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Red Jewels

Walkthrough Part 4

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Flayzer/10  Grundit/5  Eye Stalker/5

Pretty straight-forward. Here are basic instructions:

When you find the elevator door and the sign, go up a little bit and left. Talk to the laborer, then whack the ball and chain to free him.

The second one is easy to find, but guarded better. When you find the first switch, look above, below, and to the left of the wood platform to find the other 3. Flip them all and go down. After a while, the road will fork. You can go down another level, or left. Go left, then up. In the corner (to the left of the Dark Space), your hair will blow around. Psycho Dash the wall, and a laborer will give you 3 RED JEWELS. (Hint submitted by Logan Hudson)

Go right and kill everything for access to a Dark Space, where you can heal and transform to Freedan. Go back down and right, and go down a level.

Here, you'll see a ramp like in an earlier room. Don't run down it; instead, head up and right and go down the staircase. In the bottom right is a dead end room. Kill everyone to open the way to a Dark Space. Enter, transform to Will. Don't save. Go left and up into the little crevace. See how your hair blows around? Psycho Dash the wall there to access ANOTHER Dark Space. Here, you learn Dark Friar. Now you can save.

Go back one room to the place where you couldn't do a continued-run because a fence blocked your way. Charge a Dark Friar attack, and blast the Grundit on the ledge to the right of the fence. Then, go left, up and Continued Run up the ramp. You'll find another laborer. Save him, then talk to him for the Elevator Key. Go back to the room with the elevator in it, and use the elevator key on the steel grating.

NOTE: To simplify your life, when you reach the area with the 4 switches, just go left and jump off the ledge.

After you go up the elevator, you'll find a room with two staircases. Go down the left one to fight a bunch of Grundits. It's worth it for the powerup. Near the lower-right corner is the Mine Key. Look for a little sparkle, then stand on it and hit ATTACK to pick it up.

Then go down the right one to fight a little bit of everything. Dark Friar wastes most of 'em. Free the laborer for the key to the mine.

Go back and use both keys on the steel grating. Go down the stairs, free the 3 laborers, and talk to all three of them. Sam will teach you the Memory Melody. He'll also relieve you of two useless items in your inventory.... Now walk outside. Don't be confused; remember you're right near the entrance.


Go to the hotel and use the Memory Melody on Erik. Kara will announce another obvious moral... Off to Neil's Cottage!

Neil has some interesting toys: An oxygen tank, an airplane wing, a telescope, and a primative camera. Sure...

Talk to everyone, check out Neil's inventions, then talk to Neil again to leave for the Nazca Desert.

Okay, here's basically what to do. Wait until everyone stops walking. Then, talk to everyone once. Then talk to Kara again. Go down to the lower-left. Follow the ghost until you lose it.

Then, go back to the main group, and talk to Neil. The answer would be the Left Foot. Go there, and when they all stop moving, stand at the knee and press ATTACK. The Sky Garden will decend, and you'll be transported there.

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