Where should you go to buy your Game Soundtracks ?

Hi everyone !! So you're wondering, where to go for your Video Game Music needs huh ?
Well, you've come to the right place. Here is a list of a few sites and Dragon God's comments on them.


1. Game Music Online

The good : They are VERY reliable and have a wide selection of products.
The bad : They still have some pirated CDs for sale, avoid these if you can.
The ugly : The oldest soundtracks will never be restocked, I don't know why
they still list those who have been long out of print.

Dragon God's rating : 9/10
Excellent Online Store !!!! 8D


2. CocoeBiz

The good : They specialise in
soundtracks by Noriyuki Iwadare(Grandia, Lunar), Motoi Sakuraba(Star Ocean,
Valkyrie Profile), Shinji Hosoe(Internal Section, Driving Emotion Type-S),
Ayako Saso(Internal Section, Driving Emotion Type-S) and
Koji Hayama(Cho Aniki Series, Front Mission 3)..
The bad : Nothing bad about CocoeBiz comes to mind.
Ms Kahori Ezaki does everything she can to support the international VGM fans.
The ugly : Ugly ? That does not compute =P

Dragon God's rating : 10/10
YES, YES, YES !!!!!! This is a great store to shop at, as they offer items that aren't available anywhere else.


3. Otaku

The good : Some rare CDs are to be found here.
The bad : Most of the titles are out of stock at the time being.
The ugly : Once a CD gets out of stock, I doubt it'll be available again.

Dragon God's rating : 6/10
Ok store, but expect a high shipment rate.


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