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Red Jewels

Walkthrough Part 2

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Mudpit/8  Four Way/9  Slugger/6  Splop/6
Scuttlebug/6  Whirligig/8  Stone Lord/11
Stone Guard/11

[Any bomb forces you get from enemies which create ladders when you're outside will only lead back. Ignore them if you want to go forward.]

First, go left. Kill guys until you reach the leftward exit at the bottom, then in the next room go up and left, and exit southward where you get a Diamond-Shaped Block. Go back to the spike pit and use it on the diamond-shaped hole in the ground.

Go outside, kill anything along the way, and go as far right as you can. Go down the ladder and in the doorway. Use Psycho Dash to destroy the statues. In the chest is a herb. You'll get that other chest later; don't worry. Go back up the ladder, go left, cross the bridge, and jump off the ledge. Go in the doorway. Use Psycho Dash to destroy the statue. Then, you'll encounter some Splops. Make quick work of them. After the Whirligigs, go up the stairs, left, down the next set of stairs, and outside. Head up and to the left, and in the door.

When you see the 4 gold statues, DON'T go near them! If they come to life, run out of the room and come back. Use Telekinesis to move each one on to a gold tile, OR, move 3 of them on to the tiles, and stand on the remaining one. A door will form.

Go into the next room. Step on the golden tiles to drop blocks which let you cross the spikes. At the top of the room is a Dark Space. Transform into Freedan, go up the stairs, and work your way to the exit at the bottom, where you will learn the Melody of the Wind.

Backtrack until you reach the room with two Whirligigs (go DOWN the ladder outside). Kill the one you couldn't reach before, and a mini-ramp will form. Use the same continued-run technique as the one you used in Itory to access a new area. Kill everything you see, especially the still Whirligig. Then, use the continued-run technique again.

Keep going, and when the road forks, go up. Then go left for a herb. Go down the stairs. You'll see four gold statues with a switch nearby that don't come to life when you approach them. The switch is what brings them to life.

Head down and outside. If you've been killing all the enemies like a good boy, the last ones outside should be on this stretch. Enter the door to the right.

You'll see another group of four Stone Guards/Stone Lords which will come to life when you hit the nearby switch. When you reach the ramp, run down it and continue running to the right. You'll see a door. Go through it. Go down, and when you find the Dark Space, save. Change back into Will. In the chest past all the Scuttlebugs is a RED JEWEL. (You saw this before, but couldn't reach it.) Use your map (press START) if you can't seem to locate it.

Go back through the door, and down the stairs. Keep heading down until you reach a room full of gold tiles. Play the Melody of the Wind. A tile will start to glow, so stand on it. Be patient. After about 12 seconds of standing on it, a door will open at the bottom of the room.

Go through it, go left, and you'll see a Dark Space entrance. Save your game, and transform into Freedan.

Go right and then down the ladder. Use Incan Statue A on top of the stone head. Then, go back up, left, down the next ladder, and use Incan Statue B on top of the other one. Go back up, save again, then go left. To fight the boss, stand on the tile between the three pylons, then through the door.

STRATEGY: First, knock out his hands. They take about 5 hits each to neutralize. Then, when his eyes light up, whack his head as many times as possible.

NOTE: You don't have to stand near the edge of the gap to hit him. You can stand all the way at the bottom, and if you're Freedan (which you should be), your long sword can hit him anyways.

When he starts shaking, stand right near the upper-right corner of the gap. If you stand behind him, you get burned, despite what Gaia tells you. The 3-flame crystal-thing is the most you really have to worry about. When a hand pops up, whack it fast. Stay near the bottom of the room until he's vulnerable and you should be fine. It may take a herb to beat this guy. Go up, and jump down the pit to reach the Incan Gold Ship.


Go down the stairs near the bottom of the screen. Then, go up through the doorway. Go all the way to the right and grab the Mystic Statue in the chest. Go back to the place you started, and climb the ladder to the Crow's Nest. Yes, you can jump off the top if you want to. ;)

Talk to the guy up there and the ship will set sail. Go back down and downstairs again. Go right, talk to the lady next to the ladder going up the bunkbed, and then go up to go to sleep. In your dream, go downstairs and talk to your mother. When you wake up, before you do anything, go left and talk to Seth (Purple robe...) for a RED JEWEL.

Then go back downstairs. Go right and "talk" to the mummified queen. Then, the ship will start to shake. Go back on deck and find out why I told you to talk to Seth first. :)

The ship will then be blown to pieces and you'll be stuck with Kara on a small raft.


NOTE: This is pathetically boring. If there is one thing I hate about this game, it's this sequence.

Day 1: Keep talking to Kara until she suggests that you both eat. Use the meat you stole from Edward Castle.

Day 2: Wait... If you haven't noticed by now, your HP is slowly decreasing...

Day 4: Talk to Kara. A pot will drift towards you. In it is a letter which will tell you what your next adventure will be... Anyhow, talk to Kara repeatedly until the day ends.

Day 7: Stand near the top of the boat and hit ATTACK to smack fish. When they land on the boat, stand on them and press ATTACK to eat them. Do this until you're at full health, then talk to Kara. She'll move. Stand near the top of the boat, to her left, and smack more fish until she eats it.

Day 12: Nothing happens, but you see a red star...

Day 18: Talk to Kara. No your hair didn't get longer. :) Ignore the sharks, and you'll be taught another one of the lame morals this game has to offer.

Day 21: Talk to Kara. You'll pass out, and wake up, FINALLY OFF THE DAMN RAFT!


That's right, you've got scurvy. Fun stuff, huh? Despite the fact that back in the times of this game, scurvy was usually fatal, you're still acting just fine. Go down to jump off the bed, talk to Kara, go outside, and search the pot to the right of the doorway for a RED JEWEL. Talk to Kara to depart to Freejia.

NOTE: The dog's name is Turbo, eh? Hey, guess what? In the sequel to Illusion of Gaia (Terranigma), Turbo returns as a key part of the storyline! [He's also a major part of the story in Soul Blazer, the prequel.]

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