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Chapter 8 - Can't we even spend the night in a quiet town without getting ambushed?
Our heroes reach the port city of Warren, a town that pay high taxes to Doluna to be left in peace. But after resting for a while, Marth and the others are met by Caesar, one of the city guards. He tells them a Grunian invasion force is on it's way. Guess who has to fight them. Hint: It's not Santa. You can bring 12 warriors into this battle.
Okay, you think the game has been pretty easy up to now? Well, you're for a surprise. This level is hell. Take a look around. There's quite a lot of soldiers in that invading army, eh? But those guys are nothing compared to the dreaded... reinforcements! Oh yeah, Caesar joins you in this battle. And he brings his companion Radei along as well. They're Mercenaries, which mean they have potential to become really good, but sadly they're a bit too weak for my tastes. Oguma and Navarre should have pretty high levels by now, and too many characters of the same class is never good. Now, let's take a look at the shops. Nothing new in the weapon shop, but you should fill up anyway. Interesting stuff is Steel Sword, the Rapier, the Silver Spear and the Steel Bow. Get them for those that need them. The Item shop sells some crap like Door Keys, Salves and crappy magic you don't need. Except maybe the Live spell for a bishop if they start running out..
Anyway, onto the stage itself. There's a small valley between you and the enemy, so place someone with high defense there (like Dohga or Banut) then have archers and magicians hide behind them and shoot/nuke down everyone. Oh yeah, and have people run over the roadblock, kill stuff, then run back and heal.
The Social Knight-army should go down pretty fast (especially if all the Horsemen target Marich, who counters with Excalibur. Lotsa corpses and level-gaining), but now you're in for a harder battle. Armor Knights.. ooh. Oh, and they're accompanied by Archers. There, that's a tad worse.
Have Sheeda sneak in and talk to the leader of the Armor Knights. His name is Roger, and he lost his parents at an early age. I guess they were killed by Mamkuts or something, and he wants revenge, so he'll join you. Have Sheeda help him kill his army, then run away when the Archers get close.
Now get everyone back behind the roadblock, since the entire bow user-team will attack. Marth and someone with Armor Killers can take care of the Armor Knights first if you want, then have your archers and magicians take care of the bow guys while the bishops heal them. Dohga should be strong enough to not take damage at all by those wussy arrows, so you're pretty much safe behind him.
Think it's nearly over? Think again. Because now the dreaded reinforcements arrive. There's about 100 of them, and 5 will arrive every round for a long time. There'll be 2 groups of them, an Armor Knight group and a Social Knight/Horseman group. So get ready for a long and hard fight. Have two people with Armor Killers destroy all the Armor Knights, while a bishop heals them when nessecary. Have Marth with a Rapier and someone else whith good stats (like Oguma, Navarre, Dohga, Kain, Abel, ect.) take care of them. And send the other Bishop over to help. Yes, this is hard and annoying. But at least you'll gain a lot of exp while doing it. If you start getting a lot of trouble (IE a bunch of damaged soldiers and no chanse to heal them before 2 more get hurt), just get out of there, kill the boss, and take the castle. But you should at least try to destroy the reinforcements. Experience is good.
Boss: Armor Knight
I hope you still have some armorkillers or the rapier left, or this guy won't be easy. Have those who can hurt him enough to be worth it (Armorkiller/rapier-guys,Marich with his spells and Banut with his Dragon Stone.) run in and kill him. Make sure they're cured first though. The boss will give up a Silver Spear when defeated. Those are always good.
Guess what you do now. Take the fort with Marth, as usual. Some guy will tell you about an evil Mamkut leader of the Prady pirates, who's supposedly in the area. Yeah, those mamkuts aren't the nicest people around, but if that guy's not bothering us, why should we care about him?

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