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Walkthrough Part 1

PROLOGUE - God and Demons Graveyard

The game starts, and you'll see a Jusenkyo guide lost in the God and Demons Graveyard. He'll fall over a tombstone and break it, releasing the spirit of a demon... the Ghost Cat King. Then the sky turns dark, and the guide runs away frightened.

PART 1 - Start of the game

TENDO DOJO: Ranma is sleeping, and Akane starts calling him. Since he continues to sleep deeply Akane decides to wake up him using a bucket. Now, with Ranma awake and changed into his cursed form, leave his room and go to the right. You'll see Akane is waiting you there for morning training. Talk to her, and you'll have to fight.

Boss: Akane
  This is a very easy battle, just keep attacking and you'll win.

    After you win Akane will ask you if you want to try another round. Select No and she'll join the party. Now go to the kitchen and talk to Soun; he'll give you the Kettle and the Bucket so you can change between the normal and cursed forms, then, suddenly, the screen becomes black, and two men will be around Genma. They tell you they belong to the Akanekodan, and they'll kidnap Genma!

    After this short scene you'll see Ranma and Akane leave the Tendo Dojo in search of Ranma's father, but Ryoga appears and you'll have to fight him with Ranma alone.

Boss: Ryouga
  Another easy battle, just keep attacking.

    You see Akane coming, and you tell her what's going on, Ryouga will try to help you, but he goes in the opposite direction... Now you should go to the north and head to the Neko Hanten Ramen (the building to the left of the Furinkan High School and an old woman). You'll see Shampoo and Cologne there, so go and talk to Cologne, who tells you a little about the Akanekodan history. Then two Akanekodan soldiers will appear, asking for Mousse, and you will battle them with Akane and Shampoo; you'll have no problems with this fight.

    The enemies will run away, dropping the Furinkan Key, but they appear again and take it before you do. Shampoo will join you. Now you can build your level in the map fighting enemies, and buy some stuff before going to the next place. Also, if you go to the Ukyo's restaurant she'll give you a healing item.

    Talk to the old woman next to the Neko Hanten Ramen, and she'll tell you where those guys went: the pipes! So enter them, and you'll be in a tunnel.

PIPES TUNNEL: This is a very easy maze (if it can be called so...), just go to the right, and take the two treasures; now go back and go down till you reach the stairs. Use them and you'll be in another room. Take the chest at the start, and follow the path until the next staircase. This is the last room, here just take the chest you see, and go up, the two Akanekodan soldiers will be there talking, go to them and talk. They'll tell you about the Ghost Cat King and you'll fight them.

    After you win, you receive the Furinkan Key! Now go back to the Neko Hanten Ramen and talk with Cologne, who tells you the password of the Furinkan High School doors and the history of the Ghost Cat King and the Star Crystal. When you exit the restaurant you'll see a blimp flying toward the High School, so go there. Ranma will open the door, so you can now enter!

    You'll see Gosunkugi in the ground, and he'll tell you that the principal has kidnapped some students to help the Akanekodan! Now go to the last classroom, where you have to fight three Akanekodan soldiers. Not a big problem again... Afterwards, the principal appears and throws a pineapple bomb at you.

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