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Red Jewels

Walkthrough Part 5

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Blue Cyber/16  Dynapede/12
Red Cyber/16  Nitropede/12

DIFFERENCES: Nitropede, when dead, the pieces will still fall down, but they hurt if you're too close; plus Nitropedes jump around. Red Cybers, when they fire their fists, the fists return.

[The Sky Garden has two sides: the upper and lower sides. The enemies between the sides are similar in appearance and tactics. You can get from one side to the other by jumping off ledges. Remember that switches you trigger on one side will affect the other side as well.]

First things first. When you arrive, go down, left, and back up to save!

Take the upper-left passageway first. Continued-Run down the ramp and hold UP to jump. Then, progress until you have two options: 1.) Continued-Run down another ramp and jump again; or 2.) Jump off a ledge on to the other side.

Continued-Run-Jump the ramp (option 1), but when you land, hold LEFT so you don't jump the next one. Go down and jump off the edge to switch to the other side.

Go right until you hit a wall, then go up. There's a tunnel "blocked" by a chain of 3 light balls bouncing around. It's invincible, and it hurts. Stay in the corners and it can't hurt you. Sneak by it, and keep going until you find a Dark Space. SAVE! USE FREEDAN NOW!

Go down and to the place where the energy-ball thing was originally blocking your path. It still is, but go right and down. You'll see a knight with a sword in his hands. Use Dark Friar on it, and the sword will spring loose. Those things hurt, so avoid it until you can charge Dark Friar, and then blast it.

The Knight is now yours to pull along with Telekinesis. Pull it onto the switch to its left to remove the mini-statue from your path. [You have to pull it one step up first.] Go down. Kill as much as you can, but conserve health. Jump off the ledge to return to the normal side.

Go up to the ramp, and continued run, but hold UP for a herb. Go right, up, and off the edge again. To get back to the ramp, go right, down, and then off the edge. Go down the ramp again, but this time hold DOWN for a Crystal Ball (you need 4 of them). [You have to kill the sword to move the statue out of the way so you can get to the chest.]

To get back to the main area, jump off the edge, go right, then follow the right wall and go as far up as you can. Watch out for the fireball thing. When you hit the top, go left, jump off the small step, then jump off the edge. Climb the stairs, and contined-run down the ramp. Hold RIGHT, and you'll jump two ramps. [Remember, you held LEFT last time you were here.]

Next path: Take the bottom-left one. Yes, the Moon Tribe guy told you to do it clockwise. He lied. Anyhow, kill the Blue Cyber and go up the newly revealed path.

Just to the right of the end of the bridge is a ledge you can use to jump to the other side. Do so, but don't hit the switch. First, go left for a RED JEWEL.

Go back, flip the switch, and jump off the ledge again. Before you go left, charge a Dark Friar. Use it to quickly kill the first Blue Cyber, then go up and kill the others.

Go down, kill the Dynapede, charge a Dark Friar, go left, and kill the Blue Cybers. Go up, and jump off the ledge. Go right, and use a Dark Friar on the switch from far away. Jump back off the ledge again. Go left, change back to Will, and save.

Go down until you see a chest, then go right until you see four mini-pillars grouped together. Stand to the right of them, and continued-run to the right until you run into two statues. Psycho Dash them. You can't do anything with the ramp yet, so jump off the edge to the backside. Go right, avoid the fireballs, then go up the middle of the two rows of statues. Kill the Red Cyber, and quickly go right. Keep going right until you see 3 Red Cybers. Kill them all, and prepare to fight a flying sword without Freedan... It's a bit tougher. Hit the knight, kill the sword, and go left. Ignore the knight, kill the Red Cyber. Then, go back and drag the knight left using Telekinesis onto the switch the Red Cyber was standing on.

Go up, left (to the room with all the fireball things), down, left, and off the edge again. Go up the stairs, Psycho Dash the statues again, and continued-run left until you reach the chest. Inside is the second Crystal Ball.

Go up twice and change to Freedan. Go back down to the chest.

To get back to the main part, go RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, UP, and UP.

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