I guess there is only one way to end this...



Merry Christmas everybody!

Or happy holidays if you're a big corperation, in which chance if you're watching this, I want to say... Scr...

Orak... it's Christmas... save it for the next episode.

Ok Chrissy. *smiles* Now who wants to play twister?

*moans loudly*

*thinks* Well, this can't end without somebody in green doing something. *looks around then sneaks over to the table* I don't think Zak will need these. *steals the box of condoms* Hehehehe. 2nd child, here you come! *evil laughter*

*looks around and steals the birth control pills* I don't think Jessica will need these.

*looks at Raja* !!!

Hey, I'm officially green. You have to dress up to look as good as me.

... why you little! *starts chasing Raja*

Yipe! *runs*

Well... Stary chases Raja... and Stary can't keep up with him?

Just like you can't keep up with me?

I suppose.

*hugs Orak, then looks forward* Merry Christmas everyone!

Yeah... go home and enjoy now.

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(Mr. Grinch)