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Red Jewels

Walkthrough Part 8

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Slipper/12  Cyclops/26  Flasher/22  Skuddle/8

Before you hit the switch, kill the Slipper. Then, hit the switch, and RUN up, go right, then RUN down, and you should easily clear the spikes.

Go right. Progress through the next screen, and then you'll encounter an area full of energy chains. To pass them, start running when they're retracting; when you get there they should be completely in. Just stay alive. When you get through it, you'll find a Dark Space and learn PSYCHO SLIDER. Save.

Go back through the room with the energy chains, and on the screen after, you'll see a small hole in the bottom of the wall. Seriously, it's hard to miss.

Slide through it, and go right. You'll see a blue ramp. Go down to find a bouncer. Use telekinesis to drag it into position, then bounce up the ramp. Go left, up, and right again. When you hit the right wall, remember this: DON'T run downwards, or you'll run into an energy chain. Use jump attacks to kill the Cyclopes effectively. Kill the Skuddles, and a statue will appear. Go right, down, and past the first two sets of spikes. Look at the picture below:

Search where Will is standing to find the second Statue of Hope (it's to the left of both sets of two spikes). NOTE: It's right in the line of sight of the statue, obviously. :) Go right again, and go back to the hole in the wall you came through. Backtrack until you reach the room where the four Slippers were trapped. Go up until you can't any more, then go right. Slide through the hole in the wall. (You're now right at the beginning again!)

Go left, then up. If you want to save/heal, go left, and back to the Seaside Palace. The Dark Space is just to the right of the Palace entrance... Then, go back. See that ramp that leads to the lower (brownish) level about 3 screen widths right of the entrance? Go down it, right, and up to the other Temple of Hope. Use the Statue of Hope on the altar. Leave, go straight down, and open the chest for a RED JEWEL.

If you didn't save before, save now. Go back up the ramp, left, down, right, and slide back through the opening in the wall.

Go left, down the ramp, and right. Go down the next ramp. Go left, slide through the hole in the wall, kill the Flashers, go left, and go up the ramp to save. DON'T turn into Freedan for reasons that should be painfully obvious. Go back down, and up to the next screen. Keep going up until you reach the top, then go right. You'll see a chest. Inside is Rama's Statue. Go back down to the previous screen. Slide through the hole you came in through. Go right to the next screen. Then, go up to the next after taking out the Flashers. Go up, right, and up. You'll encounter two Cyclopes, guarding a chest with the other Rama's Statue.

Go back, slide through the whole one last time, and save. There's a large battle coming up, so you should really try to be Freedan for it! (SERIOUS thanks to Nathanael Neisen for this hint!) Here's how to do it: from this Dark Space (with the Will Statue in it, but no Freedan statue) head left, then down to the next screen. Just keep following the path on the brownish level. Don't go into any holes, and don't head up or down a level. When you reach the spot where the imprisoned Slippers used to be, head right instead of up. You'll finally reach a ramp and a dead end, so go up the ramp then down the blue ramp next to it. Go right, up, and left. Keep going until you see the brown ramp. Don't go up it. Instead, head left, down, past the spikes, and into the Dark Space to transform into Freedan! Now backtrack alllllll the way to the Dark Space with the Will Statue, and save. Go down the ramp and down to the next screen. Go right, to the next screen, right, and up into the large doorway. Use one Rama's Statue on each altar.

Go to the top of the graveyard, and "talk" to the front of the statue that stands out from the rest. Yep, that's Rama. Talk to some of the spirits. I recommend talking to them from top to bottom, as the story they tell makes the most sense that way...

Talk to Rama again for a Mystic Statue. If you want to save before fighting the boss, do it NOW! This one's annoying!

STRATEGY: These two are ANNOYING! DO NOT use Psycho Slider, it only makes life more painful. You CAN however, jump-attack over their shots.

The blond-haired one in my opinion is much easier. To kill her, just run up to her, hit her 3 times, then RUN AWAY FROM HER before her fireball attack can hurt you. When the two join together to fire an energy ball, get as far away as you can, and DON'T let yourself get hit. If your HP is low enough, it can kill you instantly.

To kill the other one, just get right up in his face when he stops moving and hack away. Then, back off. I successfully used up about 6 Herbs winning this battle, so don't expect this to be any sort of cakewalk.

Some people find that walking right up to them and hacking away is actually the most effective way of winning...

If you really really really really can't beat them, C2A5-44A2 is the Game Genie code for invincibility.

Yes, you CAN fight these two with Freedan! You do 2x the damage, so these guys are MUCH MUCH MUCH simpler! Dark Friar works decently, but just thwacking them with all you got works nice too!
[Cidolfas: You can charge up a Dark Friar before you even start the battle; to get past the conversations, use the B button instead of A. (You should be on the second upward path from the left; that's where the female vampire will be.) As soon as you can, let the Dark Friar go, then run up to the female vampire and slash away. She should be practically dead by the time she moves.]

Afterwards, go up to the bomb (from the back), and hit ATTACK/TALK to attempt to diffuse it. Cut either wire, it doesn't matter, because you're psychic so of course you know which one is right... Then, talk to Erik. Attempt to leave, and everyone else will show up.

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