Woo !! Finally, an update :) This one contains a couple of soundtracks that I wanted for
a good while. Additions are:

Namco Game Sound Music 3 - Final Lap 2
Hajime No Ippo - The Fighting Victorious Boxers
Soul Calibur II
Famicom 20th Anniversary Arrange
Drag-On Dragoon Vol. 1 & 2
Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile THE BEST
Fire Emblem 4 - Genealogy of Holy War
Valkyrie Profile
Wild Arms Twilight Venom Animation
Shadow Hearts II


Finally !! After 3 months of no internet, I've come back. You'll quickly notice that the old
sections of the opening comic, the boss strategies, final boss strategies and FF release dates
were all scrapped in order to make it so The Floating Island now only deals in Game Music information.
Yes, the Pet section is still online... well because it's Sam :)

For the real update, 17 soundtracks were added. They are :

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Sword of Mana
Secret of Evermore
Hanjuku Hero vs 3D
Silent Hill
Silent Hill 2
Shin Contra
Tengai Makyou II Manji Maru
Ragnarok Online
Cyber Sled
Galaxian 3 Theater 6
Shining Force II Symphonic Suite
The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind
Tales of Destiny II
Tales of Symphonia
Motoi Sakuraba Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile Live Concert DVD
Sampling Masters presents Julianna's Tsunashima Vol. 1

In other news, since DigiCube, the company responsible for publishing Square's soundtracks
and more, has filed for bankruptcy on November 26, 2003, for being in a debt of several
billion yen; all the DigiCubes I own have the availability set to Out of Print. I can only hope
that Square-Enix will eventually settle for a new publisher for their soundtracks, as long as
it's not Avex, I'll be happy.


Whoo !! A few additions to my collection. Best are Tengai Makyou Zero and
both of Jeremy Soule's CDs : Icewind Dale and Giants : Citizen Kabuto. The
rest are Silent Hill 3, Virtua Fighter 4, FFXI : Vision of Ziraat, FFCC, The
Black Mages, Estpolis Biographies II and Genso Suikoden.


Little but noteworthy addition, I got two new CDs made by Riow Arai, the
composer behind Front Mission Alternative. They are : Circuit'72 and Mind Edit.


Wheeeeee !!!!! I'm back !!! Not much to add, except two new soundtracks :
Driving Emotion/Bushido Blade and N2O : Nitrous Oxide. Aside from that, I've
added tibdits in the Square Music Team section. Oh yes, you'll notice that I
linked a few soundtracks to CocoeBiz, an excellent Store that specialises in
soundtracks by Noriyuki Iwadare(Grandia, Lunar), Motoi Sakuraba(Star Ocean,
Valkyrie Profile) and Shinji Hosoe(Internal Section, Driving Emotion Type-S).
Due to my college duties, I will not have the time to reformat my subsite, it'll
have to wait longer before I can do so.



Two soundtracks I've forgotten to add : Ogre Battle 64 and 2197.
Until probably september, there won't be any more updates. However, I am currently
thinking of giving the 'ol girl a facelift, and add a new section. What that might be ?
You'll find out when I get back :P


Hoo boy !! More and more soundtracks, this time there are far more
non-square and square ones. Here they are in no particular order :
Unlimited : SaGa, Bushido Blade 2, Castlevania Chronicles,
Castlevania COTM/HoD, Wild Arms, Wild Arms 3, Actraiser'
Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite Box, Culdcept II, Panzer Dragoon Azel,
Suikoden 3, Metal Gear Solid, Maximo, Breath of Fire 5,
Tengai Makyou IV, Me and Satan King, Ogre Battle,
Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear X : Heavy Rock Tracks,
Shining The Holy Ark and Star Ocean 2.


Yay !!! Today not only marks the acquisition of 3 new soundtracks, but it's
also my 25th birthday ^_^ So what are the new soundtracks ? They are :
Sailing To The World, Grandia OST and Eternal Arcadia OST. Enjoy the
mini-reviews once more.


