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Red Jewels

Walkthrough Part 6

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Blue Cyber/16  Dynapede/12
Red Cyber/16  Nitropede/12

DIFFERENCES: Nitropede, when dead, the pieces will still fall down, but they hurt if you're too close; plus Nitropedes jump around. Red Cybers, when they fire their fists, the fists return.

[The Sky Garden has two sides: the upper and lower sides. The enemies between the sides are similar in appearance and tactics. You can get from one side to the other by jumping off ledges. Remember that switches you trigger on one side will affect the other side as well.]

You should be on the main screen (with the four paths). Save, and take the lower-right path. Use Dark Friar to waste the statues, then go down. Go down the ladder, right, back up, around, down, etc. Eventually you'll see a ramp. Kill the knight's sword, then move it out of the way. Continued-run down the ramp to jump. When you land, you'll be able to go up, so do it. Go up until you can't any more. (If you kill the sword and move the statue out of the way, there's a Dark Space inside the room if you need healing.)

Then, go right and jump off the edge to the back of the garden. Go right. You'll see a Red Cyber. Use Dark Friar to kill it, go right, and jump off the edge to the right. Kill the Blue Cyber with a few Dark Friar attacks, then go down the newly revealed path. Keep going down, and jump off the edge again.

If you want to kill some guys, go left. If not, go right. Kill the Red Cybers (try to keep your HP high, this part's annoying), and progress right. Then, go up. Kill the Red Cyber. Go up (watch out for fireballs) for another Crystal Ball. One more and you're done! Just retrace your steps to get back to the main area. Heal and save.

Take the upper-right path. Follow the path until you reach a place full of enemies. Okay, now go right, not down. Go up the staircase to the far right for a RED JEWEL.

To continue to the crystal ball, go RIGHT from the room full of guys, then DOWN and jump off the edge. Going up, or going right twice, will lead to dead ends with lots of enemies (which you should still kill for the powerup). To progress further, go RIGHT from the edge, then DOWN. At the 4-way junction blocked by a Red Cyber, down is a dead end, and right leads to a chest with a herb. To continue, go left. Go as far left as you can, down, right, and off the ledge.

In the top-right is a chest with the crystal ball in it. Go back to the junction, and go right. Jump off the ledge and you can get an herb. Go back the start point again.

Now, there are 4 holes in the ground. Use a Crystal Ball on each one of them. Then, save. Go up to fight the boss.

STRATEGY: If you're not insanely careless, this guy's a snap! First go up the falling bridge to reach the boss's lair. (Don't worry, it can't catch up to you. 8-)) He attacks as follows:

1.) He drops a cluster of 4 feathers in a cross-shape. It'll stop moving, and then burst into 4 feathers. Minimal damage.

2.) He dives at you. Smack him with your sword.

3.) He'll sit on the upper wall. MOVE AWAY FROM HIM! You'll see a little blue thing form near his mouth, and then he'll spit out a bunch of crystals. Heavy damage, but REAL easy to avoid. You should be able to get about 2 hits off when he's perched.

NOTE: You may think he only fires at a 45-degree angle. NO! He fires down too, so don't try to get under him for a few cheap shots, or you'll probably wind up wasting a herb.

4.) He fires 6 feathers at you, sorta like a curve-shot. They level out and go horizontal, so if they curve your way, try to get between the bottom two sets.

There will also be a wind blowing throughout the battle; run against it to get nearer to him. Dark Friar may also help. Simple stuff. You get a statue! To leave, go left, and jump off the ledge that's left from the place you entered through. Neil will miss you (hehe), then come around again and get you. On your way to Mu, Neil's plane crashes. Blah. You wake up in a strange place....

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