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PROLOGUE - God and Demons Graveyard

The game starts, and you'll see a Jusenkyo guide lost in the God and Demons Graveyard. He'll fall over a tombstone and break it, releasing the spirit of a demon... the Ghost Cat King. Then the sky turns dark, and the guide runs away frightened.


TENDO DOJO: Ranma is sleeping, and Akane starts calling him. since he continues to sleep deeply Akane decides to wake up him using a bucket. Now, with Ranma awake and changed into his cursed form, leave his room and go to the right. You'll see Akane is waiting for you there for morning training. Talk to her, and you'll have to fight.

Boss: Akane
  This is a very easy battle, just keep attacking and you'll win.

    After you win, Akane will ask you if you want to try another round. Select No and she'll join the party. Now go to the kitchen, and talk to Soun; he'll give you the Kettle and the Bucket so you can change between the normal and cursed form, then, suddenly, the screen becomes black, and two men will be around Genma. They tell you they belong to the Akanekodan, and they'll kidnap Genma!

    After this short scene you'll see how Ranma and Akane leave the Tendo Dojo in search of Ranma's father, but Ryoga appears and you'll have to fight him with Ranma alone.

Boss: Ryouga
  Another easy battle, just keep attacking.

    You see Akane coming, and you tell her what's going on, Ryouga will try to help you, but he goes in the opposite direction... Now you should go to the north and head to the Neko Hanten Ramen (the building to the left of the Furinkan High School and an old woman). You'll see Shampoo and Cologne there, so go and talk to Cologne, who tells you a little about the Akanekodan history. Then two Akanekodan soldiers will appear, asking for Mousse, you will battle them with Akane and Shampoo; you'll have no problems with this fight.

    The enemies will run away, dropping the Furinkan Key, but they appear again and take it before you do. Shampoo will join you. Now you can build your level in the map fighting enemies, and buy some stuff before going to the next place. Also, if you go to the Ukyo's restaurant she'll give you a healing item.

    Talk to the old woman next to the Neko Hanten Ramen, and she'll tell you where those guys went: the pipes! So enter them, and you'll be in a tunnel.

PIPES TUNNEL: This is a very easy maze (if it can be called so...), just go to the right, and take the two treasures; now go back and go down till you reach the stairs. Use them and you'll be in another room. Take the chest at the start, and follow the path until the next stairs. This is the last room, here just take the chest you see, and go up, the two Akanekodan soldiers will be there talking, go to them and talk, they'll tell you about the Ghost Cat King and you'll fight them.

    After you win, you receive the Furinkan Key! Now go back to the Neko Hanten Ramen and talk with Cologne, who tells you the password of the Furinkan High School doors and the history of the Ghost Cat King and the Star Crystal. When you exit the restaurant, you'll see a blimp flying toward the High School, so go there. Ranma will open the door, so you can now enter!

    You'll see Gosunkugi in the ground; he'll tell you that the principal has kidnapped some students to help the Akanekodan! Now go to the last classroom, where you have to fight three Akanekodan soldiers. Not a big problem again... Afterwards, the principal appears and throws a pineapple bomb at you.

Strawberry Village

After the explosion, Ranma wakes up alone in a cell, and Kouchou appears and reveals his plans to you. After he leaves, walk to the cracked part of the wall, and Ranma will blow it up!

    Once you are free, exit, and you'll be behind a waterfall. Walk to the right and you'll see a bridge. Cross it, and you'll be in Strawberry Village. Here talk with everyone, and they'll tell you about the spa in Apple Village. You should also buy some stuff here if you need it (especially the Public head protection). Now you can exit the town and you'll be in the World Map.

    Now that you are in the World Map you can fight some new enemies to build up your level. To reach Apple Village, go to the southwest from Strawberry Village.

Apple Village

When you enter you'll meet up with Ryouga, who will ask you about Akane, and when Ranma tells him what happened he will join you! I recommend you that before continuing you should go to buy equipment for Ryouga, also buy the Steel weapon for Ranma, and go outside to build up several levels.

