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Chapter 9 - And here's the most unexpected turn of events ever...
See that guy? Who do you think he is? Take a guess. Yeah, it's the evil mamkut you were warned of by the guy at the end of last chapter. His name is Manu. You knew you had to fight him, right? Ah well, let's just get this over with. Sadly, the wuss is hiding in a place you can't get to without fighting your way through his pirate army. You can bring 14 guys along in the battle. And since 14's pretty much the number of guys on your team that doesn't suck, it shouldn't be too hard to choose which ones to bring.
First of all, you should secure the village, since 2 thieves start pretty close to it. Send you entire group over that way, since if you go through the door, you'll just get attacked by more pirates than you'd like. Whomever gets to the village first (shuld be a Social Knight) should stay in front of it, securing it from potential attackers.
Bring Marth to the village, and have him enter it. You'll meet George, an archer from the Akanean army. He'll join you. Sadly, he's already promoted and at level 1, so he won't be of much use later on. But at least you can use him to destroy the enemies here.
Watch out for this Pirate. He has a Devil Axe, and they are, as you may remember, extremely powerful. While it may backfire and kill mr. Piate, you shouldn't bet on it, and instead have some bow users snipe him down from a distance. Once you kill him, you'll get his Devil Axe. Which may be useful if you use someone who use axes.

(Sorry about the picture. The emulator didn't register that i pressed the snapshot button, so I had to do the stage again to get a picture, and didn't bother about placing people where they'd usually be.)
Meanwhile, back on the battlefield... Yeah, I hope I don't have to tell you what to do here. Have your strongest guys murder everything that's nearby. They're not very powerful.
After you've fought your way through Manu's pathetic escuse of an army (excluding the Devil axe guy, of course), you should bring your army together at the southern part of the area, and prepare for the reinforcements. Luckily, they are a lot easier to deal with than the last chapter. There nowhere near as many, and you don't have to split your army in two to fight them. Some of them have Hammers, which will destroy Armor Knights, so if you brought any, try to keep them away from those.
After hopefully not having had too much of a problem defeating the reinforcements, it's time to go treasure hunting. So use your Thief Key to unlock the door to the nearby treasure chamber, and open the chest. You'll get a Dragon Killer, which will be useful in the fight against Manu. What a coincidence that we happened to find one right here.
Some of Manu's underlings should still be alive. Do something about that by sending your entire army over there.
After slaughtering all those un-hard opponents, it's time to kill Manu, right? Nah, we should go get some more treasure first. So have someone with a key go to the northern treasure room and open the two chests there. The left chest contains 15000 gold, and the right chest contains a Goddess Statue. Wohoo.
Boss: Mamkut

NOW it's finally time to kill Manu. Being a Mamkut, he's obviously carrying a Dragon Stone, and as you know, those up your defense a lot. So he's not that easy to hurt. The Dragon Killer is the only way I managed to do a decent amount of damage to the guy, so i hope you still have it. Even with the Dragon Killer, Manu still hits hard, so have someone cure the Dragon Killer guy after each attack. Preferrably two people. Luckily, his HP aren't especcially high, so he should eventually fall. When he does, have Marth take over the castle. Oh, and if you, by some bizarre chanse, happen to care, you get a Door Key for killing him.
This is Katua, one of Princess Minerva's Dragon Knights. You remember her, right? from chapter 7? Yeah, good. Well, it seems like they wanted to betray Doluna, and go with you, but Doluna didn't like that, and imprisoned Minerva's sister Maria. So if you can rescue her, you'll get a bunch of new allies. So what are you waiting for?

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