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Walkthrough Part 12

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Go left all the way, and then up all the way to the mansion. Enter! Go right, up the stairs, and use the Teapot on either of Neil's parents. They'll reveal their true identities (Moon Tribe members. Skeletons underneath the shrine? Yeah, you remember those, right?) and leave. Talk to Neil. After a cutscene, Neil leaves. Talk to Kara to leave for the Natives' Village.

There's nothing to do here, really. Talk to Kara, enter the hut she enters, and talk to her again to spend the night. The natives will capture you.

If you are extremely sadistic and are using an emulator, freeze-frame when Kara says "It's as if we will soon be separated" Anyhow, I need not reveal what happens next, you have to see it for yourself. ;)

Will's mother will appear as a spirit and restate your mission. After the spirit leaves, enter the hut on the right, and search the pot near the bottom for a RED JEWEL. Go back outside to the little native congregation. Talk to the top one on the right side and Ankor Wat will be marked on your map. There's a Dark Space in the far upper-right corner of the village. Use it! Then, leave and head for Ankor Wat.


Shrubber/15  Zip Fly/7  Zombie/20
Goldcap/25  Gorgon/28  Frenzie/20
Wall Walker/30  Green Miniworm/1  Wall Walker 2/20

NOTE ON THE TWO WALL WALKERS: I believe there are two kinds. One has 20hp, I believe, and the other 30. However, the one with 20 takes about 4hp more damage per hit than the other one. It might not drop bugs either. If you can tell them apart visually, read the disclaimer at the bottom and e-mail me.

NOTE ON FRENZIES: These guys speed up based on NUMBER OF IMPACTS not TOTAL DAMAGE, so if you hit them with high-powered attacks like Psycho Dash, they'll stay slow but take plenty of damage.

NOTE ON GORGONS: These guys are wussy! Use Jump Attacks or Freedan's extra-long sword to mop the floor with them!

NOTE ON ZOMBIES: To kill these guys, hit their head as much as possible when they extend it, and when it dies, the body is vulnerable.

Believe it or not, this place is probably easier to get lost in than the Mountain Temple. Just go straight up from the start to enter the actual ruins.

From the entrance, go right, up, and right. You'll encounter a Gorgon. Use hit-and-run tactics to kill it. Go up the stairs and Continued-Run down the ramp and up the next one for an easy RED JEWEL. Go back down, and keep going right until you can't any more, then go up to the next screen. Spin Dash up the ramp. Keep going up, kill the Wall Walker, and continue up. Kill the next two Wall Walkers, or at least the right one, and Psycho Slide through the little hole. Keep going up and you'll eventually reach the next screen...

Go up, and jump off the ledge. You'll land in a pit full of bugs. They can't hurt you, so don't worry. Just go up the stairs to the left, and continue. You'll reach a room full of Goldcaps and Frenzies. This part is a great place to lose health, so do hit-and-run Psycho Dashes on the Goldcaps to make life a lot easier. In the upper-left corner is a Wall Walker. Kill it and a staircase will form. Go up to the next screen. There are two ways to go now: Right (which leads to more Wall Walkers and little else) or down. You can go right if you want, but you must go down eventually. Anyhow, the exit you need to take is in the lower-left corner of the screen.

You'll see a small gap in the wall. DON'T Psycho Slide under it. First, stand right up near it. Two Gorgons will jump off. Stay away from the shadows to avoid getting hit. Now, time your Psycho Slider carefully so you don't hit either Frenzie. After you finish that chamber, Psycho Slide to the next. Now, you can kill the two Gorgons without ever having to face them: Stand next to the wall closer to whichever one you want to kill. Smack it if it gets too close to the edge. If it gets too close, it my hit you with its spin attack. Repeat until one is dead. Do the same for the other. Use Psycho Dashes to take out the Frenzies with ease. Go down, kill the Wall Walkers, go down some more, and open up the chest for a herb. Then, go back down, stand behind the ramp (which is right above the chest), and Spin Dash to jump it. Go down to the next screen.

Now, head right. The Frenzies shouldn't pose much of a threat... You'll see two statues, and between them a walkway, heading outside to the next area. Go down, up the stairs, right, and kill the Wall Walker for a way back if you want to bail and go save or something. Anyhow, go through the walkway between the statues to reach the Garden.