    In Apple Village talk with the girl in the center of the town, and she'll tell you her mom works in the spa, and also that there is a funny panda there. Now Head to the spa (the biggest building), and go in. There you'll discover that the spa has been built by the Akanekodan and the panda has left the village. Go upstairs and you'll see two Akanekodan soldiers in the last room, and you'll have to fight them.

    When you beat them they'll run away and Ranma will chase them to the women's bath. If Ranma or Ryouga are in their normal form you won't be able to enter, so use the Bucket on them and the women there won't slap you. Now, go through the wall in the back and use the Kettle to change to the normal form again.

SECRET PASSAGE: This is an easy maze, but the enemies here are harder than you would expect, so be prepared. Follow the path and go downstairs. In this room you won't have problems seeing all the chests or the right path, so continue to the next room. Here head to the north and take the path to the right, you'll see a chest, so take it and go back so you can take the other path, and you'll see another chest and the stairs to the last room, where you'll find Akane in a prison cell, but it's a trap, and you'll have to fight Yasha.

Boss: Yasha
  This is your real first boss, so it won't be as easy as the other battles you had at the start. Just be careful when Yasha uses his strength moves, and heal if you need it, he won't last long using your specials.

    After the fight Akane will be free, she'll tell you that Genma and Shampoo were taken to another village, and after showing you another secret passage she will rejoin your party.

    Go through the new path, and exit the Secret Passage. You'll be in a new area of the World Map. Go to the south, and you should see a new village.

Chestnut Village

When you enter, the guards at the entrance will stop you, and thinking you are members of the Akanekodan, they'll try to stop you after Ranma ignores them. The village chief will appear and will take you to his house, and after he apologizes, he tells you what happened: the Akanekodan has taken the neighbouring villages, Peach Village and Persimmon Village, to the north and to the south respectively. Ranma asks about the Peach Gem, and he's told that it's located in the White Tree Shrine, which is protected by a seal, and it can only be broken using the Token of Hajutsu, in hands of the chief, who gives it to you. After this event two Akanekodan spies appear and run away to tell what they've heard to their bosses.

    Now that you control your characters again, go to the stairs in the left corner, and you can find a chest with a Maharaja Fan. Leave the chief village's house, and buy new head protection and some items if you need them. Now in the World Map since you can't reach Peach Village yet you should go to the south to visit Persimmon Village.

Persimmon Village

Here you'll see that all people are scared by the Akanekodan, and most of the habitants have already left or are planning to leave... Go to the chief's house, which is the bottom-left one, and talk with him. You'll discover the Akanekodan has a tower hideout to the southeast, then a man will enter, saying that the Akanekodan have returned. When you exit you'll meet up with Akira and his brother, who tell you that they want the village to make a cabaret, and after recognizing Ranma they run away, calling their sister, Rasetsume, who kidnaps the chief's daughter, Lin-Lin, and requests the Token of Hajutsu in return. You'll find some accesories in the chief's house.

    You must go now to the Akanekodan Tower, which is to the southeast of the town, just follow the coast and you'll see it.

Akanekodan Tower

Like the previous dungeons, this is an easy maze, so don't worry about it. When you enter you see two paths, take the right one to take a chest. Now return to the other path, so you can go up to the next floor. There, first go up and you'll be able to take another chest, with the Straw Sandals. In the next floor you'll find a chest in the top-right corner, and three stairs down; the left and right lead to treasure chests, and in the center you'll meet up with the Akanekodan: Akira, his brother, Rasetsume and Genbu. Ranma gives the Token of Hajutsu to them, and Genbu leaves to Peach Village with it. Rasetsume doesn't free Lin-Lin and you fight her.

Boss: Rasetsume
  This fight is easy, so you won't have problems. Just use your specials and heal if you need it.