That's right, folks !!! The Squaresoft Collection is finally COMPLETE !!! 8D(Well, almost :P)
The additions to this update are Front Mission Alternative, Internal Section, Ehrgeiz, Tobal No.1,
and Tobal 2. Non-Square additions are the Actraiser Symphonic Suite and Super Metroid :
Sound in Action. Enjoy, everybody !!


Woo !! Another truckload of soundtracks. This time it's the new
Final Fantasy 1 & 2 OST for the PSX, the FF Concert, Chocobo Racing,
Front Mission : Gun Hazard, Hanjuku Hero Divertimento, The Bouncer,
Baroque, a *real* print of the rare Dracula X : Circle of Blood and last
but not least, the delicious Legaia Duel Saga soundtrack. Enjoy once
more !!! ^.^


Yes, another difficult to acquire soundtrack, Tsugunai, has been added
to the collection. There should be another soundtrack update later this
week, so look it up when it occurs, yo.


YES, YES, YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've finally managed
to add the extremely impossible to find Treasure Hunter G
OST to my collection, I'm really estatic about this, since I've
searched for this OST for over a year.


Hey lookie !!! An update !!
That's right folks, a new soundtrack, Racing Lagoon was added as well
as there was some updates in the Square Sound Team Section.


The largest soundtrack update as of yet, 12 soundtracks have been added.
They are in no particular order :
Rudora No Hihou, Dragon Quest 4 Symphonic Suite, Dragon Quest 6 Symphonic Suite, Front Mission 1, Front Mission 2, Dragon Quest Game Music Collection Vol.1, Chocobo's Dungeon 1, Another Mind, All-Star Pro Wrestling 2, Tales of Phantasia, Cyberorg and Soukaigi. Enjoy the mini-reviews, people 8D


Here's the soundtrack many FF Fanatics were waiting for :
Final Fantasy XI !!!!


3 more soundtracks : Front Mission 3, Kingdom Hearts
and Xenosaga. Expect a review of the two latter in a
few weeks.


Ok, a Bahamut Lagoon review was added. Enjoy !


Yippee !!!!!! 3 more soundtracks added : Bahamut Lagoon,
Romancing SaGa and Dragon Quest Orchestral + OST.
The Composer page was also updated.


The Shadow Hearts review has been posted, unlike FFX, I know NOTHING about
Shadow Hearts, so this review is spoiler-less as I'm giving my initial impressions of
my listening experience.


Two new soundtracks added : Einhander and Shadow Hearts.
6 other soundtracks are on the way, so be patient, people ^-^


Yeesh !!! Nearly a half a year without updates O_o !!!!!! Well, rejoice people,
1 new soundtrack (finally) has been added to my ever-splendid collection.
Fear not, the BIG update is coming soon ^_^ , so stay tuned, errr ^.~


The FFX review is finally up. Enjoy !!!!


Hey, it's been a while indeed !! Well, two soundtracks, Romancing Saga 2
and Final Fantasy X have been added to the Soundtrack section. For the
Real Audio of the Week section, I've never had the time to update it so I'm
taking it down to replace it with a new section : Where should you go for your
VGM needs ? Also, the Square Sound Team page was slightly updated.
What else ? Well, there is an exclusive review ( under construction )
of the FFX OST, which you won't find anywhere else.=)


Not much of an update, but three new soundtracks have been added :
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2, Saga Frontier 2 and Wild Arms 2.


The Funnies section is dead.... permanently. In it's place, we get the revised Boss
Strategies and Final Boss Strategies sections. Plus two new soundtracks were
added : Zelda Ocarina of Time and Zelda Majora's Mask.


Ok, two new comics have been added, enjoy them in good


News flash ! The Floating Island is back on it's feet !
Many of you noticed that there are many changes, but
I hope everything will be enjoyable for everyone here.
If you're new here, by all means, visit the site and have fun !