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Red Jewels

Walkthrough Part 10

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Archer/25  Eyesore/22  Fire Bug/22  Asp/15

NOTE: Yes, it's called "China's Great Wall" in this, so DON'T ARGUE WITH ME!
NOTE REGARDING ARCHERS: Yes, telekinesis DOES block arrows! Use this to your extreme advantage! Also, arrows do damage even if the Invincibility Game Genie code is active!
NOTE REGARDING EYESORES: Yes, they look exactly like Fire Bugs.
NOTE REGARDING ASPS: If one latches on to you, hit LEFT and RIGHT over and over again really fast until it falls off.
NOTE REGARDING GRAPHICS: If you're using an emulator, this level will look very weird on a 16-bit graphics mode. Change to an 8-bit mode to see the backgrounds/foregrounds normally.

Big place, but truly easy. Go right until you see a doorway. Enter. Go left, kill the Archers, and jump into the pit. You CAN take the ladder, but doing such is much slower. Go right. If you take the first ladder you see, you'll encounter 2 Archers, and that's it. When you go up the second one, you'll see something on the ground. Pick it up. It's part of Lilly's necklace... Follow the path right, up the stairs, left, and up the stairs again. Continue right. Avoid the spears.

Next screen.... Jump into the really deep pit. Now, most people would explode into unrecognizable pieces upon jumping this far, but of course you emerge without a scratch... :p

Anyhow, continue right.

NOTE: In rows of statues like these, some usually come to life. If you encounter a large amount of statues, use your map (Hit START) to predict when you'll encounter one.

(See the one all the way on the right? The one with eyes? Those are the ones which come alive.)

Go up the stairs, go left, defeat the Archers, and go up the stairs BEHIND the Archers. You'll see a chest. Inside is a RED JEWEL.

Go back down, right, and up the middle set of stairs. Kill the two Eyesores, go right, and upstairs again. Go left, and watch out for the snake! If you want, you can go up the stairs behind the spear trap and fight another Fire Bug and two Asps. Anyhow, go up the stairs all the way to the left, and then go up again. You'll see a bunch of doorways with stairs leading up. The second one from the right has a necklace stone in front of it. Enter that one (the rest are dead ends with no enemies), and hit the switch. Then, take the first doorway up (to the right of the one you came into this room). Go left, up the stairs, and right. Kill the Fire Bug, and run by the spikes when they all retract. Lilly will now join you.

Next screen... You'll see a bunch of ramps in a staircase-like fashion. The door you see leads to a herb; the ramps lead to the path forward.

If you stop when you see the first door, go down it to go back to the herb room. The switch opens the way back to the top of the ramps. Before you ask, no you can't get to that middle door right now. You CAN get to the last door before you reach the next screen, but right now there's nothing there.

Next screen... Okay, there are 3 doors and a large pit. (I call this room the chasm room.)

You can go right to the next screen, but don't yet. The left and right doors lead to two sides of the same room, each side of which has two Asps. The middle door leads to more enemies and another door up. In that door (I call this the middle-door room for obvious reasons) are a bunch of chasms separated by small red squares. To find the right chasm, starting from the square in front of the door you arrive in, go left three squares and jump down the chasm to the left of it (so you're 4 chasms left of the door). You'll land on a small platform with a Dark Space. You learn Spin Dash! SAVE!

HOW TO USE SPIN DASH: I thought Spin Dash was very poorly explained, so here's my explaination: Hold down Attack until you're flashing rapidly (i.e. if you would let go of Attack, you'd do a Psycho Dash), and while holding attack, press L and R very fast. Alternate, so do L then R then L then R etc. When you see 4 directional arrows pop up, you have two options:

1.) Hold a direction on the D-Pad to go in that direction REALLY fast, which is why this skill is useful
2.) Wait for the arrows to disappear, then just hold directions to manually move yourself around.