    After you win, Rasetsume will pretend to be dead, and Lin-Lin will be free. Now return to Persimmon Village, and after the chief thanks you, you'll be informed that the west bridge has been repaired, so you can go now to Peach Village. To reach it cross the west bridge and go northwest.

Peach Village

You'll see that an Akanekodan soldier is at the door of the White Tree Shrine and he doesn't let you enter. Go left and down, and you'll see a tent and a small lake, talk to Gako there, and Tattsuan will help you to enter the White Tree Shrine, digging a tunnel. Before continuing I suggest you to buy new equipment and items if needed. After a short walk in the tunnel you'll appear in the White Tree Shrine.

WHITE TREE SHRINE: Here take the stairs and you'll be in a cavern with two paths, both of them will lead you to two chests and the next stairs. On this floor first head up, and you should see two more forks, each one with a dead end and a chest at the end, after you take them continue to the right path at the start of the floor, again two more forks, go down to take a chest and up to reach the next floor. Here there are three paths at the start: one down which leads to a chest, another to the right with more stairs, where you'll find a chest with a Strength Band; and finally, the left path, which has another chest going up and the final staircase down. On this floor you'll meet up with Genbu, who is going to take the Peach Gem, a new boss fight starts.

Boss: Genbu
  Genbu uses attacks that damage the entire party, so be careful with Akane's HP.

    When Genbu loses, he vanishes and Ranma takes the Peach Gem, so exit the White Tree Shrine; Gako and Tattsuan will be waiting for you. After a short conversation, they decide that Ranma should keep the Peach Gem and a messenger from Persimmon tells you that the chief requests you, so return to Persimmon, and search for him in his house, where he tells what you should do next: go to the Southern region, where the Akanekodan are attacking and the other two treasures are located. To go there he prepares a boat for you, waiting outside the village.

Port Village

This is a small village... here you'll learn about a cave in the desert where some girls have been taken and about Sakura Village. You should now go to the Desert Cave, although you can head to Sakura Village first to get better equipment.

    Exit the town, and head west across the desert, and you'll find eventually the cave.

Desert Cave

This dungeon can be a little annoying at first, but it's easier than it seems: in the first floor go down-left, to find an Adamant Cloth, go right and up to find the stairs to the next floor. This floor has the shape of a square, you appear in the top-left corner, there is a chest in the top-right corner, and in the down-left corner, but you have to cross the middle or the right border to get it; in the down-right corner there is a staircase that leads to another chest, and in the middle you'll find the staircase to the last floor. There, first go all the way up to get the last chest, in the other path you'll find Mousse and Shampoo talking, Ranma will intervene and you'll fight Mousse.

Boss: Mousse
  Mousse is a lot harder than you would expect, he attacks before you and is stronger than you could think comparing him with the previous bosses, so watch out for your HP carefully, it's possible that you may want to use some items to refill your Ki as well, something "new" for me until now.

    When you win, Mousse runs away, and Shampoo rejoins your party. You are told about a panda in Sakura Village, and you can exit the cave through a staircase a bit forward. Before going to Sakura Village I suggest you to build some levels with Shampoo, you'll need it.

    Your next goal is Sakura Village, which is located to the south of the cave, crossing the bridge, and a bit to the west, you'll see it surrounded by some cherry trees.

Sakura Village

When you enter you'll see Genma being led away by an Akanekodan soldier. Ryouga will try to chase him, but he goes on the opposite direction... getting lost, and therefore you are now without him in the party.

    Talking with the people here you'll learn about the Panda God and his harem, located at the top left part of the town, with an Akanekodan soldier guarding the entrance to it. He only lets pretty girls pass, so use the Bucket on Ranma.

PANDA HAREM: You won't have any problem here since there aren't any enemies, just go to the stairs in the top left part of the first room, take the chests here and climb the other stairs. You'll find Genma and two Akanekodan soldiers, Ranma will try to convince his father to leave the Akanekodan, but a fight starts.

