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Red Jewels

Walkthrough Part 1


SCHOOL: Here you get a quick briefing on what the game's storyline will be revolving around. Then, Seth will tell you to meet him at "the usual place." More on that later. First, go up the staircase to the left. Approach the energy ball from below to enter Dark Space. In Dark Space, you can save your game, or later in the game, transform.

Go in, and you'll find you have the Dark Power, therefore you are the chosen one. Save your game.

Go back to the school, and then exit to enter town. Talk to as many people as you can. When you're done, go down all the way until you reach the dock. Then, go right. There's a boarded up cave, but you can get in anyways. Talk to the fisherman before you enter!

SEASIDE CAVE: Talk to both of them. Erik will rush in, with news that the Princess of Edward Castle has run away. Then, they'll start playing cards. Move to the left of Erik.

They then want to see your "mysterious power" To show them, stand to the left of the statue and push the L or R button, and it'll move towards you. AMAZING! This is one of the game's most useful skills, so remember it. Talk to Lance. He'll lay out 4 cards, and ask you which is the Ace of Diamonds. The one you pick is always right cuz you're psychic.

TOWN: Leave the cave, and take a RED JEWEL out of the fisherman's pot. When you leave the dock, you'll be facing a red house, which is LANCE'S HOUSE. Enter it, take the stairs on the right, and search the pot on the upper-right for another RED JEWEL. Go back to the School, go on to the roof, and look for another RED JEWEL on the left side of the bell tower. Then, jump off the ledge to your left. There's a man on the roof, so talk to him. He's the JEWELER GEM. Give him your Red Jewels for a herb.

Finally, go to the school and save your game. Like most RPGs, you should save often to prevent constant backtracking every time you screw up.

Go to WILL'S HOUSE (It's just to the right of the School) and you'll see a pig wrecking the place. Try to go upstairs. The pig will push you away and Kara will come out. Go upstairs, and talk to your parents. You'll hear a scream from downstairs. Go investigate! Two guards will be there to haul Kara away. Talk to your parents again, and go upstairs to eat, then you will go to sleep. When you wake up, go downstairs and talk to your mother to learn LOLA'S MELODY.


Leave town and go to Edward Castle.


Go right until you see two sets of stairs. Go up the stairs until you reach the top, and then cross the bridge. Talk to the guard, and Kara will let you pass. Talk to Kara. You will find that the King has hired a hunter. If you want to have some cheap fun, stand to the right of the guard and talk to him to get thrown really fast. Go back to the ground floor.

There is now a person behind the pillar all the way to the right on the ground floor. Talk to him. He'll give you a RED JEWEL.

Go left until you see a guard standing next to a doorway. Enter the doorway, and talk to the king. He'll put you in a cell no matter what your answer is.

NOTE: Actually, you do have the Crystal Ring... You just don't know it....

Now, this seems unneccesary, but press your ATTACK/TALK button in the following locations:
1.) Facing the ball on the ball and chain
2.) Facing the wall standing on the moss heap at the upper-right corner
3.) Facing the wall standing on the moss heap at the lower-left corner
4.) Facing outside standing at the cell door

Then, wait about 15-20 seconds, and a guard will drop down some bread. Eat it. Wait about 10 more seconds, and you'll drift off to sleep, and your father will start talking to you from the flute. You will be presented with two options. Choose either one, it doesn't matter. Use telekinesis to grab the item that drops from the ceiling. Go over to the cell door and wait about 5 seconds and you will hear Hamlet, who walks up to the cell. Go to the left of the door, face down, and press ATTACK/TALK to talk to it. You will recieve a key. Equip it, and use it on the door. Enter the cell on the right to save your game.

Go down, and enter the first fight so far!

NOTE: I like referring to the first insanely easy fights in games as "Newbie Lane." Only newbies die in such places, so please, watch your step and avoid stereotypes.


Bat/3  Ribber/6  Canal Worm/5  King Bat/10
Skull Chaser/14  Skull Chaser's Head/10 Use the jump-attack tactic mentioned in the HINTS FOR ANY WORLD section to easily beat this area. There is no reason for not finishing off every single enemy in this place.

To get by the two statues, use telekinesis to move either one out of the way.

You can deflect the fireballs shot by the Canal Worms by using telekinesis while facing them. In the third screen, hit the switch by attacking it and follow the new path for a herb. Hit the switch again to resume.

Watch out for falling spears! If you see the shadow, move away from it, obviously. The weird spike things tend to follow the walls. Remember that.

To flip the "rusty" switch, go up the stairs, and jump off the ledge above it. As a reward, you get a RED JEWEL.

If you're extremely new to this, you might have to resume from a saved game.

When you reach a room with two switches, equip LOLA'S MELODY and use it. Go to the right switch. When the timer hits 3, whack the switch. Then, back to fighting!

When you reach the part with 4 Canal Worms, you only have to kill the upper-left one, but kill 'em all for the reward. :) Enter the newly formed Dark Space to transform into Freedan. Go back and hit the switch with your new, really long sword. Take the top path to avoid the spikeballs. When the path forks, go left for a RED JEWEL, then go right.

When all is said and done, you'll meet Lilly. When she leaves, search the bottom barrel in the row of four from the right side for a RED JEWEL. Searching it from the left does not work.

Leave the room, and go up the stairs until you're to the roof. Cross the bridge and rescue Kara. Before you leave, go back to the bottom floor. There's a big fat Roast Leg of Yak (scrumptious) in the first open barrel you'll see. Finally, you can leave!


Oh, no! The Jackal's after you! Don't worry, you never actually fight him. Talk to Lilly. Leave Will's House, talk to anyone you want

You should do two things in particular before you leave:
1.) If you didn't get it before, go in and out of the Seaside Cave until the fisherman pulls up a pot. Look in it for a RED JEWEL.

2.) Trade your RED JEWELS for a Defense Force.

Then talk to Lilly again when you're ready to go. When Lilly says you won't be back for a long time, what she REALLY means is, you WON'T be back. Sorry if she got your hopes up!

Once you get to ITORY VILLAGE, play LOLA'S MELODY to reveal its true nature.


First things first. Go left, and search the first log pile in the row of 3 from below for a RED JEWEL.

Go all the way to the top and save your game. Go to the statue of Will on the left to learn Psycho Dash. Then, run down the ramp. Don't stop running, and you'll wind up at a different part of the map. Go down until you hear a voice talking to you. Go up to the gravestones and talk to the elder.

Go down the ladder and into the cave. Hit the wall with your flute until you hear a hollow sound. Psycho Dash the wall, go in, and you'll get Incan Statue A.

Go back to the village, SAVE, and go all the way to the bottom. Go right, up the staircase, and then right to enter Lilly's House. Talk to Lilly to go to the Moon Tribe Camp.



First, go up until the Moon Tribe will talk to you. Then, they will appear. Talk to all of them and go down and into the cave. You have 20 seconds to kill all of the insects. Not too difficult, just try to hit as many at once as possible.

Then, it's off to the Incan Ruins.

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