The Garden is infested with pesky shrub monsters. They look slightly off-color (darker), but if you can't tell them apart, hit START to use your map. Yeah, there are a lot of enemies. Navigating the garden: To start, there's really only one way to go, and that's up and left. There's a Dark Space to the right, but you can't get to it right now. So go up, left, down, left, up as far as you can (DON'T go right!), left, down, left, across the little stairway bridge, up all the way, and back right across the bridge. There are 3 ways you can go: up, right, and down. Go right! Now go up a bit, right, down, right, Psycho Dash to make quick work of the Shrubber wall, right, up, right as far as you can (ignore the stairs), across the mini-bridge, down, kill the Shrubber wall, down all the way, across the mini-bridge, down (up against the wall), left, and into the Dark Space. Turn into Freedan, and obviously, SAVE!

Leave the Dark Space. If you need kills, go up and right, and kill the Shrubber wall, but return to the save point afterwards. Backtrack to the staircase, and re-enter the structure through the stairs you passed earlier. (By the way, if you want to get the HP Jewel from the enemies, there's one Shrubber all the way at the top which can only be hit with a Dark Friar.)

Now, head right (left is a dead end right now). Kill as many Frenzies as you can with Dark Friar or better yet, Aura Barrier. Go right all the way, then up to the next screen. Use Dark Friar to kill the Frenzie on the right. It will allow you to continue upwards to the next area. Keep going up, and you will reach a Dark Space, where you will learn Earthquaker! To use it, just jump off a ledge and hit your TALK/ATTACK button as you're going down!

Go back down to the previous screen, and then keep going left until you hit the far left wall. If you go up, you'll see a Gorgon which won't stop spinning. Go right, up the stairs, and jump off the ledge. Execute Earthquaker to remove the pest.

NOTE: If you attempt to get by the Gorgon without using Earthquaker, he'll block your path. If he does this, exit the building and then re-enter. You have to use Earthquaker to stop him from moving into the way!

Keep going up, to the next screen. You can go up or right and down. Up leads to a RED JEWEL; when you have it, go back down and take the right path back to the room you just left (where you used Earthquaker). Go right, and through the pathway marked by statues to reach the "Road to Main Hall"

Just go straight up and back into the structure. (To kill the zombies, which I recommend seeing as there's only four of 'em, you'll have to jump off the ledges to reach them.)

Go left. Follow the path until you reach a staircase. Don't go up it. Instead, go right, and follow the pathway until you reach an exit. Once you're back outside, go down, across the minibridge, and kill the Shrubber. You'll see a little sparkle on the ground. Hit TALK/ATTACK on top of it for the Black Crystal Glasses. Backtrack to the staircase I told you not to go up, and go up it. You'll be basically blinded, so use the Black Crystal Glasses to make the area visible. Head right, and then go down. Jump in the large pit, enter the Dark Space, and turn back into Will. Oh, and save of course.

Leave the Dark Space, jump off the ledge, go left, up, and continue until you reach the staircase again. Head left, ignoring the holes in the floor, until you see a gap in the wall. Psycho Slide under it, and go right. Jump in the pit to fall back down a floor; open the chest for a RED JEWEL. Make your way back to the stairs, again, this time Psycho Slide under the wall, keep going down past the pit, and then go right and up the stairs. The right way is a dead end with two Frenzies. Head left, and continue through the one-way course until you reach a staircase. Go up to the 4th floor.

Go left, and down. There are two ways to go. If you want to kill more enemies and get a RED JEWEL, take the right path. Either way, you'll have to jump down the pit. Now, head left until you reach the left wall, then go up, and up the stairs. Head right, and go up the stairs. Go up, talk to the spirit, and you get a Gorgon Flower.

Now, you have to backtrack all the way back to the start... Right now is about the time I start wishing Illusion of Gaia had something like the Magic Rope in Secret of Mana or the Mirror in Zelda 3...

Okay, return to the Natives' Village. Go to the upper-right hut, and use the Gorgon Flower on each statue. Erik and Kara will come in. Talk to the woman in the middle for a RED JEWEL. Do whatever you want (trade in Red Jewels maybe?) and then come back and talk to Kara to leave for Dao.

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