Boss: Genma + 2 Akanekodan Soldiers
  This fight is tough, and since Ryouga isn't in the party, it takes a lot of time to beat Genma. Watch Shampoo's HP, and don't let it fall under 120. It would be ideal if you have her at level 12 at least so she can use the Reppu Kikouheki Special to raise your characters' defense.

    Genma apologizes for his attitude, and after telling you that the Sakura Sword is near, he joins the party.

    In the village you discover where the next treasure is: a cavern located near the sea at the east. Leave and go to the south; you'll see a narrow path of sand between some mountains and a forest, follow it to the east, and you'll find the sea cavern, along with an Okonomiyaki Stand.

Sea Cavern

This maze is a bit confusing... so check the simple map I've done in the Maps Section or clicking here. When you take the "I" staircase you'll find a room where the Sakura Sword is located. Mousse appears and scolds Genma for leaving the Akanekodan, then Bujin also appears, convincing Genma to return to the Akanekodan, and fight Ranma again.

Boss: Genma + Mousse
  This fight is very hard. Use Shampoo to raise the characters' defense and Ranma's attack. Use Akane's healing specials every time your HP is under 150 or so. Mousse can heal himself and Genma too, so I suggest you defeat him first, and use your items to refill Ranma's Ki.

    After you win, Genma leaves, repenting for being beaten again. Mousse recovers his senses, reveals the Akanekodan hideout in Forest Village and then joins the party. Ranma takes the Sakura Sword: only one treasure remains. In the right path you'll some stairs, they take you to the World Map, and you'll see a man standing at the dock to the right. He will take you to Forest Village.

    While you are traveling, the ship will be bombed and sunk, you'll end up in your cursed form, but don't worry about it for now, you'll need to be so to continue. Head to the nearby village.

Tree Village

Only women are allowed to enter here, so be sure to be on your cursed form. When you enter, you revert back to your normal form accidentally, so Ranma and Mousse end in the jail.

    Ryouga will appear breaking the wall of the jail, and will rejoin the group. Use the new opened tunnel to exit the jail; you'll find a girl, who only lets you pass if you are on your cursed form, if not she'll return you to the jail.

    There are a lot of chests on the way, so take them. In the town talk with everyone and you'll learn that Shampoo and Akane have been taken to Wood Village, so buy all that you may need and leave the village.

    To find Wood Village head southwest into a small forest.

Wood Village

When you enter, you see Shampoo and Akane, both tied up. Mousse tries to save them, but he gets hit by a Pineapple Bomb thrown by the Principal, who requests the Peach Gem and the Sakura Sword. Suzaku appears and the Principal gets distracted, so Ranma takes the opportunity and saves Shampoo and Akane. Then you have to fight the Principal.

Boss: Principal
  He is an easy boss, so I'm sure you'll be able to defeat him without problems.

    Once the Principal is defeated, Akane and Shampoo rejoin the party. Akane suggest going to Forest Village.

    Go talk with the elder in the top-left house, since he tells you how to enter Forest Village. Before going there I suggest you return to Tree Village and buy some equipment for Akane and Shampoo.

    Follow the path to the south; you'll reach a simple maze, which leads to the west, where you'll find a boulder blocking Forest Village: here you must follow the instructions the elder gave you (3 steps back from the boulder, then south), and you'll find an invisible path that leads to Forest Village.

Forest Village

Here you'll find your classmates, brainwashed and working for the Akanekodan. You'll see Kunou and Koudachi here too. Go to the left side of the building and you'll see the Forest Mirror found by one of the students, Kunou and Kodachi take it and run into the building.

KUNOU BUILDING: This dungeon is short, so you won't have any problems with it. On the first floor, take the first staircase you see to get a chest; every floor has several chests, and is small, so there won't be any problem to get everything here. Just take each staircase until you reach the third floor, where you'll find all Kunou family, and you'll fight them.

