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Red Jewels

Walkthrough Part 11

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Okay, first off, get out of the mansion. Go down through the marketplace. On the left, there's an apple vendor. Talk to them for a free apple. Then, go to the mansion again, go left and go up the stairs. Talk to Ann to give her the apple. If she asks you something, answer "No" Do this until she gets 3 apples, and you'll get a RED JEWEL.

Then, go down to the very end of the marketplace. Go right, and leave Euro. Go back to Watermia, go to Luke's house, and talk to Lance and Lilly for another RED JEWEL. Return to Euro.

From the Euro entrance, head up to the upper-right corner. There's a man who tells you outsiders are not allowed. About half a screen below him is a small gap between two buildings. Head left between the gap, and then up the ladder. Enter the shrine, and search the statue. Look? Of course! You'll find a small labor camp. The one in the upper-left has something to say that you should definately remember. Also, keep in mind how many skeletons are on the ground... Look in the barrel in the lower-right corner for a RED JEWEL. (Hint submitted by Drowsy Head)

Go back to Euro, and go to the entrance (I'm just using this as a reference point)

From the Euro entrance, go up until you meet a woman with blue hair who STANDS STILL. There's another one that moves, so be sure you get the right one. She'll tell you about Rofsky, world-famous violinist. Anyhow, make it so that you are approaching her from the bottom of the screen and are able to talk to her, meaning you're basically about 1 tile below her. Now, hold LEFT until you can't any more. When you stop, press TALK/ATTACK for a RED JEWEL. Then, go into Rofsky's house, and talk to both of them repeatedly until one of them marks off Mount Temple on your map.

Leave Rofsky's, go right, up, and left. Look for a guy peering out the window. Enter and talk to the guy. He's the Jeweler Gem. Go back to the exit (don't leave, just go to the exit) Enter the doorway right above the green-haired guy standing near the exit. Go up the stairs to save your game.

Okay, if you want an extra HP point tacked to your stats, go down to the long line, and wait in it. Yes, it takes a ridiculous amount of time. The line moves at a rate of about 1 person every 30 seconds. This 3.5 minute wait seems like forever. Inside the building are 2 potions. The left one gives you an extra HP point. The other is the same as Jeweler Gem's Dark Friar powerup. I'm not sure if you can use both, cuz I was denied access to the second because my Dark Friar is "powerful enough." Oh well. If you've been bad about getting jewels and don't have the Dark Friar powerup yet, DEFINITELY take it now! Anyhow, return to the main Euro screen... (Hint submitted by the_rat_killah)


Skulker/18  Acid Spider/18  Fire Sprite/15  Yorrick/18

NOTE: I refer to this area as the "beanstalk". Don't ask why, I just do. :)

First, go as far left as you can. Then, head upwards to the top of the screen, but stay left as much as possible. Then, go left to the next screen. Here the path will fork three ways: two up and one down. The lower path leads to a dead end, and the two upper paths lead to the same place (just one slightly left of the other). Take the left path to shorten your way. Go left until you can't any more. Go down, and watch out for the Acid Spider on the left. Spin Dash over the ramp. Go up to the Dark Space, turn into Freedan, and save. Go left as far as you can, and up. You'll see two paths parallel to each other. Take the right one, and watch out for the skulls everywhere. With Freedan's sword, you should easily be able to pick off the Yorricks. Go up as far as you can to advance to the next screen.

Now, go up as far as you can. You should jump off the end of the vine and land on a set of 4 huge mushrooms. Go left to advance to the next screen.

Don't worry; any path that isn't correct leads almost directly to a dead end, so here's just how to get to the end quickly: Stay along the right side of the screen and just go down until you reach the bottom-right corner. Then, go left as far as you can. Go up, left a bit, and back down to the bottom edge of the screen. Go left until you can't any more. Go up until you see two Yorricks facing each other. To kill them, stand just a bit below them and let go with Dark Friars. Keep going up until you see a bunch of large mushrooms. To your left should be a square-shaped set of vines. Go to the top edge of the square, and then go right until you can't. Go up a bit, and right. Kill the two Yorricks, and a new vine will be formed. Ignore it; it just leads back to the start. Keep going right until you can go up to the top edge. Wipe out all the floating skulls, go left, down, and left. Open the chest for Mushroom Drops. Backtrack to the newly formed vine, and this time go down it. Go right and you'll be back on the previous screen.

