty dangerous. He'll give up another Silver Sword when he dies. Give it to someone who don't have one. Then have Marth take over the castle.
The minister of the castle (or something) will tell you about the Mamkuts. Basically, the Mamkuts lived in Akanea before humans. The gods became pissed for some reason, and stole their powers and sealed them in special Dragon Stones. But the mamkut Medeus decided to get revenge on humans because of this, gathered an army, and started killing people. Then the warrior Anri, Marth's ancestor, fought Medeus with the Falcion sword, defeated him, and founded Aritia. But now Medeus has been rescurrected, and since you're in Anri's bloodline, you're the only one who can stop him.

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