Altima (1st fight)

Hp:  1200 approx.

Weaknesses:  Lich

If you've got Orlandu here, no problem !  Have him use Lightning Stab, make sure you can hit Altima and the two Ultima Demons behind her. Have you other characters rush her. This shouldn't take long.  By the way, don't bother with Alma, leave her as a target.

Altima (2nd fight)

Hp:  3000

Weknesses:  Lich, Drain

This isn't too bad either, just have Orlandu use Lightning Stab on it, Beowulf is useful here, his Drain attack will do 800 + damage to it, while the summoner's Lich, if succesful, will do 999 damage. The only bad thing Altima can do is cast Grand Cross, it cause multiple status ailments to anyone in range.  Just try to stay at a distance and you'll win this fairly quickly..... after you beat it, you've won the game.  For lots of fun, replace your three other human member ( other than Orlandu and Ramza ) by your best monsters, such as a Tiamat or a Panther.