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Red Jewels

Walkthrough Part 3

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Go right, and then up the staircase. Talk to Kara, then go inside. Instead of following her, go up and through the doorway. Go all the way to the right, and into the last door. Search the open pot for a RED JEWEL.

Go back to the ground floor, go right, and talk to everyone. Leave the hotel, go as far right as you can, and jump down on to the flower bed. (Between the two buildings with the blue roofs) The spot you can jump down on is right below the last door.

Then, go down until you can jump back onto the pathway. Talk to the cloaked guy for a RED JEWEL.

Then, go back up, into the flower bed, left, and back out again.

You might be overloaded with RED JEWELS, so go in the building that the little girl is standing next to (head left....) and go up the stairs until you reach the roof. Go right on to the next roof and talk to the man. He's the Jeweler Gem. Go back down, and through the alley between the last two buildings.

Search the trash can next to the man with the blue robe for an HP Jewel (which will raise your HP by one point).

Keep going right until you see a man blocking your path. Search the trash can right in front of him for a herb.

Go back into the building that the two purple-robed guys are in front of and you can save your game at last! Head right a bit and you'll see a staircase with a guy on top (talk to him for a quick laugh). The trashcan near the base of the staircase contains 2 Herbs. Go right and into the last building. Go up the stairs and jump off the right ledge to get by the doofus who was guarding the path.

Go right, down, up the ladder, and jump off the ledge. Go down the stairs and talk to the man at the table. Go outside, and retrace your steps until you find the two purple-robed guys. Talk to the one on the right, and tell him the slave's location (it sounds bad, but don't worry) for a RED JEWEL.

Get by the guy blocking your way again (after saving of course) and go right, then into the Labor Market. Talk to the robed guy, say you're there to get a laborer, and talk to all 3. The third has a dirty secret. Go back outside, talk to the guy blocking your path again (He'll shove you back) then go left all the way to the place where the guy slams the door in your face.

Approach the door and "talk" to it. You'll hear Erik inside. To break the door, just attack it. You don't need to Psycho Dash it like some people claim you do. Talk to Erik to learn where the Diamond Mines are. Then, save, leave, and go there.

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