Boss: Kunou + Kodachi + Principal (II)
  Use Shampoo to raise Ranma and Ryouga's attack, and Akane to heal if needed, use your best Specials to beat them. I suggest trying to defeat Kunou and the Principal first, because Kodachi isn't as strong as them.

    After they are beaten, the control over them is lost, so they give you the Forest Mirror, then Suzaku appears.

Boss: Suzaku
  This battle is easy, but since your Ki and HP don't refill from the last battle (unless you level up) maybe you should use some items.

    Suzaku runs away and the Kunou family take all the kidnapped students to their airship. Exit the Kunou Building and talk with the principal, he'll take you to a new continent.

Rose Village

Talk with everyone here, and you'll discover that the village chief knows about the Star Crystal; his house is at the north across the bridge. There you'll learn you must take the Three Sacred Weapons to the Holy Altar, that is now the Akanekodan headquarters. In the elder's house you'll found 2000 Yen too. The Weapon and Armor Shop is located in the Inn; go there to buy better equipment.

    You must leave the town and head northeast to reach the cave.

Akanekodan Cavern

There isn't any maze or dead-ends here, so it's easy to see all chests and staircases. On the third floor you'll see two staircases to the next floor, take the top one to get a treasure chest and the other to continue. In the fourth floor there is an intersection; the party will start fighting to decide which path take, then Ryouga and Shampoo leave the party. The left and righ staircases are connected and you'll find nothing there, so it's pointless to follow your lost party members. Go to the upper staircase.

    Go through the hall and Buujin will call Fuujin and Raijin to stop you.

Boss: Fuujin
  Simply use Akane to heal if needed... and keep attacking with Ranma.

    When Fuujin is defeated Raijin will attack.

Boss: Raijin
  Use the same tactics to beat him.

    Buji throws a bomb at you, and takes advantage of it to kidnap Akane, demanding the Three Sacred Treasures in return. Ranma faints, and when he wakes up Shampoo is there, who rejoins again.

    Follow the path and you'll see a staircase; use it to exit the cavern. You'll be on the other side of the mountains. Follow the sand path until you reach a house; enter it and Ryouga will appear and rejoin your party too.

    Buy everything you may need, exit and continue following the path, you'll find Kamusaru's Castle, enter it.

Kamusaru's Castle

When you enter it, you'll see a cutscene with Akane and Seiryuu. This dungeon is very big, so I've made a map for it. Check the Maps Section or click here.

    At the end you'll find both Seiryuu and Akane. Ranmma will give the Three Sacred Treasures and Akane will be free. Seiryuu goes away, and Genbu appears again.

Boss: Genbu (II)
  Genbu is a lot stronger than before, and his attacks continue to attack everyone, so be careful with them. Otherwise this fight isn't very hard.

    Genbu flees again... go ahead, and you'll find a teleporter, so step in. You'll appear in a new area of the castle. In this new floor you'll find some chests in the northwest and southeast corners, and the stairs to the next floor in the northeast one. The next floor is just a straight path, so don't worry about it. On the last floor you'll find Byakko, and you'll have to fight her.

Boss: Byakko
  Byakko isn't very strong, but she has some nasty Specials, which are able to Confuse you and steal HP.

    When Byakko is beaten, she disappears, and you'll be able to continue. A ceremony is being celebrated there, and two Akanekodan soldiers try to stop you. After this easy battle you'll find Kamusaru at last, who calls Bujin to stop you. You'll learn who Bujin is really (I guess it isn't a surprise at all though), and you'll have to fight him.

Boss: Happosai
  Happosai is very strong, be careful with him, use Shampoo to raise your defense; Happosai does a lot of dammage.

    Happosai runs away, and the party decides to attack Kamusaru before it's too late, but Ranma turns into his Cat-Fu state.

Boss: Kamusaru
  This is the hardest battle of all you've had until now... you can't control Ranma in this battle, he is in a berserk state and attacks automatically every turn. Use Shampoo to raise the defense of all your characters, and use some Defense Tokens too. Defend with the weakest characters like Akane... you may have to use plenty of heal items, and you should have a lot of revive items.

