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Ranma Saotome

Initial Stats

Level 1
Power 10
Speed 11
Strength 10
Attack 10
Defense 15

Manga Information:
  A 16 years old boy and the main character of the history, he has more fiancées than you could ever dream of. He loves Akane, but he doesn't recognize it. He is also an expert in martial arts but he is a little vain person, and he never cares what he must do to win. Due to hard training with his father in China, in Jusenkyo, Ranma fell into the Nyannichuan pit, where a red haired girl died 1500 years ago, and so everytime he gets wet with cold water he transforms into a red haired girl.
  He is afraid of cats, and, like the rest of the family, he dislikes the food that Akane cooks.

Game Information:
  At the start of the game Ranma tries to rescue his father, who has been kidnapped by the Akanekodan. Later in the game he discovers about the Star Crystal, and plans to obtain it for his own purposes.

Game Analysis:
  Ranma is the most balanced character in the game, and he is very strong and fast. He has very good attacking Specials, and he has high HP. Since he is always in your party he'll be the character with the highest level. In his cursed form, he doesn't suffer any penalties.

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