deathjester.gif (422 bytes) Here you'll find pictures of Dragon God's pet, Sam ^_^.


Sam1.jpg (9698 bytes)

Sam laying on the couch, by the way folks,
she's a mix of Pekingese and Lhasa Apso.


Sam2.jpg (8809 bytes)

Sam with a scarf, ain't that cute ?


Sam3.jpg (7787 bytes)

Close up of Sam's blue ribbons :-D


Sam4.jpg (29474 bytes)

Another close up of Sam  :)


Sam6.jpg (44856 bytes)

Sam just looking cute  ^_^


Sam7-1.JPG (40082 bytes)

Blurry pic, but still, Sam is awaiting her present.... BACON !!!! 8D


Sam8-1.JPG (47203 bytes)

Sniff sniff, is that bacon I smell ? ^_^

deathjester.gif (422 bytes) Alright, had fun no ?  Time to go back.