Anyhow, jump down (you're back in the middle-door room), and go through the doorway to return to the top. If you want to kill all the enemies in this screen, jump down the chasm directly to the right of the middle door to reach two Archers. Now jump down again to land in the middle-door room yet again. Go back up to the chasm room. Then, go LEFT to the previous screen. Get near the jump, and Spin Dash over to the doorway you couldn't get to before. (Hold right to avoid going back over ramps you don't want to.)

Go through the doorway, left, and through the doorway at the end. (The switch to the right will retract the spears if you hit it twice with your sword, but it just leads to the rightmost room after the ramps.) Then, you'll encounter a rather tricky scenario. First, head right if you want to kill a bunch of Fire Bugs and Eyesores. Go left, hit the switch on the bottom, RUN left, move up a bit, and RUN right past the spear trap before it closes again. Hit both switches. RUN left past the other spear trap. Then, progress left until you reach a Dark Space. Transform to Freedan and save.

Go right. To lift the spear trap, hit the switch to the left of it. Go back up the stairs you entered through. Go right until you see a switch. Hit it twice, then go past the spears and through the doorway. Go right to the "chasm screen", and then right to the screen after that (which I told you not to go to, and now you'll see why. 8-)).

Dark Friar the Archer to death to gain access to the doorway. Go in, obviously. Go left, and down the next set of stairs. There will be statues blocking your way. Here's how to dispose of them:

1.) Pull it left
2.) Pull it left
3.) Pull it left, get above it, pull it up a bit, get to the left of it, then pull it left. Go around it.

4+.) Your sword is a handy tool... Smack them out of the way.

If you for any reason want them all to come to life, flip the red switch. Go up the stairs, left past the spear traps, up the stairs again, and right to the next screen.

Go down the stairs, right (keep heading right to kill a whole lot of enemies), down the stairs again, and use your map or your eyesight to selectively kill the correct statues. A Dark Space will appear near the stairs. Return to Will, and save.

Then, go back up to the top floor. Spin Dash over the jump, and go to the next screen. Jump off the ledge to fight a BOSS!

STRATEGY: IMO, this guy's a LOT easier than those two vampires! Anyhow, my advice is to charge Spin Dashes and place yourself so that his head will land on you when you're spinning. When he sticks his head out of the sand just to spit out eggs, just slash away. When eggs hatch, killing the minibugs is your top priority. Remember: It's better to get shot by a minibug than hit by the big one. Big one causes about 4hp damage per hit, small rocks only do about 1. This is easily doable without wasting an Herb.

Okay, boss defeated. Go right, up the ladder, right, down the stairs, left, and attempt to approach Lance. Yeah, it is pretty interesting how you have to learn new abilities and beat a giant sand bug to get this far but Lance mysteriously can breeze through the entire area without even seeming slightly exhausted... Oh well. After Lilly and Lance talk for a bit, talk to Lance. Then, LEAVE! Watch the soap-opera-ish cutscene...


Back to Watermia! Go back to the gambling hall, and search the jar in the upper-right corner (the right one) for a RED JEWEL.

Talk to the Jeweler if this means anything for you... If you got ALL of the red jewels so far, you should be able to upgrade your Dark Friar attack!

Anyhow, leave the gambling house, and go to the upper-right corner of the raft that the gambling house is floating on. Wait patiently for a lotus leaf to come to you, then hop on. Ride it to another raft, where people are gambling. [If the leaf doesn't move, walk around a bit on it; you have to be in the exact center of it for it to move.]

Talk to the man blocking your way. Yes, you do want to join, so answer Yes to both questions. Talk to the man in the straw hat. Take any glass except for the one all the way on the right, and you'll be fine. After each glass, talk to your opponent again, and he'll take his turn.

REMEMBER: Will is psychic. If you try to drink the poison glass, it warns you...

In your opponent's will are 4 Kruks. Oh, boy, go back to Luke's house and talk to Neil, then talk to everyone else going counter-clockwise from Neil, then Neil again. Off to Euro!

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