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Area 2: Saipa/Rolick Desert Walkthrough

This is what you'll see upon leaving Despa Valley and entering into Rolick Desert. First thing you should do is kill a few blue snakes in the first screen and enter the hole that appears. Inside a Wise Woman will sell you another Life Potion. Total, you should find 2 life potions (this one is included), 2 bibles (6,000 gold max) and 1 green mea. See the Rolick Desert Spoiler map in the maps section for pricing and locations. If you are in need of gold, the green snakes yield 180 gold per kill, but they take 3 strikes to bring down and they hit pretty hard. Be careful.
From the entrance where you found the life potion, move one screen right and one screen up. Kill a couple porcupigs to reveal a hole. Enter and a Wise Woman will ask you to buy the Aruzasu Shield for 8,000 gold. This shield will deflect bullets thrown by bees and water spirits (And change the overworld music!). Unfortunately, the max gold you can carry right now is 6,000. You'll have to come back later. The Wise Woman will label you a "moron of the first class" :P
It would be a good idea to save your progress before going to fight Rolick. Just visit Winkle (from the entrance: one screen right, one screen up, then one screen left) and write down your password.
Two screens to the left of the entrance to the desert you will find a clearing with a bunch of blue rocks, set up as a large circle and a smaller circle within the larger circle. Strike the rock you see Kelesis stabbing in the picture to the right 5 times to reveal the entrance to Rolick's lair. Make sure your max gold is 6,000 because when you kill Rolick, he will fill up your purse to the max!
Rolick's dungeon isn't too difficult. You must kill 2 giant snakes this time and be careful towards the end of the dungeon not to fall to the floor because you will have to start again if you do. Rolick will curl up and spin very quickly at you. Dodge him while he is spinning and when he stops, get as many slashes in as possible before he begins spinning again.
Once Rolick is defeated, journey all the way to the farthest Northeastern part of the desert to find the screen to the right, filled with animal skulls. Enter the hole that appears and buy the second crystal for 3,000 gold.
Item check! Make sure you have all the same items I have to the left here before moving on. It gets more challenging in Bachular Graveyard. 4 Life potions, 6,000 gold max, 2 crystals, and 1 green mea.
Once you are ready to move on, journey to the farthest Northwestern screen pictured to the right and a bridge will appear that was not there before you defeated Rolick. Cross the bridge into Bachular Graveyard.

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