About Starbird

I might as well give all my dozens... and dozens of fans a chance to know me a little better. So many outfits, so little time.

Real Name: Eric Starbird
Other Nicknames: Rocket, Starbird, Starburst (call me Starburst and I'll sick Dark Force on you)
Gender: Male
Location: Maine, USA.
Birthday: August 1, 1985.
Age: 23
Religion: Christian... somewhat
Occupation: That changes day by day, but computer technician is what they call me.
Marital Status: Happily married since August 4, 2007 with the latest addition arriving on October 24, 2008... our little puppy :D
Favorite Color: I like blue!
Favorite Sports Teams: Toronto Blue Jays (Baseball), Dallas Cowboys/New England Patriots (Football), Houston Rockets/Boston Celtics (Basketball), Anahiem Mighty Ducks (Hockey)
Favorite TV Shows: Married with Children (duh), Get Smart, WWE Raw, Monk, House, The Office... I don't watch a lot of TV anymore.
Favorite RPG Series: My favorite will always be Phantasy Star, but I also like Legend of Zelda, Shining Series, and a lot of other misc RPG series. There really isn't any that I do not like.
Favorite RPG Characters: Why do I continue piling on questions? Oh yeah, characters. Ronfar (Lunar 2) and Maya (Septerra Core).
Guitar Hero: Well, I can play on Hard with the Guitar and barely make it through a song, so I guess I'm not that great. I do play the drums VERY well however.

Well, enough about me, now onto some Q&A.

Why did you come to RPGClassics? Well, originally just to work on shrines for classic Genesis RPGs that for some reason nobody wanted to do, so I just decided to to them. After a while when I was younger, things happened and I left the staff. Teenagers... what can you do about them?
How Many Shrines did you do? I lost count. I believe the final total was 21, though I wanted to do 25. Do I have to name them in order for you?
Please do. Why you little. If I wasn't the one making these questions I'd choke you. Anyways, in order from first to last (I hope); Phantasy Star III, Sword of Vermilion, Legacy of the Wizard, Phantasy Star IV, Phantasy Star II, Shining in the Darkness, Shining Force CD, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Warsong, Vay, Landstalker, Final Fantasy II, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Shining Force II, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Phantasy Star, Beyond Oasis, Lunar: The Silver Star, Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, Castle of the Winds 1, and Castle of the Winds 2. All of which need a lot of work done to them now because of my lack of skill back in the day. :p
What made you decide to do Get Wise? A few things. Macc Maverick inspired me to use what comedy knowledge I have and do something with it, so I try to keep the people entertained not only with comedy, but with action and drama as well. Though with my many episodes, Get Wise still does not compare with how good FARTS is... well, depending on what your tastes are. I've had people tell me that Get Wise is the best, and I've had people tell me FARTS is better, so again, just on your tastes. I personally think FARTS is better.
So What's New? Well, my time has been drawn away from Get Wise due to a few new things in my life: My health, my wife, and my dog.

(Arcana - Battle Theme)