    After the battle, Kamusaru gets angry and use the Star Crystal to become the Ghost Cat King. He uses a beam, and the party gets blasted... The Akanekodan and the Ghost Cat King disappears and the party faints.

Lily Village

You'll wake up in Lily Village with Cologne. After she talks, go and talk with her again; you'll learn about the Star Pillow. Go up and talk with Akane, she'll rejoin, and after this you can talk with Cologne to change your party members. Buy every thing you may need at the east part of the town, and head to the north in the town to find the Cave of the Ancients.

CAVE OF THE ANCIENTS: This is an easy and a short dungeon. Go ahead, and ignore the first path to the right, it's just a dead end. At the end take first the left path to get a chest, and afterwards the right path so you reach the next floor. On the second floor you'll eventually see a path down and another straight... both leads to the same place, but take the path down to take a chest. After this you'll reach the staircase to the last floor, where you'll have to fight 4 Warrior Spirits, who really are your same team.

Boss: Warrior Spirits x 4
  The Warrior Spirits are as strong as you, and have a lot of HP. If you have Mousse with you, use his Specials to raise the Defense and Attack of everyone in your party. Also, if one of your characters is defeated, use a Carrot to recover him, since this battle gives you a lot of experience.

    After the battle, you'll get the Star Pillow, so you are now prepared to go after the Ghost Cat King. To reach his castle you must go through Devil's Cave, which is located to the south of Lily Village, so exit it and go around the mountains either way and you'll find it.

Devil's Cave

When you enter you'll see a staircase with a barrier behind it, and three teleporters, in each one you'll find a boss; talk to fight them. From left to right you'll find: Suzaku (II), Genbu (III) and Byakko (II).

Boss: Suzaku (II)
  Suzaku is powered up in this fight, but the battle isn't of much worry... just watch your HP.

Boss: Genbu (III)
  This time Genbu is a lot stronger than before, but he doesn't make any multiple attack usually, just raise your Defense with Mousse or Shampoo, and have Akane defending if he is at a low level.

Boss: Byakko (II)
  Byakko is very fast and if you aren't a high level she'll attack before you in every turn; have that in mind. You'll have to heal with Akane if you see the possibility of fainting for a character. Raise your attack and defense with Mousse or Shampoo.

    When you beat all of them, the barrier disappears, and you'll be able to take the stairs to the next floor. The second floor is a bit big, so I've made a map for it, you can see it in the Maps Section of clicking here. In the fourth floor you'll just find a narrow path, follow it, you'll see a teleporter that leads to the world map, in front of the Ghost Cat King Temple.

Ghost Cat King Temple

This place is shorter than you would expect... when you enter, you'll see several paths together, the second and sixth ones lead to a chest, and the fourth (straight up from the entrance) you'll find the stairs to the next floor. In the second floor you'll find a chest in the left and right paths, and the staircase to the next floor is down. In the third floor you'll see Seiryuu blocking the next stairs, after talking with him and finding out his secret you'll have to fight him.

Boss: Seiryuu
  This fight is tight, Seiryuu does serious damage with each attack, plus he has a lot of HP. Use Mousse to raise the Defense and Attack of the group, use Akane to heal if needed (and make her to defend if you are at a low level). Make sure to have plenty of Ki and HP recovery items, plus some Carrots. The reward will be worth it.

    Afterwards you'll learn why of his acts. Take the stairs to the last floor, where you'll find Ghost Cat King. Talk to him and the last fight starts.

Boss: Ghost Cat King
  This fight isn't as hard as I thought at first... Make a character use the Star Willow on the Ghost Cat King, so he transforms back in Kamusaru a few turns, while that follow the same tactic with the last fight. When the Star Willow effect ends repeat this tactic.

    With the Ghost Cat King beaten now the only thing to do is sit and watch the end. I hope you have enjoyed the game.

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