You can head two ways; one to go further, and one to get a Red Jewel. First, of course, we'll go for the Jewel. Go up, right, and down. The path will fork to the left and right. Go right, and keep going right until you reach the next screen. The screen you enter is basically a one-way course, just stay as far up as you can and keep going right until you reach a Dark Space. Save, and DON'T turn back into Will. Leave the Dark Space, go down as far as you can, then left all the way until you leave the screen. Open the chest for a RED JEWEL. Backtrack to the Dark Space. From the Dark Space, there should be two vines to your left. You came from the upper one. Take the lower one to backtrack quite a ways in minimal time. Go up, left, and to the previous screen.

Now to really progress. Go up the first vine you see, and keep going up until you reach what would appear to be a dead end. See the chopped off point? Use the Mushroom Drops on it to make it grow.

NOTE: You can do this to all cut off points on the Mountain Temple.

Anyhow, go across the newly formed bridge, and up to the next screen. Go as far up as you can until you see a set of giant mushrooms (a dead end). Go right, past the mushrooms, and down. There's only one way to go now. Cross the "mushroom bridge," and then go up. Note that there's another "chopped off" point... Go right, down, and right to the next screen.

Welcome to what I have dubbed the "shroom screen" There are two ways to go, up and right. If you go right, you'll fight a bunch of guys and reach a dead end. Only do this if you're one of those people who likes to kill every enemy in the game (like me!) because you'll have to take the upper path anyways. Use a herb if the Fire Sprites hurt you too much. (They might drop a Heart Gem if you're lucky; plus if you kill all the enemies on the screen you'll get a Heart Force which will refill your HP.) Anyhow, go up instead of right; it's a one-way street to the chest containing more Mushroom Drops.

NOTE: I now have 9 lives and 99 Dark Power. :)

Go back to the previous screen, up a bit, and use the Mushroom Drops on the chopoff point. Cross the new vine, and go up. If you go left a bit, you'll see another chopoff point. Remember it. Go up to the next screen.

Now, this screen is confusing. Head to the bottom right path to reach a Dark Space where you can learn Aura Barrier, a non-essential, but rather important Freedan skill. SAVE!

NOTE: To use Aura Barrier, charge up a Dark Friar, but instead of letting go of Attack to fire it, hold down L or R. You need not hit both at once to execute the technique.

Anyhow, backtrack all the way to the left till you reach the beginning. Now, go up while staying as far to the left as you can; you'll go up past three intersections (four if you count the one directly above the entrance), then turn right to see a ramp. Jump it. Go right, across the short vine you see to the right, and you'll hit some more shrooms. Head right (you'll be all the way at the right side of the screen now). Then, go down, watch out for the 3 Yorricks, go down a little more, left, across the ramp (you'll jump over several mushroom tops), and up the only ramp you'll be able to jump to reach a chest with more Mushroom Drops in it. Phew!

Now to get out.... Go down, left, across the only accessible ramp, up the mushroom patch to the top, right, across the next ramp, and then ignore the ramp you see (it leads back to the mushroom patch) and just keep taking the vines heading downward that are closest to you to reach the exit. Now go down, left, and use the Mushroom Drops on the chopoff point. Go left as far as you can, and then up, and left to the next screen.

This screen is a one-way track until you reach a point where it forks up to the next screen and down. Down is a dead end that leads to the last Fire Sprite; go up to continue. Now, go up the long walk of red mushrooms until you reach a chest containing the Teapot, which is your objective.

BACKTRACKING, ONE SCREEN AT A TIME: (take the initiative and kill any enemies you missed)
1.) Just go back the way you came, like I said, it's a one-way track.
2.) Go right until you see a ramp. Jump the ramp, then head all the way left and down.
3.) Head all the way down and right.
4.) Head right all the way (the dead ends always have little side paths) till you reach some mushrooms with a Dark Space. Save, TURN INTO WILL, then take the vine just to your left with the ramp on the end. Take the ramp, then when you're done jumping, go up and left.
5.) Go all the way left and down.
6.) Go down until you reach the red mushrooms, DON'T GO ON THE MUSHROOMS, instead take the right vine. Go up until you see a ramp. Spin Dash over it. Follow the path right and down.
7.) All the way